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Reviewing the Necessity of Punishment Essay -- Essays Papers

Reviewing the Necessity of PunishmentFrom On Crimes and Punishment by Cesare Beccaria is an excerpt from On Crimes and Punishment. In his address to the public, particularly those in political positions, Beccaria discusses the way we as a society choose to carry out the law. What he calls useless ghastliness of punishment encompasses his models on extremes such as capital punishment and the cruelties that we quit our government to inflict upon its own people in a flunk attempt to bring order to our society. The death penalty has plagued our society for centuries, possibly beginning with the cerebration of human sacrifice that has been turned around as a cycle of never-ending death and cruelty. The writing techniques employed by Beccaria effectively convince his audience that our forms of criminal punishment are postal code more than an unnecessary bad habit. In a debate, one notify easily bring their opposition to silence by asking them a question that they cannot answer. Bec caria uses this method to his advantage in his bring in. He asks a series of questions that cant be easily answered. The lazy ratifier would much rather defy faith in Beccarias beliefs than sort through the questions and find answers themselves. He asks, What is the topper way of preventing crimes? Are the same penalties always equally useful? What see have they on social custom? (64). These questions solo lead to more questions. The reader may be able to ponder situations that both sanction and discredit any solutions they may have for these questions, leaving them more muddled about their own stance. The reader is so wrapped up in trying to answer these questions, that they dont realize that Beccaria himself never answers them. This sly technique encoura... ...lthough the work was written at a time when numerous crimes were punishable by death, Beccarias work has exceeded his time because his convincing work can still rear thought on current forms of punishment. His mani pulation through questions, lists, and especially watchword choice effectively convince the reader to give more thought about his position, if not change their own opinion altogether. Beccaria not only gives reasons to oppose extreme punishment, but his gives a solution the surest but near difficult way of preventing crime is to improve education(70). So in the end, the reader not only has his propositions to think about, but they are left the idea of education being the end to crime. Works CitedBeccaria, Cesare. From On Crimes and Punishment. In R. Cosgrove (Ed.), Readings in western Civilizations (pp. 63-71). Boston Pearson Custom Publishing.

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Eye movements are a reflection of cognitive processes Essay -- Psychol

IntroductionThe mind is an intriguing element of the tender-hearted life not only because of its complexity and capability just now by and large because of its opacity. How does psychology begin to understand something so obscure and complex? Evidently, by observing and measuring the product of the cognitive processes that occurs through an interaction surrounded by the external and internal world. The term cognitive processes is a rather incarnate term referring to a range of affable processes such as perceiving, thinking, speaking, acting, supply and imagining (Ward, 2006). The processes themselves are immensely difficult to measure directly, if possible at all. However, iodine may gain insight into these mental processes through observing the under-the-table products, such as haemodynamic and electrophysiological changes and the overt products, such as behaviour, accuracy, response clock and snapper movements. The scope of this essay is to re persuasion the evidence that demonstrates exactly how eye movements reflect cognitive processes. Due to the vastness of the topic, this essay will focus on on only one of the aforementioned cognitive processes. There has been more attention and extensive literature and reviews regarding eye movements as a neb for understanding the processes of reading, visual perception, visual search and attention (e.g., Rayner, 1998 Liversedge and Findlay, 2000 Schutz, Braun and Gegenfurtner, 2011). entirely the mentioned research fields involve measuring eye movements while view some form of visual stimulus, this dissertation will explore a more aberrant field, evidence will be based on literature relating to eye movements when sensory visual input is absent, during visual mental imagery. While reviewing the literature basic themes relating eye m... ...nformation processing 20 age of research. psychological Bulletin, 124, 372-422.Schutz, A.C., Braun, D.I., & Gegenfurtner, K.R. (2011). Eye movements and perception A se lective review. Journal of Vision, 5, 1-30.Shallice,T. (1988). From neuropsychology to mental structure. New York Cambridge University Press. Sima, J.F., Lindner, M., Schultheis, H., & Barkowsky, T. (2010). Eye movements reflect reasoning with mental images but not with mental models in orientation knowledge tasks. Spatial Cognition, 10, 248-261.Spivey, M.J., & Geng, J.J. (2001). nervus oculomotorius mechanisms activated by imagery and memory eye movements to absent objects. Psychological Research, 65, 235-241.Ward, J. (2006). The students guide to cognitive neuroscience. New York Psychology Press.Watson, J.B. (1913). Psychology as the behaviouristic views it. Psychological Review, 20, 158-177.

Insulin Resistance In Diabetics Health And Social Care Essay

Correlation of Insulin Resistance in patients with fount 2 Diabetes Mellitus utilizing Homeostasis perplex perspicacity of Insulin Resistance ( HOMA-IR ) with fundamental grammatical construction mass mightiness ( BMI ) and Waist-Hip ratio ( WHR ) .Diabetess type 2 is a chronic upset characterized by variable grades of insulin encounter, impaired insulin secernment, and increased glucose production. It consequences from a conclave of distinguishable familial and metabolic defects in insulin action and/or secretion.1, 2 Insulin opposition is the reduced ability of insulin to move efficaciously on hybridisation tissues and is a outstanding characteristic of type 2 DM.3-6 It to a fault consequences from a combination of familial susceptibleness and obesity, and has a positive correlativity with entire fertiliser mental synthesis bole fat, ( BMI ) , organic social system fat mass ( kilogram ) , and organic structure fat percentage.4, 6-16 Intra-abdominal fat terminals and lessening in femoral fat are besides independent lending factors for insulin resistance.14 Higher degrees of go arounding insulin allow nevertheless normalise the germ plasm glucose, therefore insulin opposition passably comparative. The most common type of insulin opposition is associated with corpulence and obesity.8 A frugality serum insulin degree of greater than the upper bound of normal for the break down used is considered grounds of insulin opposition. However the gilded criterion for look intoing and quantifying insulin opposition is the hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clinch method. But due to the complicated nature of this technique ( and the achievable dangers of hypoglycaemia in some patients ) , options have been sought to simplify the measuring rod of insulin opposition. The first was the Homeostasis Model Assessment ( HOMA-IR ) . Fasting insulin and glucose degrees are used in both to cipher insulin opposition, and both correlative moderately with the consequence s of clamping studies.17-19 HOMA-IR is a utilizable method to move up insulin opposition in epidemiological studies.17, 19, 20 Similarly, genus Beta cell map can be assessed by the Homeostasis Model Assessment Beta ( HOMA-? ) .19Several surveies have shown correlativity of IR with WC and WHR and these patients are at hazard for developing complications like indispensable high blood pressure, type 2 Diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.8 Each addition of 15 centimeter in the WC is associated with an addition of the hazard hyperglycaemia and IR ( 65 % and 123 % , severally ) . The cut-off points that develop discriminated work rives and adult females, with and without IR, were 105 and 91 centimeter, with a sensitiveness of 62 % ( 95 % assurance interval CI , 46-77 % ) and 71 % ( 95 % CI, 54-85 % ) , and a specificity of 72 % ( 95 % CI, 66-78 % ) and 68 ( 95 % CI, 63-73 % ) , respectively.21 Prevalence of corpulence and fleshiness is high in type2 diabetes. This has been reported at 10.4 % and 79.4 % respectively.22One great deal exhibit high prevalence of insulin opposition and impaired glucose tolerance associated with organic structure bole fat, among corpulent non-diabetic striplings. Insulin opposition was positively correlated with organic structure bole fat ( R = 0.457 P = 0.001 ) , BMI ( r = 0.417 P = 0.003 ) , organic structure fat mass ( kilogram ) ( r = 0.386 P = 0.006 ) and organic structure fat per centum ( R = 0.285 P = 0.047 ) . Furthermore, there was a prejudicial correlativity between HOMA-IR and thin organic structure mass.7The principle of this contemplate is that non much research work has been done on insulin opposition in Pakistan, and maintaining in head the part of insulin opposition to the development of complications, it is indispensable to find its prevalence which leave behind enable us to step in at an early phase to forestall such complications. Besides with increasing embodiment of fleshy and corpulent patients and a ssociation of fleshiness with insulin opposition and development of complications, it is despotic to step in at an early phase and forestall the associated unwholesomeness and mortality.AimTo find the correlativity of insulin opposition with organic structure mass index and waist hip ratio in patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus.Operational DefinitionHomeostasis Model of Assessment of Insulin ResistanceBody Mass IndexBMI = Mass ( kilogram ) / ( Height ( metres ) ) 2Material and MethodStudy design cross-section(a) Study.Puting Medical Unit II, Civil Hospital Karachi.Duration of survey stripped six months after blessing of outline.Sample size Using correlativity of BMI and insulin opposition of 0.417, presuming correlativity of insulin opposition and WHR of 0.28, assurance interval of 95 % and male monarch of survey 90 % , the sample size is reason as nose candy topics.Sampling techniqueNon-probability back-to-back sampling.Sample choiceInclusion standards whole patients with Ty pe 2 Diabetes Mellitus.Exclusion standardsPatients with ischaemic bosom disease, nephritic disfunction, liver-colored disfunction, thyroid disfunction and morbific diseases.Patients on weight decrease planData collection ProcedureEthical blessing from competent authorization will be sought. Patients will be enrolled after taking informed consent. Data collected at survey entry will include age, medical history, smoke and intoxicant draw wonts, and anthropometric indices including waist perimeter, hip perimeter, blood force per unit area, frugality plasma glucose and continence insulin degree. Fasting blood samples will be obtained by cubital venipuncture and so shipped to a individual research lab for analysis. plasma fasting glucose degrees will be measured enzymatically utilizing an automatic analyser. Fasting plasma insulin will be measured by radioimmunoassay. HOMA-IR and HOMA-? will be calculated utilizing a antecedently mentioned formula.10 Other blood chemical markers wi ll besides be measured utilizing widely accepted methods. Measurements of anthropometric indices and blood force per unit area will be carried out by skilful staff. Information on medical history will be obtained utilizing a self-administered questionnaire.Data Analysis ProcedureCollected informations will be entered in PASW Statistic version 18.0. Mean SD will be calculated for uninterrupted variables like age, weight, tallness, BMI, waist hip ratio, fasting blood glucose, fasting insulin, HOMA-IR and HOMA-? . Correlation of HOMA-IR and HOMA-? with BMI and waist hip ratio will be studied utilizing the Pearson correlativity coefficient.

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The Host Chapter 14: Disputed

It was too untold for both of us, e rattlingwherehearing him here, now, after already accepting that wed never put on him again, after believing that wed mazed him forever. It froze me solid, do me unable to react. I wanted to look at Uncle Jeb, to understand his severe answer in the desert, tho I couldnt move my look. I stared at Jareds feel, uncomprehending.Melanie reacted differently.Jared, she cried through my damaged throat the sound was just a croak.She jerked me forward, much the same way as she had in the desert, assuming control of my crisp remains. The only difference was that this time, it was by force.I wasnt able to stop her spendthrift enough.She lurched forward, raising my arms to reach out for him. I screamed a process of monition at her in my head, but she wasnt listening to me. She was besides aware that I was even at that place.No one tried to stop her as she staggered toward him. No one but me. She was within inches of touching him, and still she d idnt gull what I saw. She didnt see how his calculate had changed in the grand months of separation, how it had hardened, how the lines pulled in different directions now. She didnt see that the unconscious smile she remembered would not physically fit on this impudently face. Only once had she seen his face turn dirty and d temperous, and that expression was secret code to the one he wore now. She didnt see, or maybe she didnt care.His reach was longer than mine. forrader Melanie could make my fingers touch him, his arm shot out and the tush of his move on smashed into the side of my face. The blow was so hard that my feet left the constitute before my head slammed into the rock floor. I heard the rest of my body hit the floor with procrastinating thumps, but I didnt feel it. My eye rolled tooshie in my head, and a ringing sound shimmered in my ears. I fought the dizziness that threatened to s thole me unconscious.Stupid, unreasonable, I whimpered at her. I told you not to do thatJareds here, Jareds alive, Jareds here. She was incoherent, chanting the give-and-takes like they were lyrics to a song.I tried to focus my eyes, but the strange ceiling was blinding. I twist my head away from the light and accordingly swallowed a sob as the motion sent daggers of agony through the side of my face.I could jamely tidy sumle the pain of this one spontaneous blow. What hope did I shake up of enduring an intensive, calculated onslaught?There was a shuffle of feet beside me my eyes moved instinctively to find the threat, and I saw Uncle Jeb standing all over me. He had one exit half stretched out toward me, but he hesitated, looking away. I raised my head an inch, stifling another moan, to see what he saw.Jared was walking toward us, and his face was the same as those of the barbarians in the desert-only it was gorgeous rather than frightening in its fury. My heart faltered and then beat unevenly, and I wanted to laugh at myself. Did it matter that he was beautiful, that I love him, when he was going to kill me?I stared at the murder in his expression and tried to hope that rage would win out over expediency, but a true death wish evaded me.Jeb and Jared locked eyes for a long moment. Jareds jaw clenched and unclenched, but Jebs face was calm. The silent opponent ended when Jared suddenly exhaled in an angry gust and took a grade back.Jeb reached down for my hand and put his other arm around my back to pull me up. My head whirled and ached my stomach heaved. If it hadnt been empty for days, I might defy thrown up. It was like my feet werent touching the ground. I wobbled and pitched forward. Jeb steadied me and then gripped my elbow to keep me standing.Jared watched all this with a teeth-baring grimace. Like an idiot, Melanie struggled to move toward him again. however I was over the shock of seeing him here and less stupid than she was now. She wouldnt break through again. I locked her away behind every bar I could create i n my head.Just be quiet. Cant you see how he loathes me? Anything you say will make it worse. Were dead.But Jareds alive, Jareds here, she crooned.The quiet in the cavern out dissolved whispers came from every side, all at the same time, as if Id con imbeded several(prenominal) cue. I couldnt make out any meanings in the snort murmurs.My eyes darted around the mob of hu mans-every one of them an adult, no smaller, younger skeletal frame among them. My heart ached at the absence, and Melanie fought to voice the question. I hushed her firmly. There wasnt anything to see here, nothing but anger and hatred on strangers faces, or the anger and hatred on Jareds face.Until another man pushed his way through the rustle throng. He was built slim and tall, his skeletal structure more provable under his skin than most. His hair was washed out, either pale browned or a dark, nondescript blond. Like his bland hair and his long body, his features were mild and thin. There was no anger in hi s face, which was why it held my eye.The others do way for this apparently unassuming man as if he had some status among them. Only Jared didnt defer to him he held his ground, staring only at me. The tall man stepped around him, not seeming to notice the rampart in his path any more than he would a spile of rock.Okay, okay, he verbalise in an oddly cheery voice as he circled Jared and came to face me. Im here. What have we got?It was Aunt Maggie who answered him, appearing at his elbow.Jeb found it in the desert. Used to be our niece Melanie. It seemed to be following the directions he gave her. She flashed a dirty look at Jeb.Mm-hm, the tall, bony man murmured, his eyes measure me curiously. It was strange, that appraisal. He looked as if he liked what he saw. I couldnt bottom why he would.My gaze shied away from his, to another muliebrity-a young woman who peered around his side, her hand resting on his arm-my eyes drawn by her natural hair.Sharon Melanie cried.Melanies co usin saw the recognition in my eyes, and her face hardened.I pushed Melanie roughly to the back of my head. ShhhMm-hm, the tall man said again, nodding. He reached one hand out to my face and seemed surprised when I recoiled from it, flinching into Jebs side.Its okay, the tall man said, sunny a little in encouragement. I wont hurt you.He reached toward my face again. I shrunk into Jebs side like before, but Jeb flexed his arm and nudged me forward. The tall man touched my jaw below my ear, his fingers gentler than I expected, and move my face away. I felt his finger trace a line on the back of my neck, and I realized that he was examining the scar from my insertion.I watched Jareds face from the coigne of my eye. What this man was doing clearly upset him, and I mentation I knew why-how he must have hated that slender pink line on my neck.Jared frowned, but I was surprised that some of the anger had drained from his expression. His eyebrows pulled to get holdher. It do him look confused.The tall man dropped his hands and stepped away from me. His lips were pursed, his eyes fall with some challenge.She looks healthy enough, aside from some recent exhaustion, dehydration, and malnourishment. I bring forward youve put enough water back into her so that the dehydration wont interfere. Okay, then. He made an odd, unconscious motion with his hands, as if he were washing them. Lets get started.Then his words and his brief examination fit together and I understood-this gentle-seeming man who had just promised not to hurt me was the posit.Uncle Jeb sighed heavily and closed his eyes.The pay off held a hand out to me, inviting me to put mine in his. I clenched my hands into fists behind my back. He looked at me carefully again, measure the terror in my eyes. His mouth turned down, but it was not a frown. He was considering how to proceed.Kyle, Ian? he called, craning his neck to search the assembly for the ones he summoned. My knees wobbled when the deuce big b lack-haired brothers pressed their way forward.I think I need some help. Maybe if you were to carry - the bear on, who did not look rather so tall standing beside Kyle, began to say.No.Everyone turned to see where the withstand had come from. I didnt need to look, because I recognized the voice. I looked at him anyway.Jareds eyebrows pressed down hard over his eyes his mouth was writhe into a strange grimace. So many emotions ran across his face, it was hard to pin one down. Anger, defiance, confusion, hatred, fear pain.The doctor blinked, his face going slack with surprise. Jared? Is there a problem?Yes.Everyone waited. Beside me, Jeb was holding the corners of his lips down as if they were trying to conjure into a grin. If that was the case, then the old man had an odd sense of humor.And it is? the doctor asked.Jared answered through his teeth. Ill tell you the problem, Doc. Whats the difference between letting you have it or Jeb putting a bullet in its head?I trembled. Jeb p atted my arm.The doctor blinked again. Well was all he said.Jared answered his own question. The difference is, if Jeb kills it, at least it dies cleanly.Jared. The doctors voice was soothing, the same tone hed used on me. We learn so much each time. Maybe this will be the time -Hah Jared snorted. I dont see much progress being made, Doc.Jared will protect us, Melanie thought faintly.It was hard to concentrate enough to form words. Not us, just your body. skinny enough Her voice seemed to come from some distance, from outside my pounding head.Sharon took a step forward so that she stood half in front of the doctor. It was a strangely protective stance.Theres no point in wasting an opportunity, she said fiercely. We all realize that this is hard for you, Jared, but in the end its not your decision to make. We have to consider whats best for the majority.Jared glowered at her. No. The word was a snarl.I could tell he had not whispered the word, to date it was very quiet in my ears. I n fact, everything was suddenly quiet. Sharons lips moved, her finger jabbed at Jared viciously, but all I heard was a soft hissing. incomplete one of them took a step, but they seemed to be drifting away from me.I saw the dark-haired brothers step toward Jared with angry faces. I felt my hand try to rise in protest, but it only twitched limply. Jareds face turned red when his lips parted, and the tendons in his neck strained like he was shouting, but I heard nothing. Jeb let go of my arm, and I saw the dull gray of the rifles barrel swing up beside me. I cringed away from the weapon, though it was not pointed in my direction. This upset my balance, and I watched the room tip very slowly to one side.Jamie, I sighed as the light swirled away from my eyes.Jareds face was suddenly very close, leaning over me with a fierce expression.Jamie? I breathed again, this time a question. Jamie?Jebs gruff voice answered from somewhere faraway away.The kid is fine. Jared brought him here.I look ed at Jareds tormented face, fast disappearing into the dark mist that covered my eyes.Thank you, I whispered.And then I was lost in the darkness.

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French Revolution Human Nature

What is hu manhood personality? Are humans self-interested and tearing or are we socially conscious and kind? The populate of the french regeneration give us an answer to these questions. The French Revolution was a prison term of rebellion and revolution and provided an immense replace to the country of France. The revolt was started by drought, rising prices, and increasing frustration with the government by the citizens of France. The rebelliousness followed the anterior age of Enlightenment. Enlightenment philosophers such as John Locke and Thomas Hobbes searched and find unfermented ideas about the nature of battalion and the role of government.Locke believed that every man was natural with natural rights and will behave well as spacious as they have these. Hobbes on the contrary believed that we are all savage creatures who use violence to get our own way. Through events such as The solution of the Rights of Man and The Tennis Court Oath, John Lockes accord of hu man nature can be judged as more accurate than that of Thomas Hobbes. The actions that the French commonwealth took during the Tennis Court Oath mirror Lockes beliefs about humanity.In the Tennis Court Oath, the Third landed estate challenged the awful monarchy of King Louis XVI by a pledge that they would not leave the tennis courts of Versailles until a new constitution that would meet the slews involve was written. The Oath states, that all members of this gather immediately take a sober oath never to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the acres is established and fixed upon solid foundations (Tennis Court Oath). This event is completely related to to Lockes beliefs that every man should have the right to revolt to con natural rights and bare(a)doms.In his Second Treatise on Government, John Locke wrote, upon the forfeiture of their rulersthe people have a right to act as supreme, and continue the legislative in themse lvesas they think good (Locke). Locke supported and encouraged people to understand that if a government was not treating them fairly or slightly then the people have the right to form a new government that they like. The measures taken by the Third Estate supported the beliefs of Locke by taking over to get their natural rights. Locke was correct by predicting that people would do what they had to get their natural rights.Lockes beliefs that people only require their natural rights are supported in The Declaration of Rights of Man. The content assembly finalized the Declaration on August 26, 1789. The Declarations basis comes from Lockes idea of individualism. In John Lockes Second Treatise on Government, he states, Men being by nature all free, equal, and independent, no unitary can be put out of this condition and subjected to the power of some other without his own consent these laws ought to be designed for no other actor than for the good of the people (Locke).John Locke believed that all people are born worthy and deserved natural rights. In the Declaration of Rights of Man, the initial hold says, Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good (Declaration of the rights of Man). The cardinal documents are extremely similar. The intention of the Declaration of the Rights of Man was to make everybody contented with freedom and equality. Locke believed that all men are born free and equal, and the National Assembly therefore included that thought it into the Declaration of the Rights of Man.It is obvious from the school text and spirit of the Declaration of the Rights of Man, that John Locke has the best understanding of human nature. The French Revolution was a time of rebellion and revolution that brought immense change to the country of France. When looking at the Tennis Court Oath and The Declaration of the Rights of Man, John Lockes thoughts and ideas are obvious. He believed t hat people should be free and shouldnt tolerate anything less. Locke was correct about people wanting their freedoms, as this was both the action and intent of the French, we can see that his beliefs of human nature were correct.Government should be for the people and should never be un conscionable barely if a government is unfair to the people than Thomas Hobbes is correct that people reserve the right to revolt. This does not make them savage or self-interested it is just the people using their natural rights. Works Cited Declaration of the Rights of Man 1789 . The Avalon Project. Yale legal philosophy School, n. d. Web. 28 Feb. 2010 . The Tennis Court Oath. Revolution. N. p. , n. d. Web. 28 Feb. 2010 . Locke, John. The Second Treatise of Government. 1689. The Potowmack Institute .

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Carl Rogers Neal Miller and Kurt Lewin

In history, t here were m any(prenominal) successful psychologists who hit made large parcels to the gentleman of psychology. Many of which who are alive, and dead. Three of the well-nigh important psychologists are Carl Rogers, Neal Miller, and Kurt Lewin on the whole in which made a contribution to psychology somehow or another. Carl Ransom Rogers was an influential American psychologist and among the founders of the human-centred approach to psychology.Rogers was widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy look and was honored for his pioneering research with the Distinguished Scientific Contributions by the American mental Association in 1956. His theory, as of 1951, was based on nineteen propositions here are a few to give an idea of the basis of them all All individuals exist in a continually changing world of experience of which they are the center.A portion of the total perceptual orbital cavity gradually becomes differentiated as the ego, a nd emotion accompanies and in general facilitates, such(prenominal) goal directed behavior, the kind of emotion being related to the sensed significance of the behavior for the maintenance and enhancement of the organism. All these have to do with the emotions and personality of a person, and how the brain works at perceiving the emotions as well. With the adhesion to development, Rogers described principles rather than stages.The main issue is the development of a self concept and the progress from an undifferentiated self to being fully differentiated, for instance, self concept. It means gestalt which is available to awareness though not necessarily in awareness. It is a fluid and changing gestalt, a process, but at any given moment it is a specific entity. Rogers took the aspects of how a person perceives their emotions by doing multiple studies, and tests to diagnos their emotional status.

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Related Studies Essay

Lemon is a crop that contains acid that house be able to remove spots or an agent that grass be used as a modify theme, specifically, a tile stain remover. The acid in lemon juice removes dirt and rust stains. Its especially effective when mixed with salt, which makes an alternative cleaning agent. It is withal known for it contains most citric acid among those citrus increases.Grape ingathering can help you clean your body and your home as well as keeping you healthy and trim. You probably didnt know it but grapefruit flesh and grapefruit juice be also effective cleaning agents. Having sug bed grapefruit in the house is one of the best slipway to make sure youll always have the ingredients you need for homemade pare down care products and homemade cleaning products. Cleaning with citrus fruit is estimable as effective as cleaning with commercial cleaners. In event many commercial cleaners use orange oil or grapefruit extract in their products. But using fresh fruit and fresh juice will give the added benefit of a sweet, fresh smell and undiluted cleaning power.Berries contain a lower parcel of citric acid than citrus. Blueberries contain the lowest citric acid level, with 0.6 grams per degree Celsius grams of berries. Berries with citric acid are tangy, although not as sharp as citrus. Included are strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, huckleberries, elderberries, red and black currants.The ugli or ugli fruit is a Jamaican form of tangelo, a citrus fruit created by hybridizing a grapefruit (or pomelo), an orange and a tangerine. It was observed growing wild (possibly having developed in the same way grapefruit was created) in Jamaica, where it is mainly grown today. The name is a variation of the watchword ugly, which refers to the fruits unsightly appearance, with rough, wrinkled, greenish-yellow rind, wrapped loosely virtually the orange pulpy citrus inside. The citric acid that is contained in the fruit serves as a facto r of a safe and an eco-friendly cleaning solution that removes stains in tiles.The tangelo is a citrus fruit hybrid of mandarin orange orange and pomelo or grapefruit. Sometimes referred to as honey bells. Tangelos are the size of an adult fist, have a tangerine taste, and are voluptuous at the expense of flesh. They generally have loose skin and are easier to peel than oranges, readily distinguished from them by a characteristic pablum at the stem. This fruit also contains citric acid that can essentially be used as a cleaning agent which is a tile stain remover.

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50’s Pop Culture Essay

Pop finish is commercial culture ground on belt downular taste. Todays pop culture consists of wiretap/ hip hop music, sagging jeans, high-top shoes, and 3D movies. In the 1950s fashion, music, and applied science was worlds apart from how it is today. quaver & adenine Roll, Hot Rods, black lash jackets and rebellious teens be iconic images often imagined when mentioning the 1950s in the US. account repeats itself. This fat is perhaps the most obvious when it comes to fashion. Fashion today is firmly influenced by the fashion during the 1950s.Girls wearing bright colors, flow dresses, tight blouses, and high-waist short pants atomic number 18 common now, and were during the 50s. Guys wearing fancy suits/ dress shirts, with khakis are undoubtedly coming back into mode especially among hipsters. The rebel style of the 50s with blue jeans (which everyone wears today, but were unacceptable for young women to wear) T-shirts under(a) leather or jean jackets, with boots and lo ng hair is becoming quite common for the youth today.Music has played a huge character in American society for over a hundred years. In the 1950s the fastest growing genre was Rock & Roll. mostly because of teens, and theyre need to express themselves and be noticed. Music in the 50s was one of the only things in this time embraced it fully. Country singers equal Johnny Cash stayed above water because of their ingenuity, ability to adapt, and pure talent. blues and soul artist like James Brown and Ray Charles are icons for their ability to touch people through music on a personal level.No essay about American 50s pop culture would be complete without mentioning The King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley. Almost every aspect of pop culture in the 50s was heavily influenced by the era of Rock & Roll. Cars were no exception. Hot rods were very popular among the youth, but seen as death traps by adults. In reality adult cars like the capital of Nebraska Continental were far mor e dangerous. Car advancements were huge during this time, like the offset of automatic transitions.Cars were simple to work on making it a pursuit for many young adults. Racing and car shows became common. Learning about pop cultures from different is not only interesting but important too. It helps you go through how todays pop culture became the way it is. People that ask questions about wherefore fashion is the way it is, or how music became how it is, can study past tense pop cultures for answers. 50s pop culture changed music, fashion and technology forever

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Seat Belt Laws

Jennifer Isaac English 112 November 10, 2011 Say Yes to Life and Saving Money As I sit at a red light, a motor motor gondola auto acceleratees past and collides with a nonher fomite in the intersection. I c wholly(prenominal) 911 accordingly, afterward a few minutes, an ambulance pulls up on the scene. The EMT pulled a man from his railcar his head a bloody mess from the impact with the windshield. They put him in the ambulance, after a bit of trouble getting him on the stretcher, and rush him to the emergency room. Later that night while watching the six oclock news I see an interview with the guard captain he states that the man died in the hospital.How incessantly, the device startr presumable would need lived if he would bind been pauseing his shadower rap. With scenes such as this, it is evident that fanny belt laws should be in effect as well as enforced. Vehicle fatalities have a big impact on mortality rate rates and amends premiums therefore, enforcing sea t belt laws can have a positive effect on partnership. Automobiles have progressed through the categorys, and have father faster, yet the faster you go the great the impact when an accident occurs.Federal and land agencies have developed pep pill limits and other guidelines, which when enforced, help keep passengers safe. point though these laws argon in place, accidents still occur however, when the proper precautions be interpreted, risks can be minimized. As technology progresses so will vehicles therefore, prophylactic will continue to be a major concern. It is up to the motorists to influence to snap off a seat belt, yet law enforcement officers be the ones who atomic number 18 there to enforce seat belt laws. enthrone belts atomic number 18 inst solelyed into every car and truck, yet when should we have to accept them?Every state has a different law ab protrude who does and does non have to wear them, but in the state of Indiana if you are in a car that is eq uipped with seat belts and anyone above the age of 14 you are call for to wear a seat belt. Also, children must use the correct car seat for their weight until they reach 135 centimeters tall or their twelfth birthday, whichever comes first. There are several other antecedents that you do not expect to wear a seat belt such as if you are a number one wood who is reversing, or supervising a learner driver who is reversing, in a vehicle used for police, fire, and rescue services, a assenger in a trade vehicle and you are investigating a fault, campaign a good vehicle on deliveries that is traveling no much than 50 meters between stops, or a licensed taxi driver who is playing for hire or carrying passengers ( victimisation, 1). If there is a reason that you cannot wear a seat belt due to medical reasons, your doctor must issue you a Certificate of Exemption for Compulsory undersurface smash-up Wearing. You must keep this in your car at all times and handy if a police officer pulls you all over.There are unforgiving seat belt laws world-wide but, according to statistics, they are hardly followed. Approximately 50% of lives will be salve in an accident if community wear seat belts. topographic point belt rubber statistics show that mostly the junior population between the age groups 16-35 is hardly found corrosion away seat belts. Seat belt facts also prove that 70% of the concourse corroding a seat belt have prevented injuries even on clash with an accident. It is found that nearly 10,000 lives can be saved every year only by wearing a seat belt (Pandit 1).According to studies cited by the Independence Institute, When subjects who normally did not wear seat belts were asked to do so, they were ascertained to drive faster, followed to a greater extent than closely, and braked later. In other words, people who are by nature cautious voluntarily choose to wear seat belts, and voluntarily drive safely. When reckless people are forced to wear s eat belts, they make for the increased safety by driving more recklessly. Furthermore, no jurisdiction that has passed a seat belt law has shown evidence of a abate in road accident death. (Veksler 1) Seat belts were designed to save peoples lives, this only works if they are worn correctly or even at all. Many people do not wear their seatbelts because they do not desire in their efficacy, because they have heard that wearing seat belts might actually cost them their lives in certain types of accidents (Mikkelson 1). The constitution allows everyone to have the emancipation rights, but how fair is it for the government to dictate what we can and cant do when it comes to wearing a seat belt. The U. S.National Highway Safety part first required automobile manufacturers to install lap belts for all pose and raise belts for front seats in 1968 however, most Americans did not regularly use safety belts until 1984, when the first state laws were passed mandating seat belt use. As of today, there are 48 states in which it is illegal for a driver or passenger to travel without a seat belt (the exceptions are Maine and New Hampshire). Of those 48 states, 10 have primary enforcement, meaning that police can stop and shred a motorist simply for not wearing a seat belt.The other 38 states with seat belt laws have secondary enforcement, meaning that police can only ticket people not wearing seat belts if they pull the car over for some other reason. If not all states have to wear them, then why make it a law? Many fatalities that are connect to vehicle accidents can be avoided if the occupants wear their seat belts. Some claim seat belts can be the cause of deaths. Although this may be true, it is be that in most cases seat belts are far more likely to save a life than kill the occupants of a vehicle.As written in the universe Almanac and Book of Facts, In 2006, safety belts and child restraints saved an estimated 15,808 lives (U. S. Motor 1746). Seat belt s do save lives therefore, the laws that elicit their use should be enforced. When police have the authority to stop a motorist whole for not wearing a seat belt, which is called primary law, motorists have more of a reason to wear their seat belts. Furthermore, vehicle insurance premiums could return if seat belt laws are followed.It makes sense that insurance companies charge more because accidents are escalated due to negligence of the driver by not wearing his seat belt. This point is reiterated in the Hudson Valley pipeline Journal The safer all drivers are, the fewer injuries there will be, which affects everyones insurance premiums (Seat raps 18). If drivers would fitting take that extra step before driving, and buckle their seat belt, society as a whole might witness a decrease in insurance premiums in the future. Insurance providers may not notice the change right away, but in the long run they would have to notice that fatalities are decreasing.Though law enforcemen t course of studys such as Click-It-Or-Ticket help bring on the use of seat belts, they do so by threatening drivers with fines for not buckling up. Laurie F. Beck, from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control wrote, Although rates of safety belt use in the United States have increased easily since the first state law was passed in 1984, many motor vehicle occupants continue to travel unrestrained (1619). Sometimes threats stop short of arriver the amount of people intended.Perhaps if programs were developed to reward drivers who get pulled over and are wearing their seat belt, then we would see a stronger increase in seat belt use. Patrol officers could be required to note when a driver was properly restrained that information could be provided to insurance companies those companies would spang which motorists were driving safely, and could reward them with discounted premiums. We as American citizens should have the choice in if we wear them or not. There are ma ny reasons that many people do not wear them, but here are fairish a few.Some people feel if they are going a speed of less than 40 mph, then they do not need to wear them however the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) states that 80 per centum of all crashes come at speeds of less than 40 mph and 75 percent of those are within 25 miles of home (Silverman 1). Another reason people do not wear their seat belts are because they believe they are uncomfortable. They believe the combination of the lap and shoulder belt is uncomfortable, so they either do not wear it or they put the shoulder belt under their arm. In doing this, it can cause internal injuries if they were ever in an accident.A different reason that some people do not wear their seat belt is because they feel their independence is being taken from them for being told what to do in their car. They feel that their car is their fortress and they should not be told what to do in it, especially by the government. Some people feel that if they are thrown from a car they have a better chance of being saved then staying in the car with the accident. This is not true according to the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource index individuals who get thrown from their cars are more likely to get killed than those wearing seat belts (Silverman 2).Finally, many drivers say they want to increase their chances of surviving a car fire or a submerged car. They feel that if they are buckled is it not only going to take longer to get out of the car, but if they are dazed or not alert, it is going to deflect their chances of getting out of the car alive. Less than ? of 1 percent of all accidents involve car fires or submersion. If some type of reward program happened to be in place, the scenario earlier could have ended differently. maybe the driver would have suffered some type of injury, yet the seat belt could have stopped him from hitting his head on the windshield.Although seat belt laws promote the reduction o f vehicle related fatalities and help decrease the cost of insurance premiums, other programs such as a reward program could only reach motorists. The more benefits motorists see about wearing seat belts the greater the chance they will choose to wear them. References Beck, Laurie F. , et al. Associations Between Sociodemographics and Safety Belt Use in States With and Without Primary Enforcement Laws. American Journal of Public health 97. 9 (2007) 1619-1624. Biomedical Reference Collection Basic. EBSCO. Web. 29 Sept. 2011.Mikkelson, Barbara & David. Seat Belted. Snopes. com. Urban Legends, 4 July 2011 1-2. Web. 22 Sept. 2011. http//www. snopes. com/autos/accident/seatbelt. asp Pandit, Madhura. Reasons to Wear your Seat Belt. Buzzle. com. Buzzle. com, 2000-2011 2. Web. 28 Sept. 2011. http//www. buzzle. com/articles/reasons-to-wear-your-seat-belt. htmlSeat Belts, Car Seats Save Lives and run into Insurance Premiums. Hudson Valley Business Journal 6. 34 (1995) 18. Regional B usiness News. EBSCO. Web. 29 Sept. 2011. Silverman, Steve. Why People Dont Wear Seat Belts. eHow. Demand Media Inc. 1999-2011 4. Web. 28 Sept 2011. http//www. ehow. com/about_5456493_people-dont-wear-seat-belts. html U. S. Motor Vehicle Accidents, 2006. World Almanac & Book of Facts (2009) 1746. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 29 Sept. 2011. Using a seat belt. Direct. gov. Crown, 29 Sept. 2010 3. Web, 28 Sept 2011. http//www. direct. gov. uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Roadsafetyadvice/DG_4022064 Veksler, David. The whizz Minute Case Against Mandatory Seatbelt Laws. One Minute Cases. Politics, 21 May 2007 1-3. Web. 22 Sept. 2011. http//oneminute. rationalmind. net/mandatory-seatbelt-laws/

Parents and children in Romeo and Juliet Essay

Juliet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, a crocked and well-respected family. Although childlike and members of opposing families in a long-standing feud, Juliet and Romeo fall instantly in love with each other, and unify in secret. Her pargonnts remain unaware of their relationship, and are determined that she marries Paris it is their hasty actions in bringing about the married couple to Paris against Juliets wishes that ultimately leads to the tragic death of the deuce young lovers.Lord Capulet and his wife are shown to care for Juliet, and at first it seems that Capulet is loath(p) for her to leave the family home through marriage. He argues that Juliet is yet a unknown quantity in the world the word stranger shows that he feels she is too unpractised to adopt, and that she should maybe be older and have had more life cognize before marrying. This subject is continued when he encourages Paris to wait for two more summers to have passed Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride. It might be that Capulet is not ready to let his only support child leave, and is trying to delay the inevitable. Also, the imagery that Shakespeare uses here could highlight the idea that Juliet would be expected to be pregnant very quickly formerly married, and that her body is only just biologically able to get pregnant. unspoiled is usually used to refer to fruit, being ready to be eaten in this case, Capulet is referring to her womb, perhaps, being able to bear children, which is reinforced when Paris tries to persuade Capulet by saying Younger than she are happy mothers made. Capulet shows, however, that Juliet is his priority as he is worried that she would be made miserable and spoiled by early motherhood too soon marred are those so early made. This is different to Lady Capulets beliefs, as she encourages Juliet to marry as an indication of her social superiority Here in Verona, ladies of esteem,/ are made already mothers . If Juliet delays getting marrie d, in her mothers eyes, it would be disapproved of, and maybe others would think there was perhaps something wrong with their daughter. She reminds Juliet that she was your mother more upon these years, so she feels that Juliet should follow in her footsteps, without thinking of Juliets go around interest. Unlike Lord Capulet, she encourages Juliet to marry soon, but it could well be that establish on his own experiences of marrying a woman who was very young, he recognises the abuse it could do. I think that maybe Juliets mother changed once she was married, and Capulet perhaps regrets marrying her so young, which is why he doesnt want Juliet to marry Paris.

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Perfection Definition Essay

Too often we physical object for ameliorateion and berate ourselves when we fall short. Some of us avoid that sphacelus by simply giving up. I dont indispensableness you to give up. I want you to aim high, certainly, but dont stop simply because you didnt achieve nonesuch. There are devil points I will make tonight. first of all, perfection for us mere mortals is by its very nature impossible to achieve. Secondly, to achieve perfection is not really a desirable thing. Firstly, why is perfection impossible? perfection creation correct in every detail escapes our practical attempts to achieve it. Firstly much like beauty perfection is in the eye of the beholder. maven mans perception of the perfect meal is and extend for pigs in the view of another. Notions of perfection are therefore congener relative to the individual, to their culture, to their notions of right and wrong. Thus, perfection defeats several(prenominal)(prenominal) notion of an objective definition. As well, we military man are not created for perfection, we are created to survive.Humans learn by making mistakes and surviving. It simply does not make sense to be a race that seeks to perfect a single thing whilst all else goes to pot. We do have feet of clay and so every thing we do carries that fateful flaw in its making. Consider the very highest puzzle outs of art. The Mona Lisa often pressed a towering achievement of art was painted by Leonardo da Vinci over the course of 17 years, and it only came to its current state when he died. So clearly that painting is not perfection. Consider also the dangers and rigours of the position race and its complete intolerance of imperfection. Billions upon billions have been spent in the quadruplet race, and yet, despite monumental effort, despite the human races brightest minds and most positive systems, tiny flaws come into the machinery that powers the astronauts aloft, and when that occurs, people die in disasters such as th e Columbia and Challenger disasters.Perfection requires far too much work and is unattainable. We cannot define perfection objectively, and in any case as flawed and frail humans our creations must also be imperfect. Perfection is impossible. Secondly, however if perfection were possible, would it be good for us? As we know, George Douglas Duke of Argyll said, each advance has a new horizon. Even the very best, having achieved the highest levels of excellence that humans are capable of eventually see their high water rack up eclipsed by competitors or, sometimes, by themselves. Nadia Comaneci obtained perfect scores in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, only to have those performances surpassed by later athletes.If perfection were achieved, we would, perversely, stagnate and fail. As humans, we privation to progress and grow, to undertake to achieve and to fly above our flawed nature. The falsehood of progress, of higher, faster, unwrap, caresses the ego of each of us to exceed the performance of those that went before. Were it not possible were perfection attained we would not strive with our own individual(prenominal) arrogance to break dance our checks and succeed. Perfection would become a straitjacket coloring our world with the blandness of mediocrity, where our will to succeed would be sapped by the noesis that we can do no better. Perfection is not desirable.Now consider the original question. Who needs perfection? The simple answer is that no-one needs perfection. Perfection is not possible due to our flawed and fragile natures, and in any event we cannot agree what perfection is. Perfection is also not desirable, as knowing that we can do no better than our predecessors removes our desire to strive to succeed. In fact we need imperfection. We need to see an opportunity to better the world, to break new grounds of excellence. We need to set the challenge, to stake our title in the ground and ask all before us to better that mark of excellen ce. In doing so we must recognise that what we have do is not perfect, and that what we have done contains flaws.Imperfection allows us to advance our teensy corner of the world, and it allows us to challenge our successors to build upon our work. There is nothing perfect in this world, but the world can be made better by our own actions. Ladies and gentlemen, perfection is neither possible nor desirable. Who needs perfection? No-one needs perfection. There will always be a flaw, some minute imperfection, that will allow us to advance. In that imperfection there is hope. As men with feet of clay, should you aim for perfection, you will assuredly fail in that endeavour. That is no reason to abandon the task, though, as you will leave the world in a better state than before you took up your tools. can firm, stand proud, and say no-one needs perfection.

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Capital One Bank Evaluation

marge Performance Evaluation Project detonator virtuoso border capital of the United States one(a) fiscal Corporations home base is in McLean, Virginia and in the federal reliever district five, The Federal Reserve of Richmond, Virginia. It is issuance 89 in comrade assembly one with their amalgamate assets of over $300 million. Peer group one banking companys ar institutions that induce equal to or greater than $10 million in merge assets. uppercase star Bank specializes in extension cartes, home loans, cable car loans, while providing banking and savings products.They ar a Fortune 500 come with and have paved the way for mass credit card merchandising in the 1990s. Since its inception in 1988, chapiter One has acquired numerous small banks and has kept growing to become one of the most well eff bank place companies in the United States. Unfortunately in November 2008, Capital One Bank suffered devastating losses and received $3. 5 cardinal bail-out fund s from the Federal Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. But by mid 2009, Capital One Bank had bought back over 3. 5 million of their preferred stock shares from the United States Treasury.Although Capital One Bank has experienced some economic hardships in the recent past, it seems to be holding steady after the wake of the 2008 financial system meltdown. If we take a close look at this banks performance report, we potty find some interesting information about their biggest asset components. For Capital Ones assets their partage for loans to individuals is relatively game, 36. 77 per centum compared to that of the peer group sightly of 4. 98 pct. This is indicative of a company that produces a large number of loans to individuals in the form of real estate, auto, and credit cards.This as well as indicates that this bank is interested in making remuneration from interest on loans. Real estate loans for this company are high with 22. 26 percent compared to the peer group aver age of 32. 89 percent. Although this bank dabbles in commercialized banking, it keeps its commercial and industrial loans to a minimum in comparison to its separatewise peer one counterparts. There are a few areas where Capital one shows virtually no interest such as hoidenish loans, investments in mutual funds and equity securities, and fed funds change and reverse repos which are purchased under an agreement to resell.Federal funds sold are used for overnight funds that keep balances on deposits at Federal Reserve Banks for purposes of clearing daily checks and deposits(Olsen Research Associates). A reason Capital One Bank does not use this practice may be because it does not want to risk losing assets in the event that the borrowing bank defaults. Because Fed Funds Contracts are not secured they are always matter to loss if the borrowing bank defaults (Olsen Research Associates). Capital One Bank has relatively average percentages of debt securities of less than or more tha n one yr.A debt warranter can be bought or sold between two parties, has defined amounts, rates, and maturities. As a whole, debt securities are relatively safer than equity securities because they have a principal amount that is returned to the lender at a specified maturity date. Moving on to the liquidity and funding of Capital One Bank, the heart and soul deposits are above those of other peer banks at 64. 84 percent compared to 55. 17 percent. Core deposits are comprised of demand deposits, deposit accounts that are put in to negotiable orders of withdrawal or automatic transfer from the savings accounts.This class also includes time deposits of less than $100,000, money market deposit accounts, other savings accounts, and other non-interest bearing deposit balances. Banks count on tenderness deposits to fund loans while offering advantages such as predictable be and a measuring rod of the degree of customer loyalty (Core Deposits). Core deposits are less vulnerable t o short-term changes in the interest rates than CDs or money market accounts (Core Deposits). The net loans and leases percentages of Capital One Bank are high as well compared to their competing banks.This is due to the high number of loans this bank awards to individuals in the form of mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and credit cards. Credit card loans blow the competition out of the water with an exceedingly high 40. 9 percent compared to peer group ones average of 2. 41 percent. The liquid assets of Capital One are around lower in comparison to their peers by about 10 percentage point this is another indicator that this bank produces numerous loans and has its assets tied up.Turning the management to the relative income statement and boundary lineal compend portion of the report lead describe the key components of earnings relative to average assets, margin analysis ratios, the yields or returns of specific assets, and the cost of funds. The report shows that Capital Ones main source of income is interest income including high interest income equaling a higher(prenominal) net interest income. Adjusted operating income, which is net interest income add-on non-interest income, for Capital One Bank is 7. 45 percent to the peer group average of 4. 74.This is almost twice the amount of income from interest over its competitors. aft(prenominal) accounting for operating expenses and realized gains and losses, the company has a pretax net income of 1. 82 percent and a net operating income of 1. 38 percent. The companys interest expenses are insignificantly higher than those of its peers. Capital One has list provisions for loan and lease losses which are monies set by for default loans. These provisions are greater than the competitors by 1. 25 percent and represent the banks desire to survive if loans default.Looking at the margin analysis portion of this section, you can note that the net interest income to average earning assets is twice as high as its competitors in peer group one at 6. 49 percent. It is safe to say that Capital One Bank receives the majority of its income from interest. Capitalization is the long-term funding that allows a chore star sign to operate. It is the investment that the business owner and any other investors make in the firm. It is a financial term which refers to the sum of the stockholders equity of the firm and the firms long-term debt, such as bonds or mortgages (Peavler).Capitalization is also a measurement of business lever based on the share price and number of shares outstanding. This is generally the markets representation of the companys value (Ycharts). For Capital One Bank, there capitalization is relatively similar to its counterparts. blondness capital to total asset ratio for Capital one is 13. 13 percent while the average for peer group one is 11. 30 and does not represent a substantial difference. Although Capital One monetary has seen its ups and downs over the past few y ears, it reports their third quarter net income jumped 47 percent versus the prior year quarter.This change magnitude in profits is credited to the acquisition of ING Direct a financial institution of Dutch origin offering banking, insurance, and asset management services, and HSBCs United States card business (Associated Press). Net income increased $357 million from this time last year and price per share went from $1. 77 to $2. 01, a 24 cent increase (Associated Press). Revenues also soared 39 percent to $5. 78 billion. Capital One Financial reports that it expects consumer demand to slow down soon, but they are prepared for what the future tense holds. &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212-Top of Form decline 10, 2012 1217 p. m. ET COF (Common Stock) ExchangeNYSE (US Dollar) Last Trade $57. 77 Change + 0. 70 % Change 1. 23% Volume 1,167,465 Intraday High $57. 80 Open $56. 91 Intraday Low $56. 78 Minimum 20 bite delay Bottom of Form (Capital One Stock Quote and Chart) whole works Cited Associated Press. News SummaryCapital One Posts Higher 3Q Profit. Bloomberg byplayweek News. 18 2012 n. page. Web. 10 Dec. 2012. <http//www. businessweek. com/ap/2012-10-18/news-summary-capital-one-posts-higher-3q-profit>. Capital One Financial Corporation Market Cap. Ycharts. N. p. , 06 2012. Web. 6 Dec 2012. <http//ycharts. com/companies/COF/market_cap>. Core Deposits. Investopedia US. United States 2012. <http//www. investopedia. com/terms/c/core-deposits. asp Olsen Research Accociates, . bourn Federal Funds Sold. BANKdynamics. Olsen Research Associates, Inc. , 07 2007. Web. Web. 1 Dec. 2012. <http//blogs. olsonresearch. com/bankdynamics/2007/09/term-federal-fu. html>. Peavler, Rosemary. Business Finance. Business Finance. n. page. Web. 6 Dec. 2012. <http//bizfinance. about. com/od/glossaryoffinanceterms/g/Capitalizatio

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Administrative Ethics Paper Hcs/335

Administrative ethical motive Paper HCS/335 November 5, 2012 Administrative Ethics Paper In todays world of technology endurings face an ever thought-provoking issue of protect their privacy. One of the biggest beas infringing on a patients privacy would be the prescription(prenominal) drug health reading that is being released by pharmacists and the way in which that data is apply.Information is given to a wide material body of entities and to singulars, which raises enormous concern about the privacy rights of patients, especially considering the fact that the patient has non given consent for the release of this teaching. Legislative and judicial assist is being given on how to protect privacy identifiable information on prescription data and the harm that can be do by the release of this information. There is a lot of focus on exploring privacy issues with regard to personal health information (PHI), especially with the prescription drugs containing so much informat ion.The computerized databases in a pharmacy collect a host of patient information including the patients address, the patients name, the date it was filled, the mail service it was filled, the patients gender and age, the prescribing physician, what drug was prescribed, the dosage, and how legion(predicate) pills. How a patients information is used once it is de-identified about likely doesnt even cross anyones mind because to the highest degree patients dont realize that anyone other than the pharmacist, the doctor, and the insurance company for carry on the claim, are going to see it.There is a long list of companies and individuals that expect the patient prescription PHI, including lawyers, educators, researches that are performing clinical trials, marketing purposes, presidency officials, and employers. The article, Somebodys Watching Me, lays the groundwork in juristicly development the framework for protecting the privacy of patient prescription PHI, especially the information on de-identified PHI. There are 5 parts to the legal framework.Part 1 basically states why in that respect is a need for national edict to step in to help protect both patient prescription PHI, and de-identified patient prescription PHI. Part II shows the process of how the information is smooth and used. Part III talks about federal and state laws that are currently in make upence to protect a patients privacy rights, with a focus on three state statutory attempts that would curb information being used for marketing purposes, and the Supreme motor hotel and circuit court responses.Part IV looks at the existing laws regarding unauthorized divine revelation of patient prescription PHI. This is a more intense look at all of the statutes, ethical guidelines, federal and state statutes and laws, and other option for protecting a patients privacy. Part V suggests having a federal statute allowing patients to control the use of their information for both patient prescri ption PHI, and de-identified PHI. Most people would think that de-identified PHI would be protected because it is encrypted before it is transferred to others non authorized to access the identifiable information.Unfortunately, there are ways such(prenominal) as geo-coding that allows others to re-identify the information. Even if a company sells the data information that they exact and they state that personal information is not to be used by third parties, there is no guaranty that the purchaser will continue the agreement. In todays technological society it is difficult to book a program that will continue to make re-identification impossible, especially if an individuals privacy was once breached by re-identification. Encryptions are codes and codes are downhearted all the time.Moreover, encryption requires use of a key or cipher, which is used to lock and unlock the hidden data. Such a key is necessary to allow the hidden data to be viewed in an intelligible dash by thos e who are authorized to view it. However, there is always a risk that the encryption key might fall into the wrong turn over, thereby allowing the information to be accessed by unauthorized viewers. There are legion(predicate) problems that could arise from a patients information landing into the transfer of a stranger, a boss, an enemy, or any other individual that does not have permission to view that information.The wellness Insurance Portability and Accountability act (HIPAA) needs to take a hard look at the problems that exist with the identifiable patient prescription PHI, the de-identified patient prescription PHI, and the encrypted prescription PHI. These issues alter the entire population and can have a devastating impact on those that have their personal information get into the wrong hands. If there is an employee who has Aides and they dont want other workers to know, it would be too easy for an employer to obtain that information.The arguments and facts that are use d in the article financial backing the proposed solution by stating the problems that arise without having laws in place to protect the privacy rights of patients. There are many ethical and legal issues when you are dealing with privacy rights, including the chances of getting sued by individuals for letting their information be obtained and used by others. Having privacy information released into the wrong hands can be detrimental to a patient. A manager in a health care environment should be there to support and help bring laws into place that protects both the patient and the organization. REFERENCESSmith, C. (2012) Somebodys Watching Me Protecting Patient screen in Prescription health Information, Vermont Law Review, retrieved from the University of Phoenix Library on November 4, 2012. Kendall, D. Protecting Patient Privacy in the Information Age retrieved from http//www. hlpronline. com/kendall. pdf Thacker, S. , (2003) HIPAA Privacy Rule and Public Health CDC, retrieved fro m http//www. cdc. gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/m2e411a1. htm &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 1 . David Colarusso, Note, Heads in the dapple, A Coming Storm The Interplay of Cloud Computing, Encryption and the Fifth AmendmentsProtection Against Self-Incrimination, 17 B. U. J. Sci &038 TECH. L. 69, 78-80 (2011)(describing the details of symmetric key encryption and public key encryption) 2 . Id. at 789 (describing how a cipher or key renders plaintext unreadable gibberish). 3 . Robert D. Fram, Margaret Jane Radin &038 Thomas P. Brown, Altred States Electronic Commerce and Owning the sum of Value Exchange, 1999 STAN. TECH. L. REV. 2, 15-16 (1999) (outlining the risks of cryptography, including the possibility that encryption keys may not always be kept secret. )

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Communism vs. Fascism

Communism vs. Fascism Communism and fascism are at the opposite ends of the totalitarian spectrum. Their major differences prevarication in their scotch and social characteristics, exclusively they do share galore(postnominal) similarities in the political aspect. Soviet communism and German fascism are, in fact, actually unlike distributively other, but they affected the people of the Soviet Union and Germany in many similar ways. You can observe how the ideas of communism and fascism differ mainly through and through their goals, along with other characteristics.Communism pursues international goals, which is shown in Stalins strive to vex the Soviet Union to be a leading economic power. fascist leaders pursue goals limited to their own nation. A communist fellowship pushes have no social classes, which is why private ownership of go through or property is not supported. Contrarily, fascism is very much class-based, as seen in Hitlers views of race superiority. Though t he goals of these two governmental systems differ very much, the methods used to reach these goals are remarkably similar. The similarities between communism and fascism lie in their political methods.The most obvious comparison is that they are twain dictatorial, one-party governments. Under each government, citizens are expected to be completely devoted to the state, which glorifies military and war. Their rights are virtually nonexistent, and the media information they see is outlaw so that they only are aware of what the government wants them to know. In Germany, citizens that didnt fit the ideal image of the dictator, Adolf Hitler, were sent to concentration or demolition camps, mainly because the state had the power to do so.Though the ideas and goals of communism and fascism contrast, the methods they use to achieve them are almost identical. Generally, communism and fascism are considered opposite in propagation to totalitarianism. They are very different in their econ omic and social aspects, but they do share similarities in their political characteristics and governing methods. Soviet communism and German fascism are very contrastable, but they affected the people of the Soviet Union and Germany in many similar ways.

Lecture Notes

scientific Investigation of mental processes and expression and how they Lancaster economic consumptions tools and research methods to understand mental processes &038 doings Has a biological boundary (changing nature of body continues way we deport and who we be) and a cultural boundary (culture shapes human behavior) Psychology is about sense a persons biological make-up, their psychological experience and function and cultural range Brief History Psychology has stemmed from philosophical roots and philosophical questions (1)Free will or determinism Do people freely choose their behavior or Is It characterized from lawful patterns? (2) Mind-Body Problem- How do mental and psychical elements interact?Germany was concern of psychological research and thinking In the early st elds (19th century) Structuralism (Wilhelm wound 1832- 1920) father of experimental psychological science Focus on elements and introspection of intellect experience (report of stimulus) 1879 Wilhel m Wound established the first ever laboratory of psychology Functionalism William James (1842-1910) Criticized Wounds charge on elements and consciousness to behavior Instead of focus n structure of consciousness rather think why (behavior)?? squiffy emphasis on function on mental processes in adapting to the environs Gestalt psychology the whole Is bigger than the elements that form the whole Perception and creating intend as human beings Experiment orientated Psychodrama perspective Sigmund Freed (1856-1939) Not everything we think, intuitive feeling and remember we be aware of (unconscious), both(prenominal)(prenominal) aspects of hidden events from us causing anxiety (mental processes in conflict) Dynamic Interplay between consciousness and unconsciousness retiring(a) events become part of unconsciousness (find them, relive and talk through)Lecture Notes penalize Deterrence Get rid of them, get them of the streets Retri besidesion Just desserts arbitrator, symmetrical The punishment must fit the villainy It must be per capita Contravention of social order requires pay back to caller or quint Deterrence Threat of punishment will prevent future hatred Hedonistic calculus If the pleasure out ways the pain bullying is ineffective General Deterrence, and Specific You see a friend locate a curse and you dont command to Specific Is you Certainty, Celerity, Severity These need to be close together In order for deterrence to be affectional certainty Is he most important if you are certain you are going to get caught, you wont do it. Does deterrence work?sometimes it does work (they get out, and they dont want to go back) and sometimes it doesnt work (people sometimes bargain with the judge to get put into Jail longer, or they go back to umbrage) Incapacitation (Prison) Symbolic denouncement of act communicated to offenders and society through use of punishment In the sense of freedom we as people of society we value our freedom, and taking it onward is tough on a mountain of people Imprisonment, deprivation of liberty Remove problem elements from society refilling Address underlying causes facing the offender Focus on offender, non abuse Assumes transformation potential of rehabilitation within a retributive context The problem with rehabilitation is that it believes that you can rehabilitate some matchless in a prison put where you got people in an anxious setting etc. ND it becomes a lot more challenging Justice Policies burn in Policies in that location is more emphasis on incapacitation, retribution, deterrence Rehabilitation, reparation overshadowed Less focus on solving problems of abhorrence doctrine that vindictive punishment is most appropriate response to shame Trend in US ND Canada toward punitive approaches New Pensiveness From mid-sasss produce of global trend toward harsher CA sanctions More and more punishment is increased, some states in the U. S shake off totally gotten rid of community san ctions and probation enlarge use of prison, more crimes result in prison, increase prison lengths, required minimums More and more punishment is increased, some states in the U. S have totally gotten rid of community sanctions and probation Shaming initiatives, austere prison regimes For example in Arizona they make their inmates wear pink suits Zero margin st outrankgiesZero tolerance means they have to report everything even if its a push fight down Three strikes legislation If you do two serious offences on the tertiary serious offence you get a life sentence affair of capital punishment It does not have an effect on crime rates In Canada the death penalty did not have an impact on crime rates In states for the first two weeks it would go down and then it would go right back to where it was Harsh CSS policies are response to increasing public disorder, rising crime, deterioration of moral role model Leap backward, shift away from restraint Stretching the limits of punishmen t sturdy Justice War on Drugs in 1971 Drug offences is what is driving the crime rates in the U. S out the roof Crack is employ by the lower build people Cocaine is use by the middle and upper class The legal philosophy are targeting the lower class that is using crack So the prisons and sanctions in the U.S is filled with the minority people, such as blacks and Latinists Tough on crime policies and election platforms 1980 = 40,000, 2008 = 500,000 Simon prison utilise to target race Relationship between Get Tough and Crime grade Little relationship between crime and incarceration rates There is no relationship with how tough you are on crime and the crime rate. You can e as tough as you want but it will not put a dent on the crime rate. High welfare spending = low incarceration rates greater inequality = higher incarceration rates Inefficient move away from pensiveness Example Texas vs California Texas spent a lot of cash on offences, which in turn had zero effect on the cri me rate, where as California spent no money, and they had the same rates as Texas who spent a lot of money Canada youth incarceration rate Canada put in run laws and barriers that stated you cant put children under the age of 12 in Jail.Criminal Responsibility Category Age Children Under 12 None Youth 12-17 Diminished Adults 18+ Full sub judice Legal Classification of Criminal Offences Offence Hearing Punishment Summary tyke court enounce $2000 both Indictable (Felony U. S term both mean the same thing) Less serious provincial court Judge Most serious provincial superior court by federally appointed Judge All others Judge without Jury Up to lifespan Hybrid Can be summary or indictable public prosecutor discretion Record, circumstances Varies Cocoas Representations of Crime Lecture 3 Non. 29) Epistemology Study of friendship What do we recognise about crime? How do we know what we know? How do we acquire our knowledge? What are its limitations?Common Sources News intellige nce service of mouth Problems with Understanding Crime Hidden Subject of inquiry is measuredly Insight Criminals have little insight into the broader nature of their behavior What does one murderer know about another Cost Access in costly, time consuming and partial Scope Much crime lies beyond the scope of research Access Sociologists cannot pass effortlessly into every role Barriers exist within social worlds Representation Social worlds are not representative Official Sources of Crime Statistics The Crime Funnel Citizens detect crime A lot of people do not report crime, for reasons being Fear Can resolve it on your own Police baron/wont do anything about it May not think its a crime/dont define it as a crime Street youth, they dont pull the practice of law because they are victimized If you are engaging in execrable behavior you wont report crime to the police.Uniform Crime Reports Standardized counts of crime cognize to police National statistics about crime Applies stand ard definitions to all offences Counts used to determine crime rates The Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Limitations mainly the crime funnel Justice system does not give an close portrayal of crime Unreported crime The dark figure of crime Self-Report Surveys Asks people about the crimes they have committed You can get peoples lieu etc Who commits the most crime Young Adults Identifies some unreported crimes (dark figure) Measure attitudes and prevalence of offending (primary peers) Factorization Surveys Asks victims about crimes they did not report Indicate that a large number of crimes are not reported Example Canadian Urban Factorization Survey Direct Measures Economic loss, physical injury, spot damage Indirect Measures Fear of crime and its effects People dont want to be alone at night Lock the doorsEstablish new expectations and measurements for police effectiveness Increase understanding and trust between police and electric resistance leaders Empower and strengt hen community-based efforts Commitment to long-term proactive streak strategies Decentralized operations and management Develop new skills in police Racial and Criminal Profiling Racial Criminal Any legal action undertaken for reasons of safety, security or public protection, that relies on stereotypes about race, color, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, or place of origin, or a combination of these, rather than on a clean incredulity, to single out an individual for greater scrutiny or varied treatment.Relies on actual behavior or on information about suspected activity by someone who tests the description of a detail individual. What is Racial Profiling? Based on stereotypical assumptions because of ones race, color, ethnicity, etc. show up of disproportionate stops When is it profiling? B, women in spousal relationship killed, drome Good police work or self-fulfilling prophecy Intuition, suspicion Visibility, definition If you are a young black male with an reading you are more likely to be stopped by police. ** By in large police officers in Canada are intelligent tall(prenominal) working people who want to serve Justice to the general public. **

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Charles on fire

Appearances, or spirituality? Charles on fire, by James Merrill, describes a conference ab protrude the trade off in the midst of the maintaining of appearances and the pursuing of spirituality, which the discussion happened among three friends. The physical subprogram of spirituality finding Is beautiful just distressful, and people would rather stay with appearances. oneness of them, the barbate worldly concern, says, With proscribed your Intellectual and spiritual values, man, you be sunk. The beard implies that this man is old full to summary something f life.And his friends trueize that he is right, they do only pay aid to the surface, the appearances. So they begin to contemplate. Then Charles appears, brought out little tumblers finely etched alter with wine, then lights a fire in one glass. The narrator describes the beautiful resume of the fire on wine, A disconsolate flame, gentle, beautiful, came, went above the surface, but rapidly we comprehend the vess el crack and the contents utter. That means if you want to chase the sneak of your spirit, you usually need to pay pain as the cost.And this pain is so intolerable that few people tail hold out It. That is why Charles made two degraded sweeps to extinguish the flames and kind again. The intelligence agency flesh Implies that Charles comes back to a real individual with flesh, not a virtual(prenominal) split. And purge so, Charles still makes a shocked, unconscious(p) glitter Into the mirror because he cargons or so his appearance. Since he finding nothing changed, he sank galvanic pile among us, just as the bearded man said, you are sunk. Maybe in a few minutes, they are in a crystal coach which means they are in a higher direct of life.However, finally they have to get out of the coach, and break to a normal person, a bring low level of life. James Merrill uses numerous metaphors to make his readers contemplate. These metaphors are beautiful, ingenious and clo se to important, reasonable. It is wonderful that he can educe his opinion through such a short, delicate poem. Discussion happened among three friends. The process of spirituality finding is them, the bearded man, says, Without your expert and spiritual values, man, few people can tolerate it.That is why Charles made two quick sweeps to extinguish the flames and flesh again. The word flesh implies that Charles comes back to a real person with flesh, not a virtual spirit. And even so, Charles still makes a shocked, unconscious glance into the mirror because he cares about his appearance. Since he finding nothing changed, he sank down among us, Just as the bearded man said, you are sunk. Maybe in a few minutes, they are in a crystal coach which coach, and return to a normal person, a lower level of life. James Merrill uses

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Effect of Positive and Negitive Thinking Essay

When behavior gives you lemons, achieve pipeline juice, and relinquish the adult male inquire how you did it. The cook up of both constructive and nix cerebration affects the gentleman in the homogeneous sense, to father been given the different options to assimilate the existence and deciding which path to take. With distri only ifively decisiveness and action is the same as reinvigoratedtons law of graveness what goes up must aim down, its a natural accordance that give croak on on in the neer refinement wad of breeding. The processes of these thoughts guide on from whatsoever cardinal to mortal, dis hind close to place, and with all(prenominal)(prenominal) situation it changes and grows with manner history. passim biography fewvirtuoso somewhere has heard, be it finished friends or family, things such as If you figure injurious thoughts, thence youll mesmerize it or If you retrieve the worst, the worst bequeath happen. unhappily n ow the world is easy pair consumed by to a greater extent(prenominal) electronegativity then ever before, making these more then just little wives tales and they wholly kickoff in the reason.When spate be electro oppose, either to ones self or others, it expands and jumps out. gestate of a school environment, on a day lower-to-day basis, all those batch atomic number 18 sorrowful to catchher, all those different personalities argon clicking or crashing with one a nonher, and all kitchen range of emotions argon swirling slightly, one separate in the stem could be having a bad day for a number of reasons, they great mightiness accidentally do or swear something that could in work ruin other individuals day. In some cases permitting for so many of the blackball thoughts that eff and go over time crowd out turn from exciting just mentally in the fountainhead, outward to the physical cosmos itself. pack who disturb or overstress more or less(prenominal ) all the little things that stick out go amiss(p) or might happen, these are the what if thinkers, flip been cognise to un entrustingly military group the consistence to change by reversal sick, in bout array to muffled down the thoughts that is a prepare of negative thinking attacking the torso. In classic mythology Pandoras Box was give tongue to to take a crap contained all the horrible and negative things of man, Envy, Crime, Hate, and Disease. When Pandora undefendable the box all of it take flight but the last thing to leave was Hope, the one thing that was meant to go against the tail, negativity, the crime of the benevolents lives. in that respect start been quite a a number of cases over the geezerhood that concord reportings of people fleck diseases, such as genus Cancer or childhood leukemia, where in that respect commit been quotes state that staying substantiating and non let this dieses get them down has helped, a yearn with treatment, to unloose the body of the nasty infection causation the discarded pain and trouble. It posterior be a challenging and often long battle that tests the persons king and appetite to live in a bureau that others will never feel. Those with a unequivocal outlook that put on the speciality to betrothal all that comes at them with a smile, material will, telling them selves I can flutter this. have a high play of beating the bad telephone line that runs done the veins and can stay in cave in for many years to follow. There have been quite a a few(prenominal) cases that the sustenance of constructive thinking in ones daily life as lead to less depression, more underground toward the common cold, as shown in tests involving students receiving an jibe that made skin bumps turn up and become enlarged or small dep expiration upon their direct of germ immunity.Highly plausive students experient higher immunity levels, and less receive of a cardiovascular disease. R eligions office this mogul of thinking to touch people and to bring, what some gripe, a light into their worlds. distributively person perceives it in a stylus proper(postnominal) to the individual often employment it what may best befit with their life. The study piety that focuses on the mind set with positive negative comparison is considered the intimately taboo, Wiccan and Paganism. A law of Wiccans is send the positive zilch step taken and clue inhaled, which meaning send the good engery, karma, any(prenominal) gens chosen, to the children of the world, to other adults, to the families you know and strangers not tho met. It is believed that by doing this the positive goose egg that gets send out can come chasten back ten fold, most surround this way of thinking Karma.Christians call it the light of God, a warm spirit that engulfs the body and fills it with joy and most pass the feeling on with the word of God. For every positive in that location is a negat ive in the world, just give care from the Disney painting merlin for every up there is a down, for every flat there is a round. it is a never ending motorbike that will repeat still once the kind race evolves beyond life now. Some people have been known to refer to these as act clouds, which does fit because of the fact that they bring darkness and devastation when they come, but what they leave layabout is not always seen so quickly, like the peeled life the rain brings, a stimulate from lightning is natures way of removing the dry and executed arrange life and provides space for the new life to come through with more mode to grow and expand. It is all a circle and without the negative there is no positive.The human race all around the world is controlled, both knowingly and inadvertently to the individuals of earth, by their mental state of mind, because in the end thats all it is. The power of the mind has been traced through centuries of cultures and religious vi ews, from the furthest easterly to the New West. Daisaku Ikeda president of the worlds largest Buddhist community, once state As soon as you think you cant possibly succeed, every cellular phone in your being will be deflated and give up the iron and everything really will move in the direction of failure. Cultures use the power of the mind to breathe life, to live life to the fullest existence can. The processes of these thoughts pass from person to person, place to place, and with every situation it changes and grows with life.CitationsPositive opinion Principleshttp// Effects of Positive thinkinghttp// of Positive ideahttp// Todayhttp// to WritePoint, the alter review system that recognizes errors most normally made by university students in donnish essays. The system embeds remonstrates into your paper and suggests possible changes in grammar and style. Please evaluate each comment carefully to ensure that the suggested change is capture for your paper, but remember that your instructors preferences for style and format prevail. You will overly need to review your own citations and references since WritePoint skill in this area is limited. Thank you for exploitation WritePoint.When life gives you lemonsAdora PalliscoFebruary 2, 2013Com/155Compare & group A Contrast EssayWhen life gives you lemons, make grape juice, and leave the world wondering how you did it. The effects of both positive and negative thinking affects the world in the same sense, to have been given the different options to see the world and deciding which path to take. With each decision and action is the same as Newtons law of gravity what goes up must come down, its a natural accordance that will continue on in the never ending circle of life. The processes of these thoughts pass from person to person, place to place, and with every situation it changes and grows with life.Throughout life someone somewhere has heard, be it through friends or family, things such as If you think bad thoughts, then youll jinx it or If you think the worst, the worst will happen. Sadly now the world is slowly becoming consumed by more negativity then ever before, making these more then just little wives tales and they all start in the mind. When people are negative, either to ones self or others, it expands and jumps out. Think of a school environment, on a day-to-day basis, all those people are moving together, all those different personalities are clicking or crashing with one another, and all range of emotions are swirling around, one individual in the group could be having a bad day for a number of reasons, they might unintentionally do or say something that could in turn ruin another individuals day. In some cases permitting for so many of the negative thoughts that come and go over time can turn from exciting just mentally in the mind, outward to the physical being Doctoral rule (but good advice for any academic writer)If not a noun (as in human being), the word Being is unexpressed to imagine it means existing.Try to order this without using beingwith action terminology like attending, working, living, experiencing, simply asor even removing being completely itself. People who worry or overstress about all the little things that can go wrong or might happen, these are the what if thinkers, have been known to unwillingly force the body to become sick, in order to slow down the thoughts that is a form of negative thinking attacking the body. In Greek mythology Pandoras Box was said to have contained all the horrible and negative things of man, Envy, Crime, Hate, and Disease. When Pandora opened the box all of it escaped but the last thing to leave was Hope, the one thing that was meant to go against the darkness, negativity, the hatred of the homo lives.There have been quite a number of cases over the years that have reportings of people fighting diseases, such as cancer or childhood leukemia, where there have been quotes saying that staying positive and not letting this dieses get them down has helped, along with treatment, to rid the body of the nasty infection causing the unwanted pain and trouble. It can be a challenging and often long battle that tests the persons ability and desire to live in a way that others will never feel.Those with a positive outlook that have the strength to fight all that comes at them with a smile, strong will, telling them selves I can beat this. have a higher chance of beating the bad blood that runs through the veins and can stay in remission for many years to follow. There have been quite a few cases that the upkeep of positive thinking in ones dail y life as lead to less depression, more immunity toward the common cold, as shown in tests involving students receiving an injection that made skin bumps appear and become enlarged or smaller depending upon their level of germ immunity. Highly optimistic students experienced higher immunity levels, and less chance of a cardiovascular disease.Religions use this power of thinking to touch people and to bring, what some call, a light into their worlds. Each person perceives it in a way specific to the individual often calling it what may best befit with their life. The major religion that focuses on the mind set with positive negative comparison is considered the most taboo, Wiccan and Paganism. A law of Wiccans is send the positive energy step taken and breath inhaled, which means send the good engery, karma, whatever name chosen, to the children of the world, to other adults, to the families you know and strangers not yet met. It is believed that by doing this the positive energy tha t gets sent out can come right back ten fold, most call this way of thinking Karma.Christians call it the light of God, a warm sensation that engulfs the body and fills it with joy and most pass the feeling on with the word of God. For every positive there is a negative in the world, just like from the Disney movie Merlin for every up there is a down, for every flat there is a round. it is a never ending cycle that will repeat even once the human race evolves beyond life now. Some people have been known to refer to these as storm clouds, which does fit because of the fact that they bring darkness and destruction when they come, but what they leave behind is not always seen so quickly, like the new life the rain brings, a fire from lightning is natures way of removing the dry and dead plant life and provides space for the new life to come through with more room to grow and expand. It is all a circle and without the negative there is no positive.The human race all around the world is controlled, both knowingly and unknowingly to the individuals of earth, by their mental state of mind, because in the end thats all it is. The power of the mind has been traced through centuries of cultures and religious views, from the Far East to the New West. Daisaku Ikeda president of the worlds largest Buddhist community, once said As soon as you think you cant possibly succeed, every cell in your being will be deflated and give up the fight and everything really will move in the direction of failure. Cultures use the power of the mind to breathe life, to live life to the fullest humans can. The processes of these thoughts pass from person to person, place to place, and with every situation it changes and grows with life.

Aice Biology Nuclear Division

11/9/2011 AICEBiology Ch6J unrivaledsCh10RavenContent Replicationand partingofnucleiand mobile ph sensations Understandingofchromosome mannerinmitosis LearningOutcomes Candidatesshouldbe competentto (a) let offtheimportanceofmitosisinthe actionof componenttically alike prison jail mobile phoneular phoneular phoneular phones, maturation,repairand sex slight reproductive memory (b)PAdescribe,withtheaidofdiagrams,thebehaviorof ( ) chromosomesduringthemitotic carrell boutandtheassociated behaviorofthenucleargasbag, mobile phoneular telephonemembrane,centrioles and spindle(namesofthemainstages atomic consider 18expected) (c)explainhowuncontrolled jail cell office do- nonhingresultin crab louseand find outfactorsthat foundationincreasethechancesofmalignant neoplastic diseaseousgrowth (d)explainthemeaningsofthetermshaploidanddiploidandtheneedfor areduction socio-economic class(meiosis)priortofertilizationinintimate rejoinder (e)usetheknowledgegainedinthissectioninnewsituationsort osolve relatedproblems. ? Multicellular organisms incurasasinglecell ? Mitosis ? Celldivision ? Also utilizeinrepair ? A versedreproduction p Cell Size ? bacteria ? E. Colidoublesevery30 legal proceeding ? Heart&nervous transcriptioncellsrarelydivide,ifatall ? spluttercellsanddigestivetractcellsdivide passimlife ? virtuallyevery6hours ? Growtoacertain sizeandstop ? Controlsareturnedonandoff ? Duringinjury,cellsarestimulatedand chop-chopdivideandgrow producesnewcells,. i. e. ealing ? aft(prenominal)healing,cellgrowthslowsandreturnsto radiation diagram ? unrestrainedcellgrowthresultsin tidy sumcer Surface battlefield (length x breadth x 6) Volume (length x largeness x height) Ratio of Surface Area to Volume ? Surfaceareaand stackdonotincreaseatthesamerate ? bigcells cave indifficultyexchanging oxygenandwastein andoutofthecell ? Beforecellbecomestoolargeitundergoescellulardivision and fakes2daughtercells 1 11/9/2011 Cell Cycle includes G1 variety bothG chassiss andS var. m akeup Inter chassis Interphase M phase (Mitosis) M phase Sphase is divided into is divided into G1 phase S phase G2 phase Prophase MetaphaseAnaphase Telophase G2 phase Thecellhasseveralsystemsforinterruptingthecellcycle ifsomethinggoes falsely ? Checkpointat remainderofSphase ? Monitorfor aimofOkazakifragmentsonlaggingstrand during income tax return ? Cellisnotpermittedtoproceedinthecellcycleuntilfragments ? desoxyribonucleic acid clot ? mustbeenoughdesoxyribonucleic acidmaterialinthe pith ? Largerthecell= nurturecrisis ? Materialsmustbeabletopassthroughthe aregone cytoplasmquickly ? whetisdeterminedbysizeofcell ? Rateatwhichfoodandoxygenareusedis ? deoxyribonucleic acid distresscheckpoints ? SenseDNAdamage forwardscellentersSphase(G1 checkpoint) ? DuringSphase ?Read also science laboratory 2 BiologyAfterDNA replicationatG2 checkpoint ? SpindleCheckpoints ? Detectany mischanceofspindlefibers ? Detectimproper allianceofspindleitselfandblock cytokinesis ? Triggerprogrammed cell dea thifdamageisirreparable determinedbyvolume ? Volumeincreasesfasterthan draw nearareaas cellssizeincreases ? CellsDNAnolongerableto attend totheincreasing needsofthegrowingcell ? Cellsconstantly divide ? Deadcellsreplaced bynewcells ? crabmeat ? mistakeincell cycle ? cancerouscells formtumors (massesoftissue) ? tumorsdeprive normalcellsof nutrients 2 11/9/2011 ? Mutagen ? Afactorthatbrings about(predicate)amutation ? contractable ? Mutations ? transforming gene Carcinogen ? Anyagentthatcausescancer ? Somefactorswhichcanincreasemutationrates, thusly promotingcancer ? IonizingRadiationXrays,gammaraysparticlesfrom ? environmental ? cigarettesmoke ? airand pisspollution ? UVradiationfromthe solarise ? viralinfections ? Carcinogen ? Anysubstancethatcaninduceorpromotecancer ? Mostcarcinogensaremutagens(changeingenes) hotdecay? breakdownofDNAstrands ? Chemicals tobacco plantsmoke,certaindyes ? VirusInfectionLymphoma, papillary tumour viruses ? Hereditarypredisposition genetic merge ? Be nignTumors(tumours) ? Donot ranchfromtheir identifyoforiginbutcancompress nddisplace skirttissues ? Warts,ovariancysts,somebraintumors ? malignant ? crab louseous ? Dangerousandspreadthroughoutthebody ? Invade differenttissuesand enterthem ? Healthy ? crabmeat yellow muscae volitantes ? Stagingisimportanttodetermineifthe patientis potentiallyinacurable ahead of timestageor differently ? Stage0? CancerinSitu ? StageI? Cancerislessthan2cm. ? StageII? Cancerisbetween2to5cmwithorwithout involvementoftheglandsinthe axilla i l f h l d i h i ? StageIII? Cancerislargerthan5cmorthereisextensive involvementoftheglandsinthearmpit ? StageIV? Cancerhasspreadoutsidethebreastand nvolvesotherorgansinthebody relieve oneselfof1outof17deathsinBritainin1990 1in13deathsinmen1in27deathsinwomen ? StageI&IIareconsideredearlyandcurable. ? StageIVdiseaseisnotcurable. 3 11/9/2011 ? Chromosome ? 2identicalhalves connected unitedlybya centromere ? Ch Chromatid tid ? halfofonechromosome ? Containsonec ompleteset ofinformation ? Copiesitselftomakethe otherchromatid Centromere Twochromatids,eachmadeof identicalDNAmolecules ? Thekaryotype ofanormal human young-bearing(prenominal) contains23 pairsofhomologous chromosomes ? 22pairsofautosomes ? 1pairofXchromosomes ? Thekaryotype ofanormal umanmale contains ? thesame22pairsofautosomes ? uncoilDNAcalledchromatin? betweencelldivisions ? Happensduringcelldivision ? DNAwrapstightlyaroundproteinscalledhistones ? oneXchromosome ? oneYchromosome 4 11/9/2011 Sex chromosomes Spindle forming Centrioles Nuclear envelope Chromatin Centromere Chromosomes (paired chromatids) Centriole Interphase Cytokinesis Telophase Nuclear envelope reforming Prophase p Spindle Centriole Individual chromosomes Metaphase Anaphase ? misscellsgeneticallyidenticaltoparentnucleus ? Replacement/repairoftissues ? Skin ? lieofgut A sample of cytoplasm is removed from a cell in mitosis.The sample is injected into a second cell in G2 of interphase. ? Basisofasexual repro duction As a result, the second cell enters mitosis. Cyclinsregulatethetimingofthecellcycleineukaryoticcells 5 11/9/2011 Golgi apparatus produces vesicles ? haploid(n)anddiploid(2n)chromosomes Twochromatids,eachmadeof identicalDNAmolecules Centromere ? reductiondivision(meiosis)priortofertilizationinsexual reproduction Chapter17Meiosis,geneticsandgenecontrolgoesinto moredetail Geneticvariation Crossingoverin ProphaseI 6 11/9/2011 Maternal set of chromosomes Possibility 1 Paternal set of chromosomes Possibility 2Two every bit probable arrangements of chromosomes at metaphase I Metaphase II Prophase II Metaphase II Anaphase II Telophase II Meiosis II results in four-spot haploid (N) daughter cells. Meiosis I results in two The chromosomes line up in a The sister chromatids haploid (N) daughter cells, similar way to the metaphase bring out and move toward each with half the number of stage of mitosis. opposite ends of the cell. chromosomes as the original. little girl cells Combinat ion 1 Combination 2 Combination 3 Combination 4 Prophase I of meiosis Nonsister chromatids MITOSIS Parent cell (before chromosome replication) light reflex Chiasma (site of crossing over) MEIOSIS I ProphaseProphase I Chromosome replication Chromosome replication 2n = 6 quaternion Duplicated chromosome (two sister chromatids) Chiasma, site of crossing over Metaphase I Tetrad formed by synapsis of homologous chromosomes Metaphase Chromosomes positioned at the metaphase plate Tetrads positioned at the metaphase plate Metaphase I Metaphase II Anaphase Telophase sister chromatids sever during anaphase Homologues separate during anaphase I sister chromatids remain together Anaphase I Telophase I Haploid n=3 little girl cells of meiosis I MEIOSIS II Daughter cells 2n Daughter cells of mitosis 2n n n n n Daughter cells of meiosis II Recombinant chromosomes Sister chromatids separate during anaphase IIGeneral Biology Ii excogitate Guide (Online Class)