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Animal Hormone Quiz

ANIMAL presidency AND HOMEOSTASIS QUIZ ? bank n oneness THIS SECTION to a fault INCLUDES THE INTEGUMENTARY system _____1. Which gives the counterbalance installment of increasing electronic harmoniumizational complexity? ?a) electric electric organ, interweave, cellular phone, organ system, organism ? b) cell, organ, organ system, wind, organism c) cell, thread, organ, organ system, organism ? d) organism, interweave, cell, organ system, organ ? e) weave, cell, organ system, organism, organ _____2. Which grapheme of thread demarcations clay cavities and covers em ashes comes? ?a) brawn create from raw material b) nauseating wind c) epithelial meander d) connecter create from raw stuff ____3. Which cause of meander is prudent for con pamphletions that allow bm of organs or the entire trunk? ?a) ponderosity wander paper b) vile interweave c) epithelial wind d) conjugation interweave _____4. Which subject of wind is responsible for receiving , interpreting, and producing a answer to stimuli? ?a) musculus wander b) scatter headinged create from raw stuff c) epithelial create from raw material d) connectedness wander _____5. Which thread admits b bingle and gristle? ?a) go across wander paper b) nervous thread c) epithelial meander d) coincidence weave _____6. Which wander includes the epi derma? a) ponderosity meander b) nervous waver c) epithelial meander d) connexion interweave paper _____7. Digestive juices can non let on among the epithelial cells note drive the lm because of ? a) energy tissue b) nervous tissue c) epithelial tissue d) continuative tissue _____8. Which tissue includes inception and adipose tissue? ?a) go across tissue b) nervous tissue c) epithelial tissue d) colligation tissue _____9. Which of the quest storys is not real to the highest degree epithelial tissue? ?a) Flattened cells ar fix in squamous epithelial tissue. ?b) Columnar epithelial tissue is cu bed- cause with the nucleus confining the upper come out of the closet of the cells. c) Simple epithelial tissue has a adept horizontal surface of cells in the tissue. ?d) Pseudo several(prenominal)ise epithelium looks ilk it has multiple seams, only all the cells be attached to the similar base. ?e) Epithelium facing the respiratory parcel ascertains cilia that move positionicles along its go on. _____10. Which statement or so epithelial tissue is non trustworthy ? ?a) Stratified epithelium has numerous layers of cells. ?b) epithelial tissue has one free surface and one surface attached to a basement tissue layer. ?c) Connections amongst epithelial cells include geological fault ad crossroadss, closelylipped junctions, and spot ? esmosomes ( love junctions). ?d) Cells of the tender- looked epithelium contain a seal protein called ceratin. ?e) Glandular epithelium that secretes its product into a duct grads the endocrine glands. _____11. Which is not a fun ction of association tissue? ?a) line automobile trunk surfaces and cavities ? b) clog and apply system parts ? c) install energy in fat ? d) take spaces ? e) recruit consanguinity cells _____12. Which statement virtually connectedness tissue is non admittedly? ?a) Connective tissue contains cells capable of incompatibleiating into brawn and jam in animals. b) Loose connective tissue contains fibroblasts, different kinds of fibers, and a non active ground subs common pilferazce. ?c) Fibrous connective tissue includes gussy up and gristle. ?d) Blood is a connective tissue that contains a mobile ground substance. ?e) Adipose tissue endures insulation and padding, as in struggle. _____13. Which is not a structure seen in clump oculus sinister? ?a) coaxial circles of organization ? b) Haversian canals containing linage line vessels and nubs. ?c) osteocytes located inwardly lacunae ? d) bony forbid and plates with irregular spaces amidst them ? e) cy realiselasmic extensions of bone cells in canaliculi _____14.Which statement is non true well-nigh gristle? ?a) Cartilage cells ar located in small spaces called lacunae. ?b) The matrix of gristle includes collagen and malleable fibers. ?c) The matrix of gristle includes calcium salts. ?d) The real skeleton of the tender-hearted embryo is do of cartilage. ?e) Adults concur cartilage structures that include the weave, ear, and intervertebral disks. _____15. Which statement intimately declination is not true? ?a) Erythrocytes conceive oxygen. ?b) Platelets ar not complete cells. ?c) Platelets ar involved in blood clotting. ?d) Leukocytes be involved in the bodys defense against infection. e) The suave matrix, plasma, is do by the cells in the bloodstream. _____16. Which of the future(a) statements some respectable tissue is not true? ?a) in straitened circumstances(p) vigor fibers argon extremely huge cells with multiple nuclei. ?b) alone striated energy is o n a lower floor voluntary control. ?c) glint vim lacks striations. ?d) Striated muscle has bands of actin and myosin filaments perpendicular to the length of the cell. ?e) Skeletal muscle fibers attain as multiple harbinger cells joined to scram a unity cell. _____17. Which statement about heart tissue is non even up? a) The heart is be mainly of cardiac muscle tissue. ?b) cardiac muscle is not striated. ?c) cardiac cells have a single central nucleus. ?d) Cardiac muscle purport is involuntary. _____18. The heart is do of cardiac fibers that ar limit point unitedly in one interconnected agglomerate repayable(p) to ? a) divided up nuclei. ?b) tight junctions. ?c) adhesion junctions (desmosomes). ?d) gap junctions. ?e) intercalated disks made of both desmosomes and gap junctions. _____19. Which statement is Not true about nervous tissue? ?a) Cells in the nervous system that drive electrical impulses atomic number 18 called neurons. b) glial cells support and protect neurons. ?c) The dendrites transport electrical impulses apart from the cell body of the neuron. ?d) Nerve fibers atomic number 18 long axons and dendrites bound by connective tissues to form affectionatenesss. ?e) Glial cells may provide neurons with nutrients or suffer them free of cellular debris. _____20. Which structure is Not a part of the beat? ?a) separate squamous epithelium ? b) melanocytes ? c) corium ? d) connective tissue ? e) hypodermic tissue _____21. The general run of gaining a tan and whence losing it is topper explained by which of the quest? a) Melanocytes form melanin in the dead top cuticle and it is shortly washed off. ?b) Melanocytes form melanin in result to sunlight alone blood commingle slowly carries it away. ?c) Melanocytes form melanin in response to sunlight exclusively then reabsorb it in the absence of light. ?d) Melanocytes in the dividing layer of the epidermis produce melanin, but then cells divide and ? half ar eer being pus hed to the top to flatten and be washed off. ?e) ultraviolet light light restoration the subcutaneous spit out cells but these tail burned cells currently be ? dissolve and replaced by improve processes. _____22.If you wash your come up and sensory blur several times a day, you will shortly have change pelt that easily ? cracks and bleeds because the oils you have aloof atomic number 18 incumbent to keep kowtow supple. This oil is ? a) pili secreted by arrectors. ?b) lymph secreted by lymphatic ducts. ?c) sebum secreted by feat glands. ?d) sebum secreted by greasy glands. ?e) salty sudation secreted by sudate glands. _____23. Possible indications of sputter cancer argon ? a) an open delirious that will not heal. ?b) a wart that bleeds an scabs. ?c) irregular shaped mole with grey, white, or red jumble roughly it. ?d) any of the preceding(prenominal) are correct. e) None of the in a higher place are correct. _____24. When discussing homeostasis in body te mperature, it is Not true to ordinate that the body responds to ? a) gelid by undertake the arrector pili muscles. ?b) frozen by contracting osteal muscles in shivering. ?c) cold by rerouting blood away from the skin. ?d) combust by stimulant suds release. ?e) take fire by constrict the blood vessels in the skin. _____25. In which of the pursuit structures would one nearly likely specify debonair muscle? ?a) biceps muscle b) heart c) digestive tract d) quadriceps muscle e) gluteus maximus muscle _____26.One type of cell communication mechanism allows materials to be given through cells and not between them. ?This is due to the nature of the cells being in orchestrate contact with separately other. An standard would be rig in the ? epithelial cells of the intestine and is known as a(n) ? a) tight junction b) gap junction c) plasmodesmata d) adhesion junction e) desmosome _____27. Haversian canals and a matrix of crystals of calcium orthophosphate would be prime in ? a) teething b) nails c) hooves d) bone e) cartilage _____28. Cuboidal epithelium would be found ? a) in the walls of the heart. b) in the knees and other joints as well as in the nose and tracheal rings. ?c) on the surface of the skin. ?d) lining glands and kidney tubules, and covering the ovaries. ?e) in tendons and the s set offh around voluntary muscles. _____29. An example of a constructive feedback loop would be ? a) a raise in body temperature causing a dilation of blood vessels in the skin. ?b) the patellar reflex. ?c) the production of epithelial cells to heal a cut. ?d) blood clotting. ?e) tightness of the iris of the fondness in capable light. _____30. Intercellular junctions are pregnant in both plants and animals. Which of the ? ollowing is Not used by animals as junctions? ?a) tight junctions ? b) plasmodesmata ? c) desmosomes ? d) gap junctions ? e) communicating junctions _____31. Of the items listed, which is Not require for maintenance of flavor? ?a) w ater system b) food for thought c) carbon dioxide d) nip _____32. Homeostasis refers to ? a) changing impertinent conditions. b) stable outdoor(a) conditions. ?c) changing informal conditions. d) stable upcountry conditions. _____33. Which of the sideline is Not one of the four basic types of body tissues? ?a) epithelial b) connective c) caput d) muscle e) nervous ____34. A basement membrane occurs between ? a) muscle and nerve tissue. b) epithelial and connective tissue. ?c) connective tissue and muscle tissue d) brain and nerve tissue. _____35. epithelial tissue functions in ? a) secretion b) density c) protection d) all told of the above. _____36. The muscle tissue that can be consciously controlled is ? a) calm b) skeletal c) cardiac d) intercalated e) None of these. _____37. Which of the spare-time activity is Not a characteristic of nerve tissue? ?a) It is found in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. b) It contains cells that respond by transmitting impulses. ?c) Its intercellular spaces are fill up with collagen. ?d) Functional cells are sensitive to changes in their surrounding. _____38. Permanent wrinkling of skin is normally due to changes caused by undue exposure to ? a) water b) sunlight c) dry air d) heat _____39. Which of the following cell types are least(prenominal) likely to upchuck? ?a) endothelial cells that line the digestive tract. b) fibroblasts of connective tissue. ?c) skeletal muscle cells. d) red bone marrow cells. _____40.The subcutaneous layer is located ? a) above the epidermis. b) between the epidermis and dermis. ?c) within the dermis. d) beneath the dermis. _____41. Which of the following is Not correct concerning the skin? ?a) The dermis is usually thicker than the epidermis. ?b) The epidermis is composed of stratified squamous epithelium. ?c) The subcutaneous layer is between the dermis and epidermis. ?d) The dermis contains smooth muscle and nerve tissue. _____42. Exocrine sweat glands ? a) are most common in the armpits and groin. ?b) respond generally to elevated body temperature. c) respond mainly to emotional stress. ?d) usually are associated with hair follicles. _____43. Acne is a unhinge involving the ? a) sweat glands b) hair follicles c) sebaceous glands d) apocrine glands e) endocrine glands _____44. undress cells play an important role in the production of ? a) vitamin A b) vitamin B c) vitamin C d) vitamin D e) vitamin E _____45. The largest organ of the homophile body is the ? a) brain b) liver c) hold d) skin e) lungs _____46. keratin ? a) is a seal protein. b) fills dead cells in the dermis. c) is a skin pigment. d) All of the above are true. _____47. The dermis ? a) covers the epidermis. b) produces melanin. ?c) contains nervous tissue and blood vessels. d) consists largely of dead cells. _____48. Which of the following is secreted by sebaceous glands in the skin? ?a) melanin b) sebum c) keratin d) sweat _____49. Hair and nails are composed primarily of ? a) sebum b) keratin c) melanin d) glands e) living cells _____50. Hair food masking and skin color are ascertain by ? a) keratin b) sebum c) melanin d) glands

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Chick-fil-As Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Chick-fil-As - Article ExampleFollowing the CEOs remarks against LGBT rights, a customer yelled at a drive through employee telling her that he could not understand how she could manage to work at such a place. The customer seemed very angry and used abusive and threatening language. The customer was caught on video by a security camera and the matter was interpreted to the police.The issue of making statements like these can be a very emotional one, and can cause a chaw of problems both to the person who gives such comments and to the public. The Chick-Fil-A case is a classic example of how random remarks on such groups can cause trouble. For instance, the CEOs remarks on LGBT rights led to a lot of problems for the CEO as well as the Chick-Fil-A restaurants especially, considering that some municipalities threatened to deny operation licenses for Chic-Fil-A restaurant franchises. On the other hand, the artist act of vandalism in response to these remarks and the act of the man ye lling at the drive through employee are also classic examples of how such comments can lead to dire repercussions. not only that but their actions did not help in improving the image of LGBT groups, and many LBGT groups have come to condemn the actions of the two. Although the artist was charged in judgeship for his acts of vandalism, he was to pay a bill of $700 to paint the wall in order to remove the offensive graffiti on the wall.Facebook has been on the lime lighthearted with regards to how they the firm manages the privacy of users data. While the firm has improved the privacy mechanisms and privacy policies of the data it has about individuals, it is apparent that users ignorance on how to use these controls has been a major issue. Refraining from set personal data on Facebook can be very useful, because it is probably the only way to guarantee that the users will not lose their personal development to other people. This is especially important considering that

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A historical and critical analysis of an entrepreneurial venture Essay

A historical and critical analysis of an enterpriserial take chances - Essay Examplem, 2010). Entrepreneurship is therefore, the process of identifying lineage opportunities and gathering the necessary resources to start the business. Historically, in the 20th century, Joseph Schumpeter advanced one of the virtually used theories. He spearheaded the venturing process and gains credited for making it happen. He claimed that an entrepreneur replaces an existing economy by destroying one and making a better economy. Schumpeters first example of entrepreneurship was the combination of steam engines, which used coal and wagons. From this came the horseless carriages. This direct to the invention of the car. We shag see there was usage of already existing technology, which just got bettered. This came with a significant reduction in cost. Entrepreneurs learn from experience and with measure the entrepreneurial culture grows. An example of an entrepreneurial venture is the Starbucks, a leading coffee company in Washington. It is the largest coffee house in the world, having outlets in most significant world cities. Starbuck commenced its operations in Seattle Washington in March 30 1971. The founders were Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegla and Gordon bowker. It used the following strategies in the venturing process to make it a advantage story. ... There was a need to start coffee chains in the area and they capitalized on this opportunity. Consumers are mostly the best source of information, as they are the end users. Many other entrepreneurs have been able to identify business opportunities through discussions with retailers, wholesalers, or representatives of the manufacturer. Starbucks was able to carry out thorough market explore by means of questionnaires. They sought information from existing consumers and other related businesses. Starbucks invested in modern coffee brewing technologies. It also stood a decent lay on the line against the competitors. It is w orth noting that opportunities do not offer financial reward commensurate to the risks that the entrepreneur chooses to take. Starbucks also had a concrete assessment plan which they put to use. It provides a basis explaining why to adopt or not adopt the opportunity. The plan usually defines the product or the service we are interested in, and the entire exigency necessary to actualize it and make it a viable venture. It also outlines the financial requirements necessary. The next thing is the development of the business plan. A business plan can only be made after having identified the opportunity. It is unique for that particular business opportunity. The business plan will assist the entrepreneur gauge the resources take in developing the business opportunity. It also helps identify resources required to achieve the same, and how and where to gather such resources. The business plan also details how to manage the venture once it has come into operation. The Starbuck business p lan outlines how they planned to venture into the market and how they planned to raise funds. After coming up with the business plan, one moldiness come up with a

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Organizational review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organizational review - Essay ExampleAll these factors and a lot of other factors are discussed which allows both the employee and employer to remediate the productivity of the employee which in turn improves the efficiency and profitability of the business.Wal mart has made its place in the Fortune 500 and on the basis of revenue Wal Mart has advanced its position from the second largest company in 2006 to the largest company in 2007. This can only be possible with the help and complete satisfaction of the employees of the company. This hatch aims at discussing how the company builds and sustains job satisfaction among the employees. Also the main focus is going to be on the pay system that the company use and how this helps in the employee motivation to be improved. The following section will deal with the background of the company which will allow for an understanding of the kind of company Wal mart is and the bound to which the company has grown. Further this, the company and its employee will be discussed, which will help gain a brief perspective before moving on to the techniques used by the company to improve and sustain customer satisfaction.Wal-Mart has been in the industry since 1962. The company was started with a vision of becoming the world leaders in retailing. over the past years the company has been able to gain the position of the worlds largest retail company and is thrice as big as its next competitor. The companys mission has always been to provide the customers with best products and dos at reasonable prices. The companys main values and beliefs are respecting individuals, service to the customers and striving for excellence. The companys signature for almost five decades has been Everyday low prices. The companys main stakeholders are the shareholders, customers and employees (Wal-mart, 2008). This report

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Toll Holdings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Toll Holdings - Essay ExampleToll manages a holding companys administrative affairs and offers management services to its subsidiaries. The company withal assists the board with financial support and control services. The major function of Toll Holdings is to supervise the whole sort out and its legal structure, financial and equity structures, and tax mean activities. In addition, the organization also deals with other activities including policy making, strategic planning, and marketing, recruiting personnel for senior management positions, approving investment proposals and budgets, and making ongoing evaluation of the groups overall performance. Toll Holdings is one of the leading providers of integrated logistics services in the Asian region. Some of the principle activities of the company include freight packaging services, temperature controlled transport service, container storage, warehousing and distribution, vehicle transport and distribution, wharf cartage, large scal e liquid transportation, and contract distribution services (Toll Holdings Limited).Toll was founded by Albert Toll in Newcastle in 1888. For a long period after the foundation, the company mainly engaged in the transport of goods, especially coal, using horse and cart. Toll was interchange to National Mineral Limited following the death of its founder, Albert Toll. Over the 1960, the company transported goods for diversified mining and manufacturing activities and hence the organization became the part of Peko Wallsend Group (Bidders statement). aft(prenominal) two decades, the company was renamed as Toll Transport in 1985. In the next year, a management buyout team under the leadership of Paul subaltern and Peter Rowsthorn took over the Toll Transport. This management buyout can be considered as a milestone in the corporate history of Toll Holdings because the company grew dramatically since this buyout. Many of the innovative ideas put forward by Little and Rowsthorn benefited Toll to obtain a competitive edge

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Intercultural Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Intercultural Communication - Essay ExampleSometimes innocuous blunder may occur through minor mis comeback causing insult and agony and for the perpetrator may result in shame and embarrassment. Norm altogethery keep an eye on and approach will follow where there is understanding, but the way understanding takes status is complex (Pettigres, 2000). Studies have shown that in many cases the aw atomic number 18ness, that understanding is needed, is often lacking, which unfortunately forms the route cause of misunderstanding.In this globalized economy where the boundaries of countries are disappearing, the intercultural communication is finding its importance. We take example of this business meeting between a Vietnamese business group with US business police squad. Let us assume that each team is reasonably well prepared for the meeting. The language is not the problem, members of both the teams are well conversed with English. However to iron out minor language hiccups, each tea m also included a good translator. The members of both the team comprises men and women, all are meticulously dressed in business dress. Both the teams are punctual and the meeting starts on time. The meeting being a daylong affair, the lunch has been arranged at a local restaurant. Proper planning is make in advance in choosing the menu beforehand so that potential cultural issues on food habits can be prevented. The organizer expected all to go well as the perceived threat from lack of communication have been taken care of.However there arose problems. Initial shaking of reach went well as this has become universal custom for English knowing people to shake hands. The problem started with greeting both the parties did manage to greet the former(a) in a wrong way. In UK the family name is given at the end of the name. For example Peter Smith is known as Mr. Smith, not different way round as Mr. Peter, whereas in Vietnamese the family name comes first thus making Mguyen Van Khai, Madame Nguyen. But in the meeting Mr. Smith was greeted as Mr. Peter whereas Madame Nguyen was greeted as Madame Khai. The Vietnamese delegation took more offence than their counterpart, the UK delegation, as they perceived it as disrespect. However the meeting continued with the initial hiccup start with a sore note. The second misunderstanding occurred, this time around with the UK substitutes, when one of their team members was referred by someone as his sister. The UK delegates took the meaning literally, but actually it was meant to name close friendship. The main problem started with the way the Vietnamese men were interacting with their female counterpart of UK delegation. They expected the women delegates would prefer to mix with other women of Vietnamese delegation and leftfield them, which was perceived as disrespect by the female members of UK team. There was another major goof up when during lunch break one of the Vietnamese delegate placed his hand on the elbow of a lady UK delegate to show her the way, when they were leaving for lunch. In Vietnamese culture this is seen as sign of respect and as non-sexual, undertaken between members of the same as well as opposite sex.

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Nursing research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Nursing research - Essay ExampleTo improve overall service at BTGH, so that every patient who wants to can get the highest pure tone of care. To improve patient-provider relations at BTGH, by improving the quality of the service which patients receive. In order to accomplish these goals, each objective in the practicum learning organisation was to be designing in a manner that helped me achieve the overall goals of my practicum project. Nonetheless, I achieved the following four objectives as per my practicum learning agreement. I carried out an trenchant analysis of the need to improve the low HCAHPS scores at BTGH. I learned how to develop an action plan based on the following approaches Conducting a module survey that identifies the needs for a healthcare facility. An in effect(p) process of conducting the literature review for the need of improving HCAHPS scores I learned the legal approach of implementing an action plan in order to improve HCAHPS scores and the importance of a mentor. Finally, I learnt the process of conducting an effective evaluation of the overall project. efficacious Analysis Based on the practicum learning objective, I achieved the objective of carrying out an effective analysis on the need to improve the HCAHPS scores in a facility. ... d a crucial role in ensuring that I gained experience in conducting literature review that supported the goals of a project that I precious to implement. On the other hand, this learning objective has played a crucial role in ensuring that I gained experience in conducting surveys that identified the needs of a healthcare facility. In this case, not only have I gained experience from the practicum project on how to identify the needs of a facility as an effective way of ensuring that I focused on achieving the overall objective of my project, but I have also gained the experience of structuring the survey questionnaire in order to arrest results that will help me develop an effective project. I n addition, this learning objective has helped me gain experience on the approaches to use in order to conduct surveys from my respondents. Overall, in the process of achieving this learning objective from my practicum learning agreement, I have achieved experience that will be crucial in my early engagement as a nurse, and especially in the process of engaging in projects that changed practice. Developing an Action Plan The experience learnt during the preparation of the action plan is crucial in enhancing my future nursing career. In achieving this learning objective, I developed the action plan using the findings from the literature review that I conducted from the peer-reviewed journals and the survey I conducted among the nursing staff and patients admitted at Ben Taub General Hospital as represented in Appendix 1. These two activities were essential in developing the objectives of the action plan and identifying the areas that required vigilance in order to achieve the overa ll practicums goal of raising the HCAHPS scores at BGTH. On the other hand, it is crucial to point