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Conventions & Genres Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Conventions & Genres - question Paper ExampleIn this article I impart be highlighting how an authors subjectivity influences an article he has written on a particular topic. This is a very vernacular aspect and it can be said to be in writers, teachers and people who do reviews and they tend to scupper their views to the topic they atomic number 18 discussing. The pairing of doctrine due to subjectivity I have chosen the oblige The Border Patrol State by the author who goes by the name of Leslie Marmon Silko. This parry between Mexico and the join states have been subject to various discussions. Questions are raised on how efficient this frame in is and if it actually restricts those who should non traverse it at bay. The subjectivity from Silko is highly witnessed in the book because she raises the issue on a in the flesh(predicate) concern. Silkos subjectivity is viewed on the way she expresses her opinion on the border police. The patrol at the border should be an org an that provides security, promote development and peace along the border. According to Silkos, her point of view is that the border patrol are there and are acting as a hindrance to the Statess indigenous people. somewhat of these people actually tho want to travel back to their homeland.She believes that these hindrances are interfering with the indigenous Americans rights to freedom of movement and are restricting the economic development of the Native Americans. She accuses the border patrol of harassing people on the basis of their skin color. She talks of how she got stopped while driving home and was detained for hours just because of her being a native. This angered her and drove her to write this article vetting her anger towards the border patrol. The patrol at the border, according to the author, protect the colonizers of ancient time who are the elite who have continued ruling America rather than guard against crime and acts of terror. Her subjectivity is based on her anger towards the border patrol for acuate against cultures and tribes. She is a native American and thus she shapes her opinion concerning border patrol is based on how they falsely treat the native Americans. What really Silko says is that despite the measures put in place in the border, however big-ticket(prenominal) and advanced, the natives will continue to cross it despite the challenges they will face. Silko concludes that, No person, no citizen is free to travel without the test of the Border Patrol (Silko, 1996, p. 111). Subjectivities role to me as a teacher Anytime you are in class, subjectivity will show to the students especially when you are giving your own opinion to the students on the subject of discussion. There are two subjects that when I indulge in them,I might end up giving my own opinion to the students and thus reflect my subjectivity to the students. These topics involve politics and religion. Everybody has a right to their own opinion in these two facto rs. This may make my opinion to sometimes be different from that of my students due to the divergent backgrounds of the students. With debate to the topics above (religion and politics) you can influence the opinion of many students. Take a case of religion, Spinoza, for example, was a Jewish philosopher who was of the opinion that God is not the creator of nature but was nature itself. This was a subjectivity witnessed in Spinoza. The topic of homosexuality always elicits a lot of reactions from people. As a teacher, I

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