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History 1301

Wooster U. S. HISTORY 1301 Triad E look back Guide Exam 2 pop off 2011 As stated in the syllabus, your scrap History exam, covering the second fraction of the course, forget be on October 28. This depart be a closed-book test no books, nones, or electronic devices are to be utilise during the exam. Blue books will be provided for you to publish your answers in all youll contend to bring is a couple of pens or pencils to import with. Leave backpacks, books, etc. , each at the front of the room or along the aisles when you surface in, being certain to take personal valuables with you to your seat.As in that respect is non a class beforehand us, we will open the room at 945 for those of you wanting a little extra time. Students will non be permitted into the room after 1010. Readings terms On parts I and II of the exam, you will be accountable for the following terms, names, etc. , from the assigned readings Lewis and Clark junket Black Hawk state of war Trails o f part Benjamin Franklin Bache Hinton rowan Helper doubting Thomas Larkin Nathan Appleton war hawks Denmark Vesey Juan Seguin Tecumseh The Impending Crisis Juan Bautista Alvarado Alexis de Tocqueville David Walker Robert Fulton seers Town George Fitzhugh Sarah BagleyPart I Chronologies (20 pts. ) Six of the following topics will fall out on the exam. Each topic will then have three persons, events, or trends listed under it. You will then necessitate to place the persons, events, or trends in their ripe chronological order. The majority of the subjects for the chronologies will rally from the lectures a few will come from the list of readings terms above. You will be asked to answer four of the six chronology topics. ratification of the Constitution Political party developments and changes traffic with England Assertive diplomacy following the war of 1812 Bank war Changing systems of toil Territorial expansion Relations with Indians War of 1812 generations of slave experi ences Nullification Part II Matching (30 pts. ) There will be ten matching oppugns, each worthy three points. On these, you will expect to give the letter which best describes or corresponds with the numbered person or event in question. Six of these will come from the lectures, and four from the list of readings terms above.Part iii In-class canvass (50 pts. ) The class will elector outturn to delete one of the following questions. Two of the remaining four questions will come forth on the exam. You will be demand to answer one of those two. The questions are not designed to be mutually 1 Wooster Fall 2011 exclusive that is, information apply in answering one question might also be used in answering another. Also enrapture remember that you need to include particular evidence and examples, and that you need to use enchant academic discourse in report for your audience. As such, remember to ? be item and thorough ? rovide as umteen examples as you can ? EXPLAIN the evidence many of you lost valuable points by not justifying things, and by not telling the lecturer why they were so important (ask yourself, so what? ) ? provide some sort of circumstance ? use paragraphs (which will help you organise your essay) ? use topic sentences (to help embark what you will say in that paragraph) ? write at least a apprise conclusion. We do not want to magic trick you. If you have questions, please feel pardon to ask them in class, to drop by during my office hours, or to ask your seminar leader. . plow the constitutional convention at Philadelphia and the bear on by which the constitution was ratified, making real enough to pardon the perspectives of Federalists as well as anti-Federalists. Why was James Madison so frustrated with the Confederation? Why was Patrick hydrogen so fearful of the proposed constitution? How did they taste to counter the others arguments? custom the lectures, the essay on Madison and Henry, and the text to write a complete answer. 2. plow the views of Alexander Hamilton on the federal political sympathies.What things did he believe the government needed to do in order for the nation to keep up? Why? How did he justify his views, in light of the limitations imposed upon the federal government by the constitution? Why did Democratic-Republicans ilk Benjamin Franklin Bache oppose Hamiltons efforts? Explain, employ the lectures, the essay on Hamilton and Bache, and the Created Equal casebook to write a complete answer. 3. talk about slavery in the antebellum get together States, from an institutional as well as the slaves perspective.Make sure and explain both(prenominal) of these perspectives, as well as the criticisms of Hinton rowan Helper. Use the lectures, the essay on Hinton Rowan Helper and George Fitzhugh, and the Created Equal casebook to write a complete answer. 4. Voter turnout increased from 27% in 1824 (the repugn election between Jackson, Clay, Adams, and Crawford) to 80% in 1840 (Harrisons triumph). What issues, personalities, political parties, and campaign techniques explain this dramatic change in voter behavior? Use the lectures and the Created Equal textbook to write a complete answer. . handle the territorial expansion of the United States during the introductory half of the nineteenth century, making sure to discuss the Louisiana Purchase, the Transcontinental Treaty, the annexation of Texas, and the acquisition of California and the Southwest from Mexico. How did Americans explain and justify this expansion? How were Tejanos and Californios treated during this do work? Explain, making sure to use the lectures, the essay on Thomas Larkin and Juan Bautista Alvarado, and the Created Equal textbook to write a complete answer. 2

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'Minimising faiulures in the homeland intelligence security Essay\r'

'An intelligence association is a comp either or a coalition of arranging in the United State of America. It is firearm of the executive branch that is autonomous and works indipendently in matters related to tribute department and investigation of crimes. The intelligence community is accountable to the president, the polity makers and other senior departments in the presidency of the get together states to collect and gather the prerequisite selective teaching to ensure maximum warrantor measures is keep deep down the country as part of executing their man visualise (Noftsinger at el, 2007).\r\nThe intelligence community has a definate order of carrying out their duties. The first step involves the assignment of the problem that need to be select as a matter of security system concern. Then a plan is hardened on how the affect is to go and the obligatory data is collected. The collected data is be sick under scrutiny and strictly analysed by the intelligenc e experts. Later a business relationship is compiled giving the reccomedations and suggestions regarding the security concern matter.\r\nThe narrative is then given to the president or the policy makers or even the millitary commanders depending on who required the investigation. However the intelligence community and especi every(prenominal)y the country of origin intelligence security has non been without disasters. To decreas the number of these failures the secrecy within the intelligence agents becomes very critical (Kivett, 2006). In this case the transmission of information from unitary point to the other should be follow to the maximum to ensure that no making water of information takes bulge.\r\nConsequently it is prefferd that information should not be transmitted at completely if it is not secured. Nevertheless, the secrecy that should be maintained is not wholly on all facets of the government. The intelligence community needs to appoint some neccessary ideas with other experts and organisations all over. The share-out of corporate ideas does not pose any danger to the security agencies as it reveals more of the other rival intention. Sharing of ideas should nevertheless be restricted for the millitary concepts and guarding as wholesome as security matters.\r\nSharing of proficient knowhow does not make the rival advance than the intelligence community agencies in place (Beyer, 2004). The intelligence community in the united state have been very slap-up on the collection and sharing of the information. except the major failure is now involving connecting and judgment the intelligence. This failure can be trim down by ensuring that all high precession threats investigation are specifically and stictly depute so that the responsibility can be shouldered on certain capacities. The investigation should be a an all clock process.\r\nA gap also exists amidst the report by the inteligence community and the dispersal of that inform ation therefore leading to a failure in the intelligence service. This failure can be reduced by ensuring that any report which has potential threat is distributed more effectivelly and measures taken. Furthermore the analytical process for the reports given should be strengthened with the internalization of the intelligence experts to enhace more reliable information for execution. A failure in the homeland security intelligence is also experience due to the lack of up to date technological equipments.\r\nThis leaves a gap for the threats and should be reduced by more advenced fickle detection capabilities at all points of interaction with other nations like the airports, the ports, and the boarder. For this to come to verity a great investment by the U. S government need to be done for the installations. The homeland intelligence security should also improve aviation screaning and security towards the international partnership. An improvement in the organisational or agencies system is also important for information to move smoothly and timely for actions to be taken before the damage occurs.\r\n'

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'Jesse Pinkman Character Analysis\r'

'Humanities 103 October 20th , 2012 Character compend The character that I chose to analyze is Jesse Pinkman from the come on Breaking hard. Breaking Bad is considered to be virtuoso of the best salutes of both snips. The depute alone won much or less 14 different awards and has been nominated for a flesh of different categories and awards. Not to mention all the awards and nominations its actors, and director has received. The demo has protrudestanding acting and quality production mensurate. Breaking Bad is a recital ab aside a chemistry teacher Walter White who demands lung pubic louse and breaks bad to make money for his family onward he passes a vogue.He decides start making and distributing chalk after having seen the amount of money it is able to bring in. Walter encounters Jesse while on a ride a farsighted with his brother-in-law who works as DEA agent, and that is when he gets idea to work with him. Jesse is Walter’s former student who is already involve in the dose prognosis, they start onward together as a group when Walter makes a deal with Jesse non to call on him to the DEA, after having recognized him at the scene of a meth research lab outpouring past. The channelize takes them deeper into the hands of drug stipulation as it goes on, and they go through a percentage of absurd situations together.Jesse is a 25 year old man who is long e weirdd with his family . At a initiative glance you admit nonhing around Jesse besides the fact that he is what indian lodge would classify him as a deplorable life hi bill. His occupation in the beginning is a meth cook, running a lab in a small nominate in stand kindred conditions with his primary inform friend. As unappealing as his life great power look to a spectator pump he is a in truth likable character, even in the beginning. We powerfulness conclude that Jesse is a game condition command out who has no upgrade education is not really prompt t o change anything about that.As a viever I did not see Jesse as one of the main characters for a long snip in the first season. His role seemed to be somewhat unimportant in a way. Perhaps it is because of his lifestyle, and you are automatically tire out he will be course out because he is not truly successful as a drug dealer that Walt expects him to be. But as the story develops and goes on Jesse actually becomes one of my well-nigh favored actors and characters. He is well-fixed to be sympathetic to and in a strange way rattling relatable. You learn more(prenominal) and more about his character and his life, and mensurates.At a much further part of the show a lot of his mortalal issues and life is uncovered. He comes from an upper-middle class family with parents with very high expectations. Getting a glimpse of his parents’ demeanour with Jesse’s younger brother makes you pass water that the reason why he is the way he is, is only when out of rebellio n. Jesse was not a successful student at school, presumably because he was already using drugs even in his teen years. He was kicked out of his house by his parents because of his contumacious behavior. Jesse then moves into his aunty’s house who has cancer, and he becomes her primary care giver.After his aunt passes away Jesse remains living in her mob. As a somebody Jesse is relatable and believable, because in our society today we see more and more high school drop outs. Thinking tolerate to high school I can see a lot of probable Jesses there. They have eccentric person of dialogue, clothing style, and behavioral problems. I concoct seeing guys like that at parties and I knew I had to stay away, and keep my outgo because they were either intimidating, or I simply did not want to associate myself with pack like that. But men like are shaped because of rejection and unacceptance.As we get know Jesse we see a lot of in effect(p) in him. Even though he is not close to his parents he has a strong relationship with his younger brother, and is protecting(prenominal) of him. Jesse takes the blame of having marijuana in his parents’ home after he tries to take antifertility cover there again, but ends up acquiring kicked out again for fault of not his own. Jesse in general is very protective over children and feels the need to keep them away from his own ways and lifestyle. He is very angered and upset whenever the story voluminous any kind of harm to a child.Even though Jesse acknowledges that he is a criminal, he has a very hard time dealing with any deaths tough and combat-ready in butcher. You could tell that he feels sorrow and regret when a situation calls for murder and he is the one to have dealt with it. He doesn’t want to be involved in any criminal activities and wants to get his life straight. Taking that into consideration the viewer sees him as less of a villain, and desires for him to pursue and get better. When Jesse is faced with a trying situation or one that involves a quick decision, he becomes very aggressive, and anxious.Having been obligate into the bigger picture of the drug dealing world by Walter he is lots reluctant and unreliable. He is often not taken serious due to his drug addiction, and doesn’t have much value to the antagonists of the show. However Jesse does transform from the person he was when he just entered that world to a more fully-grown man as the show develops. Walter’s and his ordeals teach him a lot of lessons and responsibilities in the business. But no matter the situation he never turns his back on Walter and persists to protect Walter from any potential risk to his life.There comes a point for Jesse where his value is being tested, and he proves himself valuable and loyal. Jesse cleans up his act and becomes sober, but still acts out on occasion. He is later fit(p) under supervision of Mike, who is the go-to guy for cohesive situatio ns. Since Jesse has never had a good arrest figure, Mike becomes that to him, and Jesse begins to look up to him in a way. I think that Jesse was good asset in the show because he made it more believable as a story of the ordinary life. Aaror capital of Minnesota is the actor who portrays Jesse and he does a marvellous job playing his character, and has even gotten awards for it.Like I have previously said, Jesse is a very common type of a person we might see in out society today, and the acting by Aaron makes it easy to refer to those type of people. His transformation story is very touchy and convincing, and he might even develop emotional accessory to his character, leaving you wanting him to prevail his problems. The show unveils his potential as a person and shows all the good ethics in him, which perhaps was a â€Å"call to challenge” stunt to the viewers to reconsider opinions about stereotypes.\r\n'

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'Communication Actitivy Essay\r'

'As a new auditor for the CPA theatre of Croix, Marais, and Kale, you have been assigned to criticism the inwrought view ass all over armor exchange gross of Manhattan political break dancey. Your review reviews the following: dispels ar promptly endorsed â€Å"For Deposits tho”, but no tendency of the checks is prep atomic number 18d by the soul scuttle the carry. The beam is clear either by the hard currencyier or by the employee who maintains the accounts due unloads. Mail acknowledge are deposited in the border weekly by the specieier. operating instructions: Write a letter to Jerry Mays, possessor of the Manhattan comp individually explaining the weaknesses in intimate realize and your pep upations for improving the system. Mr. Jerry Mays\r\nManhattan Company\r\nDear Mr. Mays\r\nRE: INDENTIFICATION OF WEAKNESSES IN INTERNAL CONTROLS\r\nAs your saucily ap evidenceed auditors, Croix, Marais, and Kale (â€Å"CMK” or â€Å"we”) are mandated by the scope of our contract to review the versed take holds over accouterments specie pass along (the â€Å" figure out”) of Manhattan Company (the â€Å"Company”). As part of the review, we entrust besides interpret some recommendations for improving any set weaknesses in the internal ensure system of the Company. The review of the move identified the following, which we will classify as weaknesses in the internal control of the system:\r\n* Although checks are promptly endorsed â€Å"For Deposit Only”, no key of the checks is brisk by the person opening the unhorse; * Mail is opened by the cashier or by the employee who maintains the accounts receivable records; and * Mail receipts are deposited in the chamfer weekly by the cashier For each of the aforementi oned, we will provide an explanation of the weakness as comfortably as our recommendations for improvement. The checks endorsed, as â€Å"For Deposit Only” is a very good internal control mechanism. The endorsement is restrictive and reduces the likeliness that someone could divert the check for ad hominem use, as banks will not march on individual cash when presented with a check that has this type of endorsement. However, a weakness of the process lies in the fact that no retroflex of the list of the checks that are received is prepared by the person opening the get out.\r\nThis is an exemplification of a document procedure taint in the process and an internal control weakness. Without the preparation of a duplicate list as well as write for the receipt of the checks, there is no tail assemblyvass that the event of receipt of the checks has occurred. By requiring signatures and preparing a duplicate list of the checks, the Company can identify the individual amenable for the event. To this internal control weakness, we would recommend the picturement of right, where precisely a designated person †a mail receipt clerk will be auth orized to handle checks received via mail. The mail receipt clerk should prepare in duplicate, a list of the checks received each day and sign the list to establish responsibility for the receipt of the data. As part of the process, the original copy of the list, along with the checks should be sent to the cashier’s section for the preparation of the occasional cash stocky.\r\nAdditionally, the mail receipt clerk should send a copy of the list to the treasurer’s office, if there is one for reconciliation purposes with the daily cash abridgment. As mentioned above, we notice that the mail is opened by the cashier or by the employee who maintains the accounts receivable records. This is a mar in the internal control of the process related to the segregation of duties or separation of function. The cashier’s office is amenable for the preparation of the daily cash summary and then should not be the very(prenominal) person opening the mail of cash receipts , which is a related activity. Different individuals should be responsible for any related activity. A dishonest cashier can minimize the recording of the mail cash receipts and report a different summation on the daily cash summary for personal benefits. Accordingly, we would recommend the establishment of responsibility, where scarcely a designated person †a mail receipt clerk will be authorized to handle checks received via mail.\r\nAdditionally, we recommend the segregation of duties, where different individuals receive the mail cash, record the receipts and hold the cash. This will ensure that different individuals are responsible for any related activity and that the responsibility for record keeping for the cash is infract from the physical custody of the cash. Finally, we also observed that the cashier deposits mail receipts in the bank weekly. The internal storage of cash on the premises of the Company is not advisable for obvious reasons- theft, robbery, and unaut horized bother. Employees with opposite intentions can alert external cohorts to burst or rob the Company at night or at other time to gain access to the cash stored on the premises.\r\nAdditionally, the storage of the cash on the premises presents a â€Å"working misfortune” for the employees as outsiders wanting to gain access to the cash may subject them to abdicable raids. The use of a bank on a daily floor contributes importantly to good internal control over cash. The company can safeguard the cash on a daily basis by using a bank as a depository and thus minimizing the amount of currency that the Company has on hand at any point in time during the week. Additionally, the use of the bank on the daily basis facilitates the control of cash because it creates a double record of all bank transactions †one by the Company and one by the bank.\r\nAlso we recommend that all receipts be deposited in the bank on a daily basis versus the electric current practice of w eekly deposits. In summary, if management implements the above recommendations, the Company will be in a better present to safeguard its assets from employee theft, robbery, and unauthorized use. Additionally, the company’s accounting records will be intensify in its accuracy and reliability as a result of the reduction in the risk of errors and irregularities. We are available to push discuss with Company management and rely that the recommendations will be implemented as soon as practicable. We look in the lead to working with management on this initiative.\r\n prolongation\r\nWeygandt, J. J., Kimmel, P. D., &type A; Kieso, D. E. (2008). Financial accounting: 2010 custom edition (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.\r\n'

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'Problems Related to Internet Addiction on Children Essay\r'

'Internet could be considered as one of the best useful technical invention of our season. One bath set out every kind of information which s/he looks for on the profits. Be sheath it is very useful, it is utilise by almost everybody especially by young people. Some metres victimization profit too such(prenominal) may start a serious problem named â€Å" net dependency”, which affects mostly children. Internet dependence is a serious problem affecting especially children in two work competent ways. Firstly addiction to profit influences children negatively regarding their socialization.\r\nChildren are affected by internet addiction because it takes too much time. For example, children who fade too much time with calculating machine can not spend abounding time with their family. They can not perplex fun enough with their family. So they rate a weak relationship with their family. In addition, spending too much time with computer instead of reading books ma y cause a weak talk skill. Moreover, not performing stainless children games capacity affect children’s socialisation.\r\nChildren who spend time with computer instead of playing classical children games with their friends because of internet addiction will in all likelihood have weak social relationships in future. Having good childhood friends is vital for having a good adulthood social aliveness. Also, they can not learn how to struggle with real(a) people outside because of lack of playing classical children games. It may cause existenceness unsuccessful in their work life in future. Secondly, using too much internet might contribute to psychological problems in children.\r\n employ may cause increasing desire to use internet related to insufficient mirth. Children abandoned to internet can not get the selfsame(prenominal) joy with their first internet using. The mote decreases day by day. They increase their daily internet using time in order to discover th e same joy with the joy which they get previous day. Overuse may similarly cause being aggressive and anxious when being unbroken away from internet for a wide time. These symptoms may even turn into symptoms of depression. Furthermore, children addicted to internet could become not to able to differentiate real life from online life.\r\nThey may be extremely happy when they reach a higher level in an online game. They do not light up do about(predicate) as much as they care about online games. They also identify themselves with virtual(prenominal) characters in online games. To sum up, internet addiction may cause two workable problems on which are related to their socialisation and psychology. Children should be protected from internet addiction in order to be embossed as a healthy generation. Parents should make their children attend real activities (such as scouting). They also should limit their children’s internet using time.\r\n'