Tuesday, January 22, 2019

50’s Pop Culture Essay

Pop finish is commercial culture ground on belt downular taste. Todays pop culture consists of wiretap/ hip hop music, sagging jeans, high-top shoes, and 3D movies. In the 1950s fashion, music, and applied science was worlds apart from how it is today. quaver & adenine Roll, Hot Rods, black lash jackets and rebellious teens be iconic images often imagined when mentioning the 1950s in the US. account repeats itself. This fat is perhaps the most obvious when it comes to fashion. Fashion today is firmly influenced by the fashion during the 1950s.Girls wearing bright colors, flow dresses, tight blouses, and high-waist short pants atomic number 18 common now, and were during the 50s. Guys wearing fancy suits/ dress shirts, with khakis are undoubtedly coming back into mode especially among hipsters. The rebel style of the 50s with blue jeans (which everyone wears today, but were unacceptable for young women to wear) T-shirts under(a) leather or jean jackets, with boots and lo ng hair is becoming quite common for the youth today.Music has played a huge character in American society for over a hundred years. In the 1950s the fastest growing genre was Rock & Roll. mostly because of teens, and theyre need to express themselves and be noticed. Music in the 50s was one of the only things in this time embraced it fully. Country singers equal Johnny Cash stayed above water because of their ingenuity, ability to adapt, and pure talent. blues and soul artist like James Brown and Ray Charles are icons for their ability to touch people through music on a personal level.No essay about American 50s pop culture would be complete without mentioning The King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley. Almost every aspect of pop culture in the 50s was heavily influenced by the era of Rock & Roll. Cars were no exception. Hot rods were very popular among the youth, but seen as death traps by adults. In reality adult cars like the capital of Nebraska Continental were far mor e dangerous. Car advancements were huge during this time, like the offset of automatic transitions.Cars were simple to work on making it a pursuit for many young adults. Racing and car shows became common. Learning about pop cultures from different is not only interesting but important too. It helps you go through how todays pop culture became the way it is. People that ask questions about wherefore fashion is the way it is, or how music became how it is, can study past tense pop cultures for answers. 50s pop culture changed music, fashion and technology forever

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