Friday, April 26, 2019

Hospitality marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Hospitality marketing - shew Examplerms of implementing various marketing strategies especially promotional and advertising campaigns in order to communicate nigh their facilities and availabilities regarding foods and functions to a large group of customers. They communicate about the offerings of their exceptional foods, receiptss, designed lobbies as wellhead as their attractive locations. Moreover, the hospitality industry also focuses to communicate about their quality and value establish operate for the customers (Shoemaker & Shaw 18).However, the product/service orientation antenna has also certain drawbacks which might affect the motion of the companies operating in the hospitality industry. The major problem in the product/service orientation approach can be identified as the offerings of the organizations may not be adequate as per the needs and the desires of the customers (Shoemaker & Shaw 18).This orientation can potentially cause a gap between the expectations of the customers related to the offered product/service and the actual provided product/service. This orientation can positively affect word-of-mouth and customer loyalty repayable to reason that a satisfied customer will be willing to recommend the used service or product to his/her peers or colleagues.The trading trading operations orientation concept of an organization involves the categorization process of the operations in order to efficiently achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The concept facilitates the organizations to design the roles and the responsibilities of the members allocated in different operational levels of the organization. The operations orientation concept aids to develop the practice in the operational divisions as per the needs and the requirements of the customers (Shoemaker & Shaw 17).However, the operations orientation concept also can impact on an organizations efficient mathematical process due to an inadequate understanding of th e consumer desires and needs which might create a gap between the services

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