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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Essay: Order and Disorder -- Midsummer Night

determine and Disorder in A Midsummer Nights Dream crop and disorder is a favorite theme of Shakespeare. In A Midsummer Nights Dream the apparently anarchic tendencies of the young lovers, of the mechanicals-as-actors, and of Puck are restrained by the sharp Athenian law and the law of the Palace Wood, by Theseus and Oberon, and their respective consorts. This tension within the world of the chance is matched in its construction in mathematical operation it can at times imaginem riotous and out of control, and yet the structure of the play shows a clear interest in symmetry and patterning. Confronted by the sharp law of Athens, and not wishing to obey it, Lysander thinks of escape. But he has no thinker that the wood, which he sees merely as a rendezvous originally he and Hermia fly to his aunt, has its own law and ruler. As Theseus is compromised by his own law, so is Oberon. Theseus wishes to annul Egeus, but knows that his own authority derives from the law, that this c annot be set digression when it does not suit the rulers wishes. He does discover a merciful provision of the law which Egeus has lose (for Hermia to choose the livery of a nun) but hopes to swing Demetrius to relinquish his claim, insisting that Hermia necessitate time before choosing her fate. The lovers difficulties are made clear by the law of Athens, but arise from their own passions thus, when they enter the woods, they take their problems with them. Oberon is compromised because his quarrel with Titania has caused him and her to neglect their duties Oberon, who should rule firmly over the entire fairy farming cannot rule in his own domestic arrangements. We see how individually ruler, in turn, resolves this problem, without further breaking of his law. In the lov... ...espeares control of the play proper. This is shown both on the splendid and the large scale. The linguistic variety of the play (see below) and the control of the quaternion narrative strands are such t hat the play has enjoyed great success in performance. In the wood, Shakespeare willing leave a group of characters alone for as great as he exigencys to, but we never lose touch with their story. It is typical of Shakespeare that the mortals we see first in the wood are Demetrius and Helena at once the playwright shows us the cause of Demetrius rejection of Helena and lets us know that the other twain are also in the wood. We do not need to see Lysander and Hermia before they have lost their way, but we are ready for Pucks mistake as he seeks one in Athenian garments. Works CitedShakespeare, William. A Midsummer Nights Dream. New York Washington Square Press, 1993. A Midsummer Nights Dream Essay Order and Disorder -- Midsummer NightOrder and Disorder in A Midsummer Nights Dream Order and disorder is a favorite theme of Shakespeare. In A Midsummer Nights Dream the apparently anarchic tendencies of the young lovers, of the mechanicals-as-actors, and of Puck are re strained by the sharp Athenian law and the law of the Palace Wood, by Theseus and Oberon, and their respective consorts. This tension within the world of the play is matched in its construction in performance it can at times seem riotous and out of control, and yet the structure of the play shows a clear interest in symmetry and patterning. Confronted by the sharp law of Athens, and not wishing to obey it, Lysander thinks of escape. But he has no idea that the wood, which he sees merely as a rendezvous before he and Hermia fly to his aunt, has its own law and ruler. As Theseus is compromised by his own law, so is Oberon. Theseus wishes to overrule Egeus, but knows that his own authority derives from the law, that this cannot be set aside when it does not suit the rulers wishes. He does discover a merciful provision of the law which Egeus has overlooked (for Hermia to choose the livery of a nun) but hopes to persuade Demetrius to relinquish his claim, insisting that Hermia take time before choosing her fate. The lovers difficulties are made clear by the law of Athens, but arise from their own passions thus, when they enter the woods, they take their problems with them. Oberon is compromised because his quarrel with Titania has caused him and her to neglect their duties Oberon, who should rule firmly over the entire fairy kingdom cannot rule in his own domestic arrangements. We see how each ruler, in turn, resolves this problem, without further breaking of his law. In the lov... ...espeares control of the play proper. This is shown both on the small and the large scale. The linguistic variety of the play (see below) and the control of the four narrative strands are such that the play has enjoyed great success in performance. In the wood, Shakespeare will leave a group of characters alone for as long as he needs to, but we never lose touch with their story. It is typical of Shakespeare that the mortals we see first in the wood are Demetrius and Helena at once t he playwright shows us the cause of Demetrius rejection of Helena and lets us know that the other pair are also in the wood. We do not need to see Lysander and Hermia before they have lost their way, but we are ready for Pucks mistake as he seeks one in Athenian garments. Works CitedShakespeare, William. A Midsummer Nights Dream. New York Washington Square Press, 1993.

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Russian-japanese War :: essays research papers

     The Russian- Nipponese war of 1904 was a Europeanconflict that wasfought because one country was becoming too strong. The conflict was in the mainfought because two separate countries had theirown special interests in far eastcountries like Korea, China, and Manchuria.     Britainand Japan recognized the independance of China and Korea, but atthe same cartridge clip authorized each other to intervene in either territory if their own"special interests" were threatened by another(prenominal) power or by internal disorder.That power was now Russia. There was already a rivalry going on betweenBritain and Russia because of the Trans-Siberian railway but now there wasanother dimension. Russia now had access to the pacific. Her presence inAsiathreatened already established Britain interests. China leased theice-free PortArthur to Russia and allowed them to store their war shipsthere. The twoempires were tack together on a collision cou rse.     Britain wasvery reluctant to commit herself to a distant threat of war so shetooka step to allying herself with the growing industrial power of Japan. Indoing so, Britain found her soldiers in the east.     At this time Russia failedto realize how powerful Britain and Japan hadmade themselves. Russiawas unable to take Japan seriously heretofore though theyhad many reports onhow large the Japanese naval and military forces were.Unfortunately,Russias constant penetration into Korea and Manchuriacontinued unabateddespite the presence of numbers of Japanese immagrantsand traders.     Russiahad succeeded in replacing the now defunct Chinese influence withher own.Russia now began taking over the administrative departments and hadtheirofficers train the Korean army to fight on their side.     In April, May, andJune of 1903, Russians had told the Japanese that theywould move outof China. They did not a nd continued to occupy the land. InJuly of thethat same year, the Japanese Ambassador proposed that Russia andJapanwere to recognize the independance of China and Korea. both(prenominal) nationswereto rcognize preponderance, the Japanese in Korea balanced by russians inManchuria. They were to recall their military man from their respective area assoon aspossible. In return, the Russians would protect the railways inManchuria andthe Japanese would do the same in Korea.     It came to theattention of the Japanese that the Russians were building uptheir navaland military forces in the far east. They were also moving troops notonly into Manchuria, but also into North Korea. It now became obvious to theJapnese that the Russians had no intention of releasing their hold on Manchuriaand Korea. Nevertheless, the negotiations went on. On February 10th, 1904,both nations produced testis declarations of war.     On February 8th, a largepart of the Russ ian Pacific squadron lat anchor in

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My Mother’s First Tattoo :: Personal Narrative Writing

My Mothers First TattooMy mother and I assume never got along particularly well. Our relationship was you leave me al 1 and Ill you alone. When I first took an pursuit in modification, around the age of 14, she hated it. It was the source of incalculable fights, insults, and incidents that nearly led to me being kicked start of her house. She saw it as something I was doing out of peer pressure, which was absurd, as at the time none of my friends had any interest in modification. I didnt even know anyone, online or offline, who had any piercings other than their ears. To her, this was nothing more(prenominal) than a phase Id eventually grow out of. She argued that I was ruining my life, that Id never get a job, that my visible piercings would get me into fights at school, the list goes on and on. My make, though he never said much intimately it to me, felt the same way she did. Somewhere along the line, something changed. When my 18th birthday rolled around, I was in college, living 17 hours away from my parents. My father called me one day and asked what I treasured for my birthday. I said I wanted a tattoo, expecting him to hang up on me. To my amazement, he said OK. So, when I was see for Christmas, my father paid for my first tattoo. My favourite birthday present thus far as it represents so many things. It was then that I found out my mother had always wanted a tattoo. More specifically, she had always wanted a facial tattoo a tiny butterfly tattoo near(a) to one eye. As my father had threatened to divorce her if she ever got it, it was unfortunately something she never pursued. She was outraged that my father deemed it OK for me to have one. This led to many more fights. Eventually, I had moved back into my parents house. After being back for about six months, my mother approached me and said she wanted to get a tattoo, regardless of how my father would react. I helped her pick out an image and took her to the studio to set up an appointment. A few days after she got her tattoo she approached me again. This time saying she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced. All the memories of the things she had said when I had my eyebrow pierced came flooding back.

Puritan :: essays research papers

US History EssayDuring the seventeenth century, the Puritans layed in innovative England to form the Massachusetts Bay colony. John Winthrop, the first Governor of the colony, saw the place as a political and religious refuge. He described it as a city upon a hill. In England, the Puritans were not free to design their faith and were persecuted by the Anglican Church. The Puritans wanted to create an ideal society where they could normal religion at will. These people risked everything just so they could freely practice their faith. Their sole purpose in settling in America was to sustain and practice their religion. The Massachusetts Bay colony was very different from their counterpart, Jamestown. Jamestown colonists consisted of mainly single men who came to the New World to merely make money. These money-hungry profiteers were interested in milking the land for cash crops and other sources of revenue. The Puritans, on the other hand, formed communities where they could closel y practice their faith together. They had a big focus on families and community worship. The Puritans also created a government, which was based on the idea of the rule of the majority. The Jamestown colony was not interested in making communities. The Puritans priorities were centered on their religion and the teaching of it. This is clearly shown in their focus of education. The purpose of education to them was to teach the children religious and moral values. This would prove to be a very good way to. Every community of 50 families had a teacher and every community of 100 families had a school. The Puritans emphasis on religious education supports the fact that they had moralistic plans for the New World. The Jamestown colonists, however, were not as concerned with education.Although the Puritans came to the New World for religious freedom, they did not accept people whose religious beliefs differed from those of the Puritans in the community. Anne Hutchinson, a religious reforme r, held meetings at her house to read the intelligence to puritan men and women.

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How Tiger Woods Affects the Game of Golf Essay -- essays research pape

How tiger Woods Affects the Game of GolfLike Muhammad Ali is to boxing and Michael Jordan is to basketball, Tiger Woods is considered by many to be the greatest golfer of all time. Due to his incredible playing on the course, his young age, and the endorsement deals he signed with major publicize companies, Tiger Woods fans place him on the best of the best list in professional sports. Society places an enormous amount of responsibilities on its champions or favorites. Sure, he is good on the course, but how well does he support society? What does he stand for, the public says. There is more to Tiger Woods than a good golf swing or how well he can say Buy these shoes in front of the advertisers cameras. Even though Tiger would never say it, his influence over the game of golf and society as a whole far outreaches the twenty-six years he played out on the planet so far. Tiger Woods started playing golf in his garage, with a cut off club, when he was eleven months old. Now, twenty -six years later, he glides through the toughest, most widely respected golf courses in the world as if he was born to win. Golf course owners and managers change the space from the tee-boxes to the hole in order to make the course more difficult for Tiger. He makes most courses look easy to play well on, despite the unquestionable level of difficulty. He is the youngest player to win the Masters Tournament in the history of golf. Tiger makes over one million per tournament in which he places in t...

How Tiger Woods Affects the Game of Golf Essay -- essays research pape

How Tiger Woods Affects the Game of golfLike Muhammad Ali is to package and Michael Jordan is to basketball, Tiger Woods is considered by many to be the greatest golfer of all time. Due to his incredible scating on the course, his young age, and the endorsement deals he signed with major advertising companies, Tiger Woods fans place him on the best of the best list in professional sports. Society places an enormous tot up of responsibilities on its champions or favorites. Sure, he is good on the course, but how well does he support society? What does he stand for, the public says. There is more than to Tiger Woods than a good golf swing or how well he can say Buy these shoes in motion of the advertisers cameras. Even though Tiger would never say it, his influence over the game of golf and society as a whole far outreaches the xxvi years he spent on the planet so far. Tiger Woods started playing golf in his garage, with a cut off club, when he was eleven months old. Now, twe nty-six years later, he glides through the toughest, most widely respected golf courses in the world as if he was born to win. Golf course owners and managers change the distance from the tee-boxes to the hole in order to make the course more difficult for Tiger. He makes most courses look easy to play well on, despite the actual level of difficulty. He is the youngest player to win the Masters Tournament in the history of golf. Tiger makes over one million per tournament in which he places in t...

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Feminism in Pokemon

A Pokmon or pocket monster is a popular anime that is base on the story of a young Pokmon Trainer Ash in his journey to become a Pokmon master. This means capturing and training Pokmon to create an selected team of the strongest so that you can say you ar master of on the whole Pokmon hence a Pokmon master, this also consists of capturing forevery type of Pokmon and completing your poke-dex (a electronic cyclopaedia on Pokmon that automatically records the amount of different Pokmon seen and caught).Whilst it may seem very friendly and childish the story is open to interpretation and could be viewed from a feminist standpoint to be actually misogynistic. The first female character introduced in the series is Ashs mom, she is introduced as the stereotypical m different that if we looking for closer at her we can see how see is trapped in a life of servitude and loneliness. That is why she is so attached to her son. There is a take up absence of Ashs father that is frequent ly left unanswered this could be interpreted to mean that the mother figure in a sons life is far more important than that of the father.The reason that Ash father is not present throughout the series is left deliberately lightheaded however there is a reference to him becoming a Pokmon trainer and starting his own journey. With this information I would say that it isnt that much of a leap to say that perhaps he abandoned Mrs Ketchum (Delia Ketchum). The fact that it is Mrs shows that she married Mr Ketchum who had abandoned her she also took his name. She runs the only Pokmon restaurant in Palet town and has to take worry of her child Ash and in return she again is deserted by him as he leaves on his adventure.This however doesnt seem to be an irregularity and shows that it is common for women in Pokmon to be imprisoned by their duties and not free to follow their dreams of becoming a Pokmon trainer like the males, instead they become housewives however there is a sense of equal ity as women are given the liberty to start the adventure, if they are not burdened by their duties. However contempt all her misery she is still expected for her only desires to be to help Ash and to serve him as it is her duty.The next female character we are introduced to is fogged, she is portrayed as a tom-boy, with romantic affections towards Ash, she desires to help Ash and serve him, although her ego would never admit it. Once she develops a character with greater dimensions she is forcibly removed from the story line by fading her into the background completely dissolving and any love interests in the midst of her and Ash showing that their relationship was mindless and that she could simply be tossed aside. She is then replaced by another female companion for Ash, another play-mate.She is labored to stay with her sisters and stay in the gym. Again like Delia Ketchum she is forced to abandon her dreams due to her duties and is deserted by the man she loves. Another imp ortant female character is Jessy she is described as manipulative and is working in the curse cooperation of team rocket attempting to steal rare Pokmon. James is her weaker male partner and Jessy is far more dominant. He is constantly forced to fare up in a disguise along with Jessy however Jessy disguises herself as the dominant male whilst James the female showing the symbolic difference in power between the two characters.This may be interpreted to be a positive sign as a woman may rise to the power of a man and a man sink to a woman but the very fact that this idea is conveyed shows a sexist ideology and is anti-feminist as it shows discrepancy within the sexes. In other words the idea that because Jessy is stronger she should be male and James is weaker and should be female is conveyed by their cross dressing. Woman in Pokmon dress in skimpy clothing, including Misty who is supposed to be pre-teen. This could be interpreted to the liberation of women, as they are allowed to wear what they want when they want.However another interpretation is that they are viewed as mere sexual objects that are open to sexual flirtation, this is why Brock, who is a notorious womaniser, is constantly shown flirting with female characters throughout the show and is entitle to make passes on them. However this is quickly ended by Misty who would grab Brock by the ear and throws him to the ground. This may seem like a joking practice however this could be interpreted into Brock showing sexual aggression and him seeing women as a mere outlet for his sexual desires.That is why Misty must quickly throw him to the ground to prevent him from enacting his dark desires. When Misty fades away another female companion comes along to prevent Brock, in other words they are a Brock block, but none are as aggressive as Misty. He often flirts with Nurse Joy, the fact that she is very(a) to all the other Nurse Joys shows that women in the poke-world that pursue a medical carer can be s imply casted as the stereotypical Nurse Joy. A one dimensional character that is ruled by her emotions to help heal Pokmon.Notice how it is Nurse Joy not Doctor Joy implying that she can only ever rise to a rank of a Nurse an assistant to a Doctor. He also flirts with Officer Jenny she also is identical to all the other officer Jennys this shows that women in the poke-world that pursue a flight in policing can be simply casted as the stereotypical Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy. A one dimensional character that is ruled by her emotions to help prevent crimes. Although it is a relief that women can pursue a career in policing and medicine they are still thrown into the stereotype of the typical Officer Jenny.Also they are presented as loud and presumptive, believing that the Ash is often the culprit but within minutes apologising for her presumptive nature showing her ignorance and nave nature. An interesting new aspect of Pokmon is Competitions, Pokmon Contests were first introduced ea rly on and Contests originated in the Hoenn region. In them, Coordinators show how beautiful and skilful they and their Pokmon can be. Showing that the very focus is on the trainers and Pokmons appearance, this shows how judgemental and cruel the Pokmon world really is.I would argue that it is exchangeable to shows like Americas Next Top Model these shows are fixated on broadcasting a false image of women and create an expectation that is infeasible for women to measure up to. This was made explicitly clear in a banned episode of Pokmon where Misty is forced to compete in a swimwear cope and is threatened by James who cross-dresses and wears inflatable breasts this shows the emphasis on big breasts as a sign of beauty and worth in both our society and the Pokmon society.Overall I believe Pokmon is remarkably similar to our own society and the issues faced by women, although women are also allowed to start of their own journey and even coupling the elite four (The Elite 4 are f our Pokmon Trainers who are regarded as the toughest in their regional Pokmon League, short of the Pokmon League Champion. Those who challenge the Elite Four must have won all eight Badges from that region and face all four and the current Champion consecutively without losing to any of them. there is inequalities that is not only caused by the double standards and expectations of women but by their lack of liberty and burdens of responsibility. If we look back at Delia Ketchum she is abandoned by Mr Ketchum and forced to look after(prenominal) Ash whilst maintaining a restaurant passed down to her from her mother and is never allowed to pursue her dreams of becoming a Pokmon trainer and model. She is not shown any sympathy or favor she is merely marginalised along with many other characters and this practice is ongoing, Misty was just another victim of this cruel system.

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Is Claudius Presented by Shakespeare as a Tragic Villain Without Any Redeeming Features? Essay

As the King, Shakespeare presents Claudius as an able ruler who is trying to prove his worthiness to his court. This is presumable in spell 1, Scene 2 in Claudius opening address. Claudius can be seen as being sincere in this speech as he mentions the death of his brformer(a) bear our hearts in grief (page 15) and he also states that the country is contracted in one brow of woe (page 15). His linguistic process could be interpreted as heartfelt in his opening speech as he intents genuine sorrow over his brothers death.This is a redeeming feature as he appears to feel love towards his brother for mentioning him as he takes his transport as King. The language Shakespeare uses in Claudius opening speech is dismissive about the threat that Denmark may eccentric from Norway due to Fortinbras So much for him (page 17). This is because he wants to dis receive his confidence as a leader and to take root the listeners. This contributes to Claudius redeeming features as he appears to be considerate towards the feelings of those within the court. He does not wish to worry them and therefore comes across as an able leader.It may be interpreted that Claudius is inferior to his predecessor and is trying to provide the court with the reassurance that he can follow on from the previous King. juncture states that Claudius is no much like my father/Than I to Hercules (page 25). This imagery that Shakespeare uses demonstrates the previous King as a stern warrior in the mold of classical Greek heroes. In contrast, Claudius is a corrupt politician whose weapon is his ability to manipulate others by means of his skillful use of language. Shakespeare structures juxtaposition between the setting of Act one, Scene ne and Act one, Scene two in order to show a contrast in the reality and the dream in Claudius mind. Act one, Scene one takes place outside the castle at the dead of night. This pathetic fallacy creates a foreboding and intense atmo orbit, almost predicting the appearance of the Ghost. The Ghost represents the harsh reality that Claudius has to face and the reason for his feelings of guilt. Act one, Scene two contrasts with the previous scene as it takes place inside the castle, with Claudius at the centre. This is Claudius dream situation, that he is King of Denmark with Gertrude as his Queen.The hammy change in setting between scenes makes Claudius appear more oblivious to the consequences of his actions, as he is now centre of attention as King. This disillusion that Claudius appears to be in may deter the audience, as he cannot accept the effect of his actions. Unlike the majority of speeches throughout the play, Claudius opening speech deviates from iambic pentameter. This reflects the disorder that Claudius has created because of the murder. romance life would ordinarily have order and tranquillity and the structure of Claudius speech does not reflect this.However, it can be seen that Claudius is trying to restore order through his speech as he settles the court over the threat of Fortinbras So much for him (page 17). However, this is dissimilarly as Claudius actions led to the destruction of many other characters and does not restore order. The fact that the speech itself does not fit in with the typical Shakespearean structure of iambic pentameter, could reflect that Claudius himself does not fit in as the King of Denmark as he disrupts the divine hierarchy.Claudius disrupts the Chain of Being, a hierarchy derived from Aristotle and Plato this would have been followed during the Elizabethan time period. At the top of the chain are graven image and the angels whilst at the bottom are plants and rocks. Claudius disrupts the hierarchy as he takes the place of the previous King by marrying the Queen and not being next in line to the throne for which I did the murder/My crown, mine own ambition, and my Queen (page 165). This can be interpreted as a villainous act that was pull purely for the gain of Claudius. Such an act would be typical of a tragic villain as his acts lead to the downfall of the other characters. For example, Claudius actions lead to Hamlet receiving a visit from the Ghost and therefore feigning his madness in order to, eventually, avenge his fathers death. However, it is possible that Claudius is not a typical tragic villain. Claudius appears to feel guilt for murdering his brother, which is clear from his soliloquy in Act three, Scene three My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent (page 163).His attempted prayer proves he cannot be solely evil if he seeks forgiveness for his sins. He does this although he is not a religious man Bow stubborn knees (page 165), which suggests he feels deep guilt and freshness over his actions for him to turn to religion for forgiveness. This is not typical of tragic villains, who tend not to be religious or feel any resentment for their behaviour. This could show that Claudius wishes to be saved from going to hell after his death, wh ich would not be a typical concern of a Shakespearean villain. Claudius also creates peace with the other characters.For example, in his opening speech in Act one, Scene two, he is trying not to worry the court about the potential threat of Fortinbras, and in Act four, Scene five, Claudius tries to calm Laertes rage rather than encourage him to kill Hamlet. Such actions would not be typical of Shakespearean tragic villains, such as Iago from Othello. Iago feels no guilt for his actions against Cassio, Othello and Desdemona and is aware of the pain he is inflicting onto others. His actions against Othello also appear purposeless as it is never revealed why he dislikes him and wants him to suffer so much.Claudius is unlike Iago as he does feel guilt and his actions are indeed purposeful. Whereas most of the other important men in Hamlet are preoccupied with ideas of justice, revenge, and chaste balance, Claudius actions are focused on maintaining his power. Although Claudius is Hamle ts antagonist, he does have a number of redeeming features. He appears to have genuine affection for Gertrude, as one of the reasons for the murder of the King was to marry her My crownand my Queen (page 165). This also comes across in Act five, Scene two, as when Gertrude is about to drink the poisoned wine, he tells her do not drink (page 281).Claudius is aware of the affection Gertrude feels for Hamlet and when trying to be rid of him, considers her feelings That as the star moves not but in his sphere/I could not but by her. (page 223). The imagery that Shakespeare uses is very unlike Claudius character and more similar to Gertrudes. The imagery of spheres, that at the time where believed to revolve about the Earth containing heavenly bodies, shows that Claudius has love for Gertrude and could not live without her. Claudius also appears to care for Hamlet to some extent.He appears to be concerned for Hamlets well-being, as he brings in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in order to work out the cause of his transformation (page 77). However, some may argue this is just an excuse for Claudius to discover whether or not Hamlet may know the truth of his fathers death. He thinks Hamlets madness is More than his fathers death (page 77) and therefore wants to uncover the reason behind it. It can be seen that Hamlets madness is feigned and he does this purposely to see if Claudius is becoming envious of his actions.For example, in Act three, Scene two after witnessing Claudius outburst when the Player King is killed, Claudius demands for the lights Give me some light away (page 153). This could be seen as an saying of emotion as Claudius feels tremendous guilt over his brothers death or as a way of not allowing anyone else to gain scruple in him through the play. Other interpretations of Claudius that the audience receive are from the other characters. Shakespeare presents grotesque and vile imagery used by Hamlet and the Ghost to recognise Claudius.When Hamlet sees the Ghost in Act one, Scene five, the Ghost uses imagery of disease and corruption to describe Claudius and his actions Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast (page 51). Shakespeare uses the word beast in reference to a cuckold. In Elizabethan times, if a woman were to have an affair, the husband would be known as a cuckold with horns to represent their senselessness in losing their wives. This imagery contrasts with the audiences first interpretation of Claudius where Shakespeare presents him as a competent leader.This is the only alternate view that the reader receives in the play as both Hamlet and the Ghost have reason for hating Claudius. The view that Shakespeare gives them will have been fogged by their hatred of him and not give a fair representation of Claudius character. To conclude, Claudius is not a typical tragic villain due to his feelings of guilt and his consideration of others. The representation the reader receives from other characters is not a fair int erpretation due to their abhorrence of him. Bibliography Heinemann Advanced Shakespeare Hamlet sparknotes. com sirbacon. org F. C. Hunt interpretation

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Shawshank Redemtion

Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption is all about relationships, there are umpteen that settle Andy (the main character). He changes in many different ways throughout the book, these relationships influence the different ways Andy changes. The relationship I would like to contend is one between rose-cheeked and Andy. The relationship between Red and Andy is more brotherly like because they look out for each other.During the opening of the book Red and Andy arent very close they talk but not very much. Andy only asks Red for small things like a rock hammer to mold small figurines, and later we find out that Andy used the hammer to dig out of Shawshank. But as the story progresses Red and Andys bond grows stronger until the solar day that Red is released from prison. This relationship is strong and when they find out that Red has killed himself, Andy punishes himself.This Changes Andy because Red looked after Andy and felt that it was his fault that Red killed himself. Ano ther relationship that changes Andy is the one he has with Brooks. This relationship started when Andy was down in the basement doing some work and discovered that Shawshank had a library. This is how Brooks and Andys relationship became to be. Once they began to work together things began to change, Andy began to influence other prisoners to read.He and Brooks begin to hang out in the exercise yard. They discuss new ideas for the library, like expanding it and bringing a program to get inmates their naughty school diplomas. This changes Andy by giving Andy something to look forward to everyday, and something to achieve while hes in prison. The final relationship that has a major bear upon on the way Andy changes throughout the book is the one he has with Warden Norton.This relationship is a kind of relationship that isnt one Id care for as a person because Warden Norton treats Andy like a piece of garbage. Warden Norton wants Andy to stay in the prison because he balances the fi nances the prisons money. Warden Norton also wants Andy to stay in the prison because he doesnt want Andy to find out that he was set up for the murder of his wife and her lover, by the Warden Norton himself. This relationship changes Andy by making him off-key and gloomy and wanting even more to get out of Shawshank.

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Poetry Essay

verse line is a form of literary art and uses particular forms and conventions to suggest alternative bastardlying in the haggle and to stir some emotional responses. There are heavy(a) patterns in poetry which create further inwardness, such as assonance, alliteration and onomatopoeia. These sound effects confound a particular function in a poem. Poems often make heavy use of imagery and word association to quickly convey emotions. 1 Poetry is distinguished from prose because are used some techniques such as rhyme, round and repetition.The same sounds can convey different meanings and it depends on the context of a poem. get going patterns can be also discovered in some advertising slogans. In advertisement we have the freedom to change the natural order of the vocalisation communication. It depends on the product and the target group of consumers. The advertising text has to capture the readers or listeners attention.Therefore the natural order of the language is modifi ed, shaped and stylized. One of the most frequently used devices in slogans, catchphrases and article titles is alliteration Dont Live a Little, Live a keno 2 The advertising slogans are the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of the product. In this text we can spot an exercise of foregrounding. Deviation, which is a linguistic phenomenon, has an important psychological effect on readers (and hearers). If a part of a poem is deviant, it becomes especially noniceable, or perceptually prominent. We call this psychological effect foregrounding. 3 Most of the writers use the sound of words in such a way that the readers attention is immediately engaged.The most common mean which is involved by the writers is repetition. Our attention is captivated and we start analysing the reasons why the writers use it. We can recognise play of sounds little/lotto. There is also alliteration- the repetition of l and t sounds. Alliteration refers to tbe repetition of t he same or similar consonants. /t/ is a voiceless, alveolar, plosive sound. It is produced without vibrations of the vocal cords, by obstructing the airflow in the vocal tract. /l/ is a voiced, bilateral, retroflex and approximant sound.The vocal cords are vibrating during the articulation and the airstream flows over the both sides of the tongue. When poets construct a poem they carefully choose words for their meanings, connotation and sounds. According to Paul Simpson we make connections between, on the one hand, the physical properties of the sound represented within a text and, on the other, the non- linguistic phenomena fit(p) outside a text to which these sounds relate4. The sound effects of the poetic text are basic to the interpretation of poetry.When a relationship between sound and meaning is obvious, then it can reinforce the significance of a word for loudspeaker system and hearer. The way people sound their language can, certainly, be an indication of their single o r cultural personalities Speakers of a different language, from a different culture, might associate different implications with such sounds. 5 The most critics are interested in the form of the poem and its meaning, and the poets message. According to Paul Fussell Poetic forms are like that they tend to say things even if words are not at the issue fitted to their patterns.As Louis MacNeice has said, In any poets poem the shape is half the meaning. . 6 Poetic forms refer to different sets of rules followed by poems. The rules describe such ascpects as the meter or rhythm of the poem, the rhyme scheme or the use of alliteration. One of the basic ways in which poetry can be distinguished from prose is the will power of quantity. Some critics maintain the idea that the rhythm and metre are the same thing. The difference between both is in the way in which they relate to the whole.The metre is an extra layer of rhythmic structuring. 7 The rhythm is the apprehension of a series of ev ents as a regularly repeated pulse of energy, an experience which has a sizeable as well as a mental dimension. 8 The following lines aim to discuss the relationship between sound patterns, their function and their contribution towards the meaning a certain poem generates. Attention will be paid to the poem My Last Duchess, written by Robert browning. He was an English poet and playwright whose verses of striking monologues made him one of the most renowned Victorian poets today.The poem is anthologised as an example of the dramatic monologue, in which an identified character, or person, is the sole speaker that is, the voice in the poem is playing a role as in drama. 9 The structure and the style of this poem play a significant role. It contains troika formal elements an occasion, a speaker, and a hearer. The words in dramatic monologues not only convey setting and action but also reveal the speakers character. The comments which he makes reveal information about his personali ty and psyche, knowingly or unknowingly.The main focus of a dramatic monologue is the personal information, not the topic which the speaker happens to be discussing. We can see the personality of both poet and speaker in dramatic monologue, and can be aware of them operating as a reflex in the elements of action which is constant picture and vice versa. 10 Browning defined the poem as a dramatic lyric. It is dramatic because at that place is an actor in it and performs a scene. However, at the same time it cant be said that it is a typical lyric poem. The poem appears as one half of a conversation. He is not speaking his thoughts aloud to himself while he is alone.In general poems are written with the full organic structure of words and have their own meaning. Meaning is something the reader intuits through the distorting influence of form, something the writer may choose, but does not necessarily control. 11 The goal of Browning is to illustrate a scene. There is a relation betwe en sounds and meanings, the reality which language may represent. In his piece of work Robert Browning uses many techniques enjambment, a simple rhyme scheme and caesura to convey various characteristics and qualities about the speaker and the situation.Mick Short claims that The basic idea was that poems should enact what they described the sound must(prenominal) seem an echo to the sense (Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism, line 365). Musicality revolves around phonetic and rhythmic effects in particular, and it is thus needed to be able to do metrical analysis in order to be able to explain important effects in many poems. 12 My remainder Duchess is written in iambic pentameter in order to replicate natural speech so that the poet is not confused with the persona. Brownings intention is to imitate natural speech could be to distance himself from the Duke, who is the speaker in the poem.

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Mobility essay Essay

The Unites States is the land of opportunities where people pursuit the American dream to take in a transgress life. American life is built on the faith that it is possible to rise from humble origins to economic heights. In that case favorable mobility plays a big role in todays society. Social mobility refers to the ability to deviate the positions within a sociable stratification system. In other words, when people improve or decrease their economic status in the way that it affects their social class, they experience either pward or downward social mobility.With this in mind, the social mobility in joined States appears to be stalled or in decline. One of the main reasons is poverty that is causing a decline. Furthermore, the rich-poor gap that widens overly has an effect on mobility causing income in comparison. Also, European social mobility is much best(p) than that one in the United States. Some other factors that influence social mobility include race, income, mother and father occupation, and ethnicity. Certainly, one of the reasons why social mobility in United States appears to be talled or in decline is because of poverty.The higher the individual starts on the social ladder the more likely that individual allow for end up higher than where he or she first started. The more income the p atomic number 18nts defend pull up stakes guarantee more opportunities for that person. According to Economic Mobility Project, 40% of Americans that are born in the bottom quintile remain stuck there as adults (Upper bound). That means that that almost half of that social group doesnt change their position within a social stratification system.That doesnt mean it is their fault because people that are poor start with a disadvantage. For example, according to Eric Wanner, chairperson of the Russell Sage Foundation, Upper-income families can invest more in their childrens education and they may have a better understanding of what it takes to get a practis ed education. (Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs by Jason DeParle). That means that a child that comes from a richer family has more educational opportunities than a child coming from the poor.Furthermore, a child oming from rich family will have a better understanding on how to succeed in school where on the other hand, child from poor family doesnt have that opportunity. However, Just 8% of American men at the bottom rose to the top fifth. That shows that even though it is difficult it is still possible. Generally speaking, the rich-poor gap that widens also has an effect on mobility causing income inequality. As the gap between rich and the poor has widened since 1970, the odds that a child that is born in poverty will climb to wealth remain stuck.Same goes to child that is born rich will fall into middle class. One reason for mobility gap may be the depth of American poverty which leaves poor children starting especially far behind. Most of the time it is determined by the father and mother occupation. Based on the new data gathered by Bhashkar Mazumder of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, he argued that 60% of a sons income is determined by the train of income of the father. (Goodbye, Horatio Alger). This means that more than half of men are dependable on their fathers income.Furthermore, this shows that the higher the income ot parents, the more opportunities the child example, researchers now estimate the ginger nut of father-son earnings at 0. 5%. That means that for every 1% increase in fathers income, his sons income will be increased or expect to increase by about 0. 5%. ((Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs). In other words, the better the income of the father, the better the income of the son. So the family background is very important in social mobility.In contrast, European social mobility is much better than that one in the United States. European countries have made serious investments to create equality of opportun ity for all. According to Fareed Zakaria in The downward path of upward mobility, they have extremely good childhood health and nutrition programs, and they have far better public educations systems than the United States does. Furthermore, poor children compete on a more equal footing against the rich and in the United States poor children compete for better education few steps behind then others.

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Case Study for Samsung Electronics

Case abridgment for Samsung Electronics 1. What is SMICs strategy? Should Samsung be concerned about SMIC? SMIC seems to execute the uniform kind of strategy Samsung used before to succeed. The strategy is change their products at low prices and growing their securities industry share at the expense of profitability. SMIC whitethorn queer Samsungs business in the future, but not too much. Although SMIC butt loll many resources, such as cheap funds and lands from Chinese government and foreign investors, SMIC only focuses on producing chits, not designing chips.Samsung Distribution ChannelThe constitute of the application of a new tap today is 3 billion and it is challenging for SMIC with sales revenue of 365. 8 million in 2003. Samsungs success dep destructions on its constant engineering innovation, leading to high quality products and efficient manufacturing dish which will benefit Samsung with high retail prices and low appeal. SMIC seems hard to get core technology from their partners unless forming a joint venture. However, cooperating with chip manufacturers in Taiwan seems more(prenominal) attractive for the leading technology owners.Except the technology, Samsung still enjoy building block constitute return in raw literals, R&D and derogation. SMIC may threaten Samsungs elder generation products. However, fund chip industry is a tech-oriented industry, Samsung can still maintain its leading position because its wages in innovation. What Samsung should concern is that the fasting growing Chinese market (estimated to be the second-largest semi-conduct buyer in 2010), their global competitors may get market-entry advantages through cooperating with SMIC. 2. The low cost position.Samsung operating profit advantage over the industry composite is $2. 11 per unit, 34% from selling price and 66% from cost advantage. To SMIC, it is 1. 78 per unit, 70% from selling price and 30% from cost advantage (Exhibit 1). For the comparative cost anal ysis, Samsung have unit advantage over the industry composite in all the five elements. They are raw materials 36%, labor 27%, depreciation 18%, R&D 3%, SG&A 25. 29%. Compared to SMIC, Samsung has advantages in raw material 36%, depreciation 17% and R&D 25%, but has disadvantages among labor 57% and SG&A 48% (Exhibit 2). . 1 Analysis Samsung VS Industry Composite a. Samsungs unit selling price advantage comes from two aspects. First, PC OEM manufacturers would pay 1% price premium to reliable suppliers. Second, Samsung can customize its products for some special use because its respective(a) products line to get premium. Third, Samsung has the most advanced products which can enjoy high selling price during the first several-month launching time. b. Samsungs unit raw material cost advantage come from three aspects. First, the material suppliers will give maximum 5% discount to large volume buying.Second, the usage of 12-inch wafer (reduce 10% cost per chip) and 0. 11? m processing technology(80%, the highest yield rate) makes Samsung get more chips with very(prenominal) amount of materials. Assuming the leaden average raw material cost per chip of Samsung is 100%, the Mircon will be 134%, Indineon 116% and the Hynix 161% (Exhibit 3). c. Samsungs unit labors cost may be explained by the salary differences between Samsung ($44000 per year) and the industry ($49312 per year, weighted average by production volume). Also, there are some invisible issues.Samsung provides equal and competitive corporation value, unique evaluation and promotion system and benignity warfare for their employees. These elements make Samsung more productive, so the labor cost per unit is lower. d. The reason for Samsungs unit depreciation cost advantage per unit is resembling to that of raw materials. With high processing technology (0. 11? m) to control yield rate (Samsung 80% vs Industry weighted average 59%), Samsung can take on more efficiently. So the depreciation per unit is lo wer. The production efficiency advantage (25%) is higher than the cost depreciation advantages (17%).That may because Samsung uses more advanced and expensive machine. e. Samsungs advantage in unit R&D cost may come from three ways. First, the competitive corporation culture drive employees to devote themselves in innovation. And the technical person works together with the manufacturing one, making the innovation process more efficient. Second, the innovation method is effective. The can use same core technology to develop different products types, such as the DDR and Rambus. Third, centralization of the R&D facilities saves an average 12% fab construction costs. . Samsungs unit SG&A cost advantage comes from the efficient management structure of the country reducing the general administration cost and good reputation of products reducing the sales expenses. 3. 2 Analysis Samsung VS SMIC a. Compared to the industry composite, Samsungs profit advantage over SMIC mainly from the pric e realization (70%), and the cost advantage only stands for 30%. The huge price intermission results from several aspects. First, the quality and reputation for SMIC is lower. Second, the technology SMIC used was one or two generation older than Samsung.Third, use the low price strategy to get the market share. Finally, SMIC using purchasing rights exchanging for technology partners, the price of product selling to their partner may be lower than the marketing price. b. The reason for Samsungs unit material cost advantage seems similar to the one over industry composite. c. The disadvantage of labor cost is because the average salary of SMIC is only a eviscerate of Samsung. d. The reason for Samsungs unit depreciation cost seems similar to the one over industry composite. The gap should be larger.However, the SMIC gets cheap loans and government support, and buy old product line from Motorola. These issues may help SMIC reduce the gap. e. Samsungs unit R&D cost advantages may be e xplained with SMICs start-up status. It usually spends a lot at the early age of innovation. To build a new fab for SMIC is more expensive than Samsung. f. The disadvantage of Samsung in unit SG&A may be explained by SMICs strategy. Now, SMIC has to manufacture the products for their technology partners. SMIC seem to focus less on marketing their brands and become an OEM factory. 3. Can Samsung retain its cost advantage?If lose, what would happen at Samsung and SMIC? In my opinion, the main drive for Samsungs profit is its innovation, which can lead to high selling price and low manufacturing cost. The raw materials advantages may be decreased with increasing SMIC production volume and advanced manufacturing technology. The labor disadvantage is hard to say because Chinese labor cost is also rising. The depreciation advantage may be decreased by the efficiency improvement of SMIC. The R&D gap may also be decreased by the development of SMIC. SA&G depend on to what degree SMIC want t o promote their own brand.So the Samsungs cost advantages over SMIC will be decreased in the future and even lose. However, assuming that someday Samsung loses its cost advantages, it is still very likely that Samsung is ahead of SMIC by one or two generation. Samsung still can make more profit by with higher selling prices. Even though SMIC can get government support and cheap funds, it cannot acquire the same kind of corporate culture and the centralized R&D facility. By the way, SMIC cannot tolerant long time profit loses as a public smart set and the national security concerns may put more resource on logic chip. 4. Options and recommendations. a.Joint venture Corporate with SMIC or other chip manufacturers in chinaware to produce low end dram. Even the low end technology is attractive to China and get government support. Open the potential Chinese market and reduce cost. But it is hard to maintain the relationship with the constant requirement of technology transfer. b. OEM License SMIC and make it as an OEM manufacture for Samsung. Transfer our low end technology to SMIC. The longer SMIC keeping the contract, the less threat. However, SMIC seems unwilling to accept this contract unless it faces profit pressure. SMICs ability may not reach the Samsung products requirement. . Focusing on our own business Samsungs core competency is constant and efficient innovation. Memory chip industry is technology-oriented and the advantage cannot be achieved in few long time (Unless competitor gets breakthrough such as total substitute, which is little probability). The corporate value cannot be copied in a short time. Samsung may reallocate its resources of DRAM (profit, manufacturing capacity of old chips and R&D) towards more promising flash memory business. By doing that it can still keep its leading position in memory chip industry. I recommend this option.

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist notes

Why is the interaction with the hostile driver in Manila probatory? This interaction is significant because it is the first time that Changez sees himself as the rich, stuck-up, corporate American working man rather than a Pakistani in a nonher country. It is out-of-pocket to the look of disgust he sees in the eyes of the driver that he realizes who he has become. He even tells population, upon being asked where he is from, that he is from New York, disrespect being from Pakistan originally. The feeling he has, however, when telling people he is from America is shame. This is an indication of his self-loathing that he feels because he is an American now.What is the conflict Changez feels?The conflict Changez feels is the need to bring home the bacon and join Americas elite, however he feels that by doing this he will lose his cultural roots, for example his respect for elders. He also does not want to be part of a society ilk that of Americas elite because they are not really l ooked up to in some other areas, they are more looked upon with anger, like the driver in Manila. He feels out of place and yet very much at home with the firm he works for, for example in Manila he feels that he should join the Filipinos on their way home because he is not an American, however his winning make a face and his obvious drive and commitment to his work take him in the direction of success.Third world sensibility shared experience between Changez and the driver, USA to Filipino. They share a third world background however Changez is in a limo while the other man is not privileged or wealthy like Changez is. Changez is protected by his American co-workers and is considered to be part of that society even if he doesnt feel that way all the time.Play acting he is an outsider, a third world man but he takes on the identity of someone that is not him, that is someone of riches and opportunity. However, in the airport he is detained and questioned, suggesting that he isnt A merican he is Pakistani in a costume.Implication of foreign said to Jim he is not part of the society, he is not one of those people filled with opportunity.

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Lawmaking by executive order: an analysis of a movement tending to destroy American constitutional government and to set up an executive autocracy Essay

Executive Order entree Executive Order is a licitly mandatory revisal of magnitude given by the acting prexy since he is the head of the Executive Branch ordering (FAA) Federal Administrative Agencies. An Executive Order is loosely applied to control officials and federal agencies in their implementation of congression solelyy recognized policies or laws. However, in many occurrences they f entirely in been applied to direct agencies in ways opposing to congressional intent but not all administrator orders argon formed equal. Some of executive director orders may deal with defense or earnest issues while others may be normally symbolic or ceremonial. copulationional approval is not a must requirement in order to for an Executive order to be effected because it project the besides legal burden as laws sancti adeptd by Congress. Examples of executive orders include proclamations, national security directives and chairwomanial decision directives. Executive orders discombobu late been applied by either main executive since the reign of George upper-case letter in 1789. Every president starting with George capital of the United States affirm delivered orders which can be referred as executive orders although they did not formally indicated by name. Most of these orders were not published and were only comprehended and discussed by the agencies which were concerned. George Washingtons first executive order stated that United States was going to remain neutral in the war between Great Britain and France. In the early era of 1900s, Department in the State started total those orders and the numbering system we moderate today when considering a specific order was not prepared until farthest ahead. Those orders were retroactively numbered starting from year 1862 when chair Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation by executive order and by now thither are more than thirteen thousands orders which have been numbered. However, there are sleek over some orders which have not been listed because of bad record keeping but that is not a business today since all upcoming executive orders are accessed easily. Since the decision of Supreme Court in 1952, every president has also do sure to mention which precise laws they are performing under whenever they are delivering the executive order. Numerous significant policy modifications have happened through Executive orders although the hot seat cannot use apply executive orders to create laws, the orders can still have a very extensive consequence. For example President Truman delivered an executive order to incorporate the armed forces, while President Eisenhower delivered an executive order to incorporate all public schools. Another executive order 9066 was given out by President Roosevelt to affirm defined areas zones for military, but soon it was applied for the transfer of Japanese-the Statesns to captivity camps in the course of World War II and claimed it that he had p ower under his military authority. President Kennedy and President Johnson applied them to promote racial separationism in federal contracting, appointment and housing. President Bill Clinton overturned the executive order which has been issued by President Reagan about promoting use of federal funds to support abortion. However, conflict aroused during the reign of President Clinton because in his more than 300 executive orders he was not consulting the republican Congress. Recently, President Barrack Obama have have a lot of criticism from Republicans due to signing numerous executive orders to postpone certain there has been criticism from Republicans as President Obama has signed numerous executive orders to postponement certain sections of the (ACA) Affordable wangle Act, although the law have not specified the authority of the president to do that. The claim of Republican is that the president is selecting which sections of the law to obey and which one to disobey. In all t erms considered executive orders cannot interject the laws approved by Congress or the duties deputized to the Executive Branch. However, executive orders tracks against the common section of the Constitution that states No one should have power to act disjointedly. In contrast, Congress often provides the President substantial exemption in administering and implementing federal law. Sometimes, the Congress cannot approve precisely how to implement a law therefore this abandons the finding to all federal agencies concerned and the President in the power. When congress flops to comprehend out deeply on how an act is to be implemented, the President can provide those parts in detail but in the custom of Executive Orders. The main purpose of executive orders was to strengthen the right or duty of a President to produce an order, verdict, or declaration to convey out a precise power that real committed to his preference by the Constitution or by congress approval of a lawful statute. The President is supposed to take care that the laws be loyally executed because Executive Orders were never aforethought(ip) to offer a President the power to go from one place to another in Congress to enact legislation. For example if the police are aiming suspects in a certain area where gang collision is dominant, the President can order them to go after those gang wrecks by an Executive Order because he is the chief law enforcement positioningr but has to adhere to the written law. The ovalbumin house and the Presidency has evolved over time, and is not the same as it was years ago. Since George Washington took over office, many presidents have taken office, with the about recent being the historic Barrack Obama who has made over lodge hundred executive orders so far. It is important to put time into consideration as we seek to compare the many presidents the United States of America has had as we examine their executive orders made. In this paper, I am quest to examine the executive office especially on presidents who faced very starkly times at the white house. Among rhetoric and administrative powers, the president possesses legislative powers which are exhibited by making of executive orders as it has been the case with many presidents. Initially, the white house lacked guidelines to follow when setting these executive orders, until in 1952 when president Truman decided to make an executive order no. 10340 that was rendered null and invalid because it was making a law without congress, instead of extending it as should have been the case. later the ruling, previous presidents have been citing existing laws when making these orders to avoid un primitiveity of any of these orders. This paper examines some of those orders issued, with most of them having been made during the tenure of President Roosevelt. The largest amounts of executive orders were issued between Trumans era and Roosevelts era. The most executive orders have been issued during t he reigns of the presidents that have been known and termed as strong. These have come under tenures when America was at war give care in Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. Mostly, presidents have issued them in times when they need to act in ways not allowed for by the constitution. There have been more conservative presidents like Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Hebert Hoover who had the belief that they were strictly restrain by the constitution. Currently, President Barrack Obama has made executive orders that have seen even congress men devolve on behind to impeach him as well as filing lawsuits. Last year (2013), the president passed 23 executive orders as part of his war against guns, and recently, in a public address he issued an executive order that saw the increment in salaries for some workers under the federal government. Currently, an executive order is seeking to fight for a debate in the enactment of a new immigration law. The current president has threate ned to use these orders to pass key policies if congress fails to act imminently. According to Clancy (1996), several implications for the adoption of presidential orders have been evident, with Obama ensuring that immigrants are getting proper treatment even when deportation has been necessitated. President Bill Clinton ensured the preservation of some American rivers which were taken as American Heritage. Obamacare has seen the current president pass over nine hundred executive orders, which he has said are all in ensuring better lives for the American state and improving life standards for American families. This has been evident especially with the pay increments for example of these initiatives to boost the lives of Americans. Gun policies have also been enacted through his executive orders, giving a sense of security back to notorious streets that have seen an increase in the number of gun owners most of which are illegal.ReferencesAmerican Liberty League (ALL). 1935. statut e law by executive order an analysis of a movement tending to destroy American constitutional government and to set up an executive autocracy. Washington, D.C. American Liberty League.Clancy, T. (1996). Executive orders. New York, N.Y Berkley Books.Great Britain. 2008. bill of exchange Legislative Reform (Health and Safety Executive) Order 2008 report, together with formal minutes and written evidence. London TSO.McNamara, Carol, and Melanie M. Marlowe. 2012. The Obama presidency in the constitutional order a first look. Lanham, Md Rowman & Littlefield.Smith, V. Kerry. 1984. Environmental policy under Reagans executive order the role of benefit-cost analysis. Chapel Hill University of North Carolina Press.Source document

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Catholic Church so successfully in the years 1517-1525 Essay

Why was Luther able to argufy the Catholic church so successfully in the years 1517-1525?Various reasons contributed to Martin Luthers success in challenging the Catholic church service from the years 1517-25. The five key reasons behind Luthers success were his shelter by Frederick the sensible, the feature his ideas were appealing and normal, his passion and determination, the failures of the Church itself and finally, the timing of his challenge. Some of these detailors also affected apiece other and these links provide the strength which allowed Luthers disintegration to be so successful. This is because one of these situationors but would not have been sufficient in preventing Luther gaining the same fate as those who attempted a reformation before him. Conversely, some reasons can also be considered as having a larger and more gen periodl effect than others, meaning they were more monumental in contributing to the final outcome.Frederick the Wise, Elector of Sax ony and make of the University of Wittenberg was the most powerful early defender of Luther. He played a large spot in helping Luther keep his nitty-gritty spreading and on several occasions used his authority to welfare Luthers revolt. For example, The Papal Bull of Excommunication was neer carried out in Saxony and neither were the hurt of the Edict of The Worms. Also, Frederick persuaded Charles V to bestow out the Diet of Worms in German, instead of capital of Italy, so that Luther could defend himself safely. some other way Frederick defended Luther was in 1521 when he had him kidnapped on his way back from Worms and taken to the Wartburg for his safety.The significance of Frederick the Wises protection is that he ultimately prevented Luther from being killed or persecuted by those who disagreed with his motives. This in turn allowed his message to utter on spreading and to be developed. Therefore, Frederick the Wise had a fundamental effect on the Lutheran campaign be cause although he never converted to the religion, he contributed to its development and influence over Saxony. The main reason Wise back up Luther was because Luther was a teacher at his University and Wise did not want it to gain a braggy reputation. However, other reasons can also be considered such as the fact that Luthers ideas proved best-selling(predicate) and wherefore Frederick was happy to gestate him.Essentially, Luthers success relied upon his ideas being popular and the reason for this was due to the fact his ideas appealed to people of all classes. He addressed his message differently to both the princes, in Address to the Christian Nobility, and the peasants, by creating sermons and woodcuts. This allowed his message to spread among everyone. His ideas appealed to the different classes peasants interpreted his message of priesthood of all believers as supporting neighborly equality and used it as a basis for the Peasants War in 1525 thus showing they supported L uther up until this point.The nobility also joined the reform movement as they believed it would strengthen their political rig and remove papal influence in their territories. His popularity is shown by the fact his publications were of the most popular at the time. The fact his ideas were popular were vital to his success as his argument had to be seen as valid for him to gain support. Moreover, the fact he had support from a variety of everyday Germans was crucial for keeping his message spreading. A significant reason for his ideas proving popular is due to the churchs failures which at the time was becoming increasingly little tolerated and gave a clear example of the faults he was trying to mettlesomelight.The lack of tolerance towards the church was due to the fact that many Germans saw the Pope as a foreigner who did little to benefit Catholics, despite the high papal taxes they had to pay to him. These taxes were used to pay for the rebuilding of St Peters Basilica in Ro me thus not being advantageous to the Germans who were paying the tax. However the intolerance was not only towards the papacy but also parish priests who were not fulfilling their pastoral duties. Many also committed clerical abuses such as pluralism and simony.As a result, people generally had the growing contact they were being exploited for their money and faith. This feeling over anticlericalism was further developed from Luthers ideas. It is also a reason for the fact Luthers ideas were popular, because they could be related too and agreed with. Failures of the Church were not a directly significant reason for Luthers success, it allowed him to gain more support but only because his ideas were popular. Anticlericalism had been around for a long time, and only intensify the popularity of his message as it coincided with a time when intolerance towards church failures was increasing.Another reason for Luthers ideas proving popular was due to his personality and passion for mak ing a change. This passion is seen through his obsession with finding salvation. In addition, he was fearless in putting his point crossways regardless of consequences such as in 1519 in his debate with Johann Eck where he argued his ideas confidently and 1521 at the Diet of Worms, where he claimed that by recanting, he would be promoting tyranny and his conscience would not allow him to do so, therefore he would not be silenced.Luthers determination also relates to why his ideas proved popular, he had the power to make people believe and support him. This determination meant he was the catalyst for the reformation in Europe. He not only believed there was decomposition in the Catholic Church, but spoke out publicly to the highest degree his ideas that salvation would be put together through faith alone. It also links to Fredericks choice to defend him because his passion earned him the role as a lecturer at Wittenberg University which meant Frederick was more willing to support him. Luthers personality was historic for his success, he was determined to change the system of the Church and this prevented him from giving up, and instead keeping his message extending across the Empire.The final factor that can be considered and linked to the others is the timing of Luthers movement. It coincided with the return of the Renaissance era which invited new forecasting about education and society that came from ancient Greek and Roman teachings. These secular, humanist ideas believed that the Church should not rule civic matter but only give guidance in ghostlike matters, which Luther also emphasised in his teachings. In other words, he agreed with the Renaissance way of thinking, way on the present, and seeing that change was desperately needed in the Catholic Church. This was significant as it ran gibe to his beliefs and helped in the development of his own ideas, as well as making them more relatable to everyday Germans, therefore having a similar effect to that of intolerance towards anticlericalism.In addition, his ideas were spread quicker by the invention of the belief press. His Ninety Five Theses was printed, meaning his word was spread rapidly. Previous to the printing press, people with ideas had no hard-hitting way to spread them. Therefore, the printing press also links to the fact his ideas were seen as popular because they could be seen by many. On the contrary, the fact that less than 10% of the population could read or write was a limiting factor to the spread of his message. Therefore, the fact his revolt began at a time when society and engineering science was also changing means it was carried along with the flow of new, revolutionary ideas, which helped his message to be heard by more people.In conclusion, many of these factors link together to produce the same outcome that Luthers revolt was a successful one. However, the most important factor was that his ideas proved popular. This was because they, to an exten t, were radical, new and well-liked. Martin Luther was one of the first to think outside of what the church taught him. He began to question the churchs authority and what was going on interior the Church what he found was corruption, greed and malpractice. But this alone would not have made him so successful. His personality played a role by making him determined to speak up about it and therefore gain more support, making his ideas even more popular.Without these two factors working together, he never would have gained strong enough support to form a fully fledged reformation. However, more significantly than his personality was the protection he acquired from Frederick the Wise this kept him from Harms way and allowed his message to carry on spreading. Additionally, to this was the significance of the timing of his actions. It turned what would have been a small rebellion into a depicted object reorganization of the Church, due to the printing press and Renaissance era.Finally , but with less slightly less importance, was the Churchs own failures. On one hand it was important to his success because it emphasised the corruption he was describing, making it more relatable. On the other hand, anticlericalism had been around for a long time, it only emphasised his message but did not contribute to its successfulness. In summary, all five factors played an important role stock-still the most important were that his ideas proved popular , due to his personality, and his protection by Frederick the Wise. The other elements played lesser roles but were still important in helping his message spread to a wider audience.

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Morbid place Essay

spotlight thinks that Magwitch looks as though he is eluding the hands of the dead battalion, stretching up cautiously bug out of their graves, to get a twist upon his ankle and pull him in. There is a gibbet where a commandeer had once been buried in the marshes and run into looks at Magwitch as if he were the pirate vex to life, and come down, and going back to hook himself up again. daemon makes the reader wonder if that is how Magwitch is going to meet his end. The descriptions from Pip are precise eloquent and show us that he has a wonderful imagination.In the Tempters time, criminals (and a person could be called this just for stealing a loaf of bread for his/her family, or committing some sort of petty crime) were thrown into prison or plant in hulks. Hulks were old marine ships that had been converted into prisons the convicts were shackled so that there was less chance of escaping. If a person escaped from a hulk s/he was transported to Australian on a ship tha t had atrocious living conditions, legion(predicate) people dies from disease or malnutrition before they arrive din Australia. People were thrown into the debtors prison when they got into any debt, even if they only owed a little bit of money.The person in debt was engrossed indefinitely until the person who they owed the money was satisfied. Many debtors died in these prisons because of the terrible living conditions. This is extremely different to how it is now, and so the modern reader doesnt understand the situation. Today almost e preciseone is in some sort of debt mortgages, loans, overdrafts, and but no one is thrown into prison for it. Magwitch speaks as though hes not very educated. He says wittles when he means victuals, partickler instead of particular and percooliar when he should say peculiar. demon uses phonetics to show his dialect and colloquialisms. This makes Magwitch seem not very sophisticated. The younger Pips dialogue shows that he has had some sort of edu cation as its a lot more educated than Magwitchs If you would kindly please to let me keep upright, sir, perhaps I shouldnt be sick. tho when compared to the older Pips dialogue, we can see that he became more educated It was a dressing-room and handsome in it was a draped table with a gilded looking-glass. Miss Havisham and Estella seem to speak fashionable and rather snobby.When they are playing cards Estella says He calls the knaves Jacks She obviously thinks that her mood of talking is proper. fiend shows the reader how the different classes spoke in Victorian times from the poor and uneducated (Magwitch) to the wealthy and exquisite (Miss Havisham). We dont see much of Estella and Dickens leaves the reader asking questions who is the young and pretty daughter and what is she doing in such a morbid place? But what we do see isnt very nice. Although she is a beautiful girl she is very vindictive. what coarse hands he has.And what thick boots She makes Pip tint ashamed of himself and doesnt even say his name she talks as if she is speaking about him to soulfulness else, as if she could never lower her standards enough to talk to such a common thing. She put the mug down and on the stones of the yard, and gave me the bread and meat without looking at me, as insolently as if I were a dog in disgrace. She isnt satisfied until she makes Pip lean against the wall and anticipate and watched him twist his hair with bitter frustrations. Miss Havisham is unusual because although aged, she is not married.In Dickenss England a woman was expected to get married and then look after her husband and children for the rest of her life. This was necessary because women relied on their fathers, then their husbands. Without a husband how would a woman survive if her father died? Or ran into debt? This is other situation were that the modern reader finds unusual. These days, women have equal rights and do not need to get married. Dickens makes us feel some kind of consideration for Miss Havisham during our first meeting with her The bride within the betrothal dress had withered like the dress, and like the flowers She seems like an injured soul and we comprehend why when she says her tit is broken The reader wonders how come Miss Havisham is in her unmarried state and this makes us feel raunchy for her. She lives in the dark, keeping all the light out as if she cant bear to tone the world. Then the readers attitude towards her changes when we realise that Miss Havisham just wants Pip for a toy and we begin to feel less kind towards her. When she goes as far as telling Estella to beggar him and expose his heart we definitely we definitely start to dislike her.The reader doesnt feel that Pip is prophylactic with her. The differences between the happenings now and in Great Expectations make the modern reader surprised and mystified, but smooth able to relate to Pips story. Great Expectations is can still be related to instantly bec ause at some point, everyone goes through the struggles that Pip must battle. It shows that assets and wealth do not change who people are inside, and that finding ones self can be a long dim process until finally everything becomes clear.Dickens wrote Great Expectations as a way for him to introduce himself into his writing more aspects of his life can be found in the book, making it very autobiographical. It was also a way of making his feelings known about the social issues in England in his time. He tells the reader not to justice people, as appearances are very deceptive. The moral of the story seems to be that no matter how you change your superficial appearance and how much you educate yourself, you cant change who you really are.

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“Letter from a Birmingham Jail” Dr. Martin Luther

In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail Dr. Martin Luther world-beater Jr. challenges the conceptualize nonions of his fellow clergymen and argues that in evaluator anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (King, 1963). Dr. King had been chastised by a chip of clergy in Birmingham as an alfresco agitator stirring up trouble in their city. Early on, he exempted his idea that no citizen of the United States can be considered an agitator when protesting or acting with regard to something else mishap with the countrys borders. Furthermore, King argues that what happens in Birmingham affects Atlanta and Washington, D.C. and New York City. In many ways, he was rivalry the idea of globalization and world conscious long before they became buzz words and the way of the world. King argued that as a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference he had no natural selection other than to fight for social justice throughout the South.After justifying himself to the other clergy, King explains why the demonstrations for which he was arrested are taking place in Birmingham. In gentle rebuke, he points out that the clergymen have condemned the conditions that resulted because of the protest notwithstanding have never taken time to rebuke the conditions that required the demonstrations take place. Birmingham is probably the most well behaved segregated city in the United States. Its ugly record of brutality is widely known. Negroes have undergo grossly unjust treatment in the courts. There have been more unsolved bombings of Negro homes and churches in Birmingham than in any other city in the nation. These are the hard, brutal facts of the case, King wrote (King 1963).Despite those conditions, leaders at bottom the African American community approached city leaders attempting to find a path to social justice via the equity. They were humored and strung along by the establishment, but never did the city try to make any good faith effort to try to change th e conditions. And, at the time of Kings letter, being born(p) an African American in atomic number 13 in general and Birmingham in particular virtually guaranteed a lack of rights. Then, last September, came the opportunity to talk with leaders of Birminghams economic community. In the course of the talkss, certain promises were make by the merchants for example, to remove the stores humiliating racial signs. On the basis of these promises, the Reverend Fred Shuttles worth and the leaders of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights nursed to a moratorium on all demonstrations. As the weeks and months went by, we realized that we were the victims of a broken promise. A few signs, briefly removed, returned the others remained. (King, 1963).The signs were the overt racism inherent in Birmingham, but the root in the region went much deeper. African Americans were consistently denied the right to vote, sometimes to the point that in counties where the volume of the populat ion was black, not a single African American was registered to vote. King argues clearly that these maneuvers to h hoar volume back from racial par were often being done at heart the confines of the fair play and that was a problem in and of it.He further argues that taking direct fill will spur the community toward negotiation and an effort to change. Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community which has constantly refused to negotiate is forced to confront the loose. It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored. (King, 1963) If no action is taken, King agues, then the status quo does not change. People are not prompted to change, or even to negotiate for improvement if there is no nerve impulse for their effort.The purpose of our direct-action program is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the entry to negotiation. I therefore concur with you in your call for negoti ation. Too long has our beloved South tear been bogged down in a tragic effort to live in monologue rather than dialogue. (King, 1963). It is all important(predicate) to note that throughout his call to action, King reiterates that the direct actions should be non-violent designed to make people disquieting and disrupt daily routines, not aggressive or threatening.He services complaints that the protest came too soon after a city election for the newly elected government to have any impact on the old ways. The problem with waiting for someone to take action is that you are always waiting and nothing changes. The alone answer that I can give to this query is that the new Birmingham administration must be prodded or so as much as the outgoing one, before it will act. We are sadly mistaken if we sprightliness that the election of Albert Boutwell as mayor. will bring the millennium to Birmingham.While Mr. Boutwell is a much more gentle someone than Mr. Connor, they are both seg regationists, dedicated to maintenance of the status quo. (King, 1963). King points to the emerging nations of the world, able to fight for their license from colonial oppressors and get it, and then remarks at the horse and buggy pace the United States is making within her own borders to promote equality (King, 1963). Perhaps it is easy for those who have never felt the stinging grisly of segregation to say, Wait.(King, 1963)He justifies his actions in terms of the law. This is perhaps the most powerful of Kings arguments outside the I Have a Dream speech. It sets the tone for his later work and justifies the Civil Rights Movement in one fell swoop. Since we so diligently urge people to obey the Supreme Courts decision of 1954 outlawing segregation in the public schools, at first glance it may seem rather paradoxical for us consciously to break laws.One may won ask How can you instigate breaking some laws and obeying others? The answer lies in the fact that there fire two types of laws just and unjust. I would be the Brat to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral right to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that an unjust law is no law at all (King, 1963).In this short passage, King makes an eloquent and absolute plea for civil disobedience and encourages people to take the action needed to make a balance with regard to changing the law. His argument is that sometimes the law is simply so unjust that if a someone does not take radical action to change the law, he is fighting injustice.The idea that a law could be justly applied but be inherently unjust was illogical, he argued. An unjust law is a code that a numerical or power majority group compels a nonage group to obey but does not make binding on itself. This is residue made legal. By the same token, a just law is a code that a majority compels a minority to follow and that it is willing to follow itself. This is sameness made legal. (King, 1963).He further argues that the type of civil disobedience he is recommending was first practiced in biblical times by Shadrach and his compatriots when they faced the lions den rather than renouncing their faith. He then goes on to chastise the church leadership for their inaction and lack of support for the African American community. Let me take note of my other major disappointment. I have been so greatly disappointed with the white church and its leadership. (King, 1963). He argues that the church should in supporting core Christian values work toward the development of equality for all people and that in failing to do so they have ignored their Christian duty.Kings letter was intend as an answer to critics, a response to those who did not understand the reality of the Southern African American and the way that they were being discriminated against. Instead, it served as an strategy for social justice and for achieving equal ity. By detailing how and why people of color and white Americans should stand in concert to fight for equality, he took the effort for equality out of the streets and back alleys to the headlines.His definitions regarding an unjust law made the difference philosophically and religiously for many people. Many people who had previously considered themselves good people suddenly erect that they could no longer hide behind the legality of the situation. Instead, King forced them to take the issue of equality to heart and think of it from their conscious and not just from the law. They were no longer able to argue that it was clear by the law so that must make it right. King found the right words to explain that equality was everyones responsibility and that unless people were willing to work for justice, no one would have it.Thesis In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. challenges the preconceived notions of his fellow clergymen and argues that injustice anyw here is a threat to justice everywhere. (King, 1963OutlineLetter from a Birmingham JailI. Summary and historical contextII. Why Birmingham?a. Worst racism in the Southb. Negotiation failedc. New leadership might mean an opportunity for change.III. Why direct action?a. Civil disobedience draws attentionb. Unjust laws should not be obeyedc. Christian history of actionIV. ConclusionKings letter was intended as an answer to critics, a reply to those who did not understand the reality of the Southern African American and the way that they were being discriminated against. Instead, it served as an outline for social justice and for achieving equality.

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L’oreal and the Globalization of American Beauty Essay

How did LOreal hold up the worlds largest bag comp each? What was the role of acquisitions in the growth? The global strategy of Loreal started stolon from European countries like Austria, Italy, and the Holland providing hare care and hair color products. After the launch in the USA, they headstrong to expand their market share by mainly M&A of many similar simply way smaller companies. With proper acquisition strategy over the years, they finally became the largest company in beauty industry.LOreal offers consumers worldwide Ameri laughingstock and French concepts of beauty. Are there any limits to the national beauty images it can globalize? There may be some limits for Lorear to go more worldwide even if they arouse huge branches and offices over the world. I rally it may be related with racial issues. The society for minority is changing faster than ever before, however still, the majority of American and European countries are white but Asian, African American, and His panic. Thus, if they really care about optimal globalization in all ways, they should probably pack making their diversified strategy in other markets (minorities).What are the global opportunities for Kiehls? What are the limits, if any? Even though Kiehls were taken over by Loreal through M&A, their products are not easily found at many stores, unlike there are so many producsts of Lorean in any store. And this is mainly because their products line are simply expensive targeting luxury market, so I think if they really want to go global they should find proper way to make their products easily unattached to the customers through mega-stores like walmart, or target.

Argument by Authority Example Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Argument by Authority Example - Essay ExampleIf one smokes Camel cigargonttes, he does not qualify to become a professional doctor automatically neither does he live or reason like the doctors. Where disputes arise among experts about a subject, then it happens to be fallacious to make an diligence to authority using the disputing experts.Many people who follow the meanings of advertisements with argue that prestigious persons cannot go wrong. The intention of the message is already delivered, which is to create awareness and make one believe in the message. It is vital to note that not all advertisements by prominent people or celebrities will lead to fallacy. Some of the inference they are applying are to be followed, not with certainty but probability (Baronett 2008).In accurate appeal to authority, there are reasons that are believed that claims made by renowned experts are always true. This is because people who are true(a) experts are always taken to be right all the time t han being wrong, whenever they are make claims in their areas of specialization. The radio recording that was sponsored by Camel would only be tenable if the experts thought the claim was reasonable. It is, therefore, reasonable to accept it hence listeners accepting claims on testimony of the expert (Gensler 2002).Fallacy as a formulate of advertisement makes people like a product depending on the people the products are associated by the products. It is crucial to identify if the person used is an expert in that field or not. One might be an expert in only one area of specialization and not all. We are, therefore, supposed to follow sure adverts intended for the excellent purpose and not for the good of the

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Summarises the themes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Summarises the themes - Es arrange ExampleThe position seemed exceedingly painful and the body must have been subjected to excruciating pain through this activity.Considering this position, watching from above, the soul was extremely angry. The anger became stronger and stronger however, he was powerless and could not do anything but watch. He screamed and shouted to let his body free and not subject it to such horrific activities. He would become quiet and listen to what they had to say and what they plan to do next and then start screaming again for mercy.After being subjected to this train of misery and not being able to do anything about it, he gave up. Once he gave up he found that everything changed. He now found himself in a place which was far past from this dreadful scene. He found peace and beauty from where he was now endue. The environment was serene which remaining his speechless. He found himself floating in an area where there were fine rainbows and delicate be ings. Everywhere he looked there were colors and sounds that were soothing to the ear. At once he forgot the pain he was being subjected and became at sea in this beautiful world. The place seems timeless and he wanted it never to go away. The beauty was never ending, could be seen till far.In white robes, loving being welcomed him to his new home. He found them to be caring and helped him cross over to the next world. He left behind all pain and grief to be become a part of this new beautiful world. The being circled around him to show him that they were present at all times to comfort him and help him. The environment was such that all transparent clouds were immingle together to bring about the beautiful scenario.The joy and happiness was unmatchable. It was serene and it was at once unsounded that it is only God who can create such an environment. The beings circling around him were sent by God to fall him into the right direction. His suffering was finally over and now he could become a part of this beautiful

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Video analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Video analysis - Essay ExampleThe speaker has a very interesting panache of introducing her speech. She begins by providing a real statistics of the worlds population that live in the cities. This serves to draw the assist of the audience as many people are not aware of such statistics. She delivers key facts that serves to produce the audience on the topic as well as making them aware that she is well familiar with the topic she is almost to speak on.Most of the global challenges that are facing the world such as global warming, gas emissions, excessive energy use, and poverty among others occurs in the cities and are thus city problems. and then the city dwellers are responsible for the changes holded to improve on such poor conditions. Three approaches that female genital organ be used to address such problems include engagement, inclusiveness and the ability to live happy and fulfilling lives. Engagement relates to involution in activities such as voting that has witnes sed a downward trend in the major cities of the world. Inclusiveness is ground on the level of inequality that exists within the cities. The ability to live happy lives has been compromised in the cities by the behavior of habitation in the cities. People have become less interactive and not concerned about one another leading to lack of joy and happiness. Steps towards building cities that care about its inhabitants include active participation revolution and collective decision-making process on matters such as utilization of resources. Citizens need to come up with their own structures of participation without waiting upon the government to act. Individual initiatives can help turn lives of many people living within the cities of the world provided that we are willing to act. She has employed problem-solution pattern of brass instrument in her speech. This approach is very effective in that it seek to persuade the audience which

John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson - Research Paper ExampleWhether it was a brush of ideologies or clash of personalities, it was an ugly situation which came down to accusation campaigns against each other. Jeffersons people were heard accusing chairperson Adams as having a hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man nor the gentleness and aesthesia of a woman to which Adams crowd responded by calling the Vice President Jefferson a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father (Swint 2008). Hence the two characters were introduced to the cosmopolitan public and eventually discussed widely in the academia. While Adam was labeled with rude terms resembling fool and criminal as well as tyrant and hypocrite, Jefferson was regarded as an atheist, coward, a weakling and libertine. Since on that point was no campaigning for the presidential candidates in the past, these political figures spent the election period at their homes, Adams in Massachusetts and Jefferson in Virginia. The core difference between the two politicians was in the use of tactics to go through to win the elections. Jefferson used James Callendar as hatchet man to convince America that Adams was keen on attacking France which was not the truth but it did win him the election because people bought his story. Adams considered himself above such tactics. Callendar has to do in fling because of Jefferson and felt he owed him all the respect even after he was released from jail in 1801. When he did not receive any conciliation from Jefferson, he wrote a story revealing that Jefferson had an affair with one of his slaves Sally Hemings who had five children from him and lived in France. Things continued to become dirty between Jefferson and Adams. It is still mind boggling when one recalls the friendship between the two which was so close that Jefferson himself proclaimed Adams as a visionary man who was accurate in his judgments. He referred to Adams as a warmhearted soul who did shoot his weaknesses but they did not overweigh his goodness (Swint 2008). Adams and Jefferson had contrasting lives. While Adams was the eldest son of a middling husbandman in Braintree who worked as a shoemaker in winters for survival of his family, Jefferson was the eldest son of a cockeyed planter in Virginia who owned thousands of acres of land and more than hundreds of slaves. Adams was raised in a strict Calvinist atmosphere where he was taught to subordinate an individual for a positive outcome in the community, respecting the way figures. Raised in Anglican Church, Jefferson was rather impressed with his fathers rise to power by merely surveying and speculation of the plants. He never said a word about his beliefs in his formative years. His father Peter Jefferson was a learned man who worked hard to come to his stature. Adams and Jefferson both get schooling in their early life but A dams stayed home while attending a preceding(prenominal) school and Jefferson was sent for early schooling away from home. Adams went to Harvard later in life while Jefferson to William and bloody shame (Ferling 18). Jefferson wanted to be recognized as a unique figure even among the planter elite. He dismissed the aristocratic ways and acknowledged his worth for seeing things in a progressive light. Adams had no choice but to choose his career but Jefferson always had an option because of