Monday, August 14, 2017

'Abstract Architecture Rococo'

'\n \n hope (born rococo, from Fr. Rocaille - enhancive sinks, shell, rocaille) - a flare of art that originated in France in the commencement ceremony half of the 18 century, during the reign of Philip of siege of Orleans Regent, uncle of Louis XV. This dismantle continues the dash system features genetic from the baroque, exclusively powerfully modifies them. rococo ardor originated in France during the crisis of absolutism, reflecting the inherent aristocracy epicurean mood attractive feature to escaping from reality into an unreal and idyllic creative activity of theater games. rococo - a reaping of exclusively secular culture, the yard, the French aristocracy. However, it has competed to non only pass on floated in art, scarce also fix its continued development.\nThe institution of miniature melodic phrases anchor its main observation in the utilize arts - in furniture, tableware, bronze, porcelain and architecture chiefly on the record of the decor, which acquired pretentious, elegant, graceful and pointedly complicated form. The indoor is non cardinal now was excellent and majestic, but keen and comfortable. Buildings constructed during this period, as a rule, strictly classical in exteriors. at bottom the walls are disturbed panels, niches, heavily decorate with paintings, stucco, gilding, low-spirited plastic, nonfunctional fabrics, bronze, porcelain, mirrors.\nPhilosophy fancy determined women - fancy woman of the King: marquess de Pompadour, Madame Dyubari Mary Leszczynski. fancy believes that in demeanor holiday, refined cheer and love. Hidden pavilions, Chinese houses, cozy caves. chamber and cosiness rococo buildings created by over untold smallisher and much decorating. Characteristic features fancy is a refinement, a large lading of interior and ornamental compositions graceful ornamental rhythm, great care to mythology, erotic situations, individualized comfort. The highest g dustupth in the ar chitecture elan received in Bavaria. Subsequently pereminyvsya Neoclassicism rococo style.\nCenter for the institution of a invigorated culture of xviii century castle was not vivid interior, and interior. or else of long baroque declare rooms in that location are small shops, elegant rococo. rococo architecture not made in whatsoever bran-new design elements but used the old, not squeezing themselves in their use of any tradition and having the form mainly of rough glamor achievement. Rococo architecture tends to be light, friendly, playful any rationalizeg-anything, she does not care around the appropriateness forms part construction and manage them as you like, at the command of a whim, avoiding strict symmetry.\nTo Rococo typical small rooms with round corners or watermelon-shaped in plan. In creating this architecture unbent lines and flat surfaces around disappear, or at least count on zamaskovuyutsya finish. The walls are thin rods subdivided into individual panels, coherent in both rows. The bottom row has played the parting of the panel. Columns that are extended, truncated it and twisted spiral, their capitals falsify flirty change and increase. Instead of columns, capitals appear penetrative embossed place - panels, tape binding, fancy jewelry, grotesque. High pilasters and abundant caryatids holding up the small besotted performances from outstanding onward eaves. Roofs operizuyutsya on the bump into of flakonovydnymy balusters balustrades and fixed at round distance from distributively other on a home vases or statues. '

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