Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana, another(prenominal) wise known as ?pot?, ? stack?, ? bum?, ?reefer?, ?hash?, ?tree?s?, ? brilliance?, ? cannabis?, ?joint? ?J?, ?boo? and ?Colombian?. in that buttocksment argon even more names for this distinct do do dosess that pile de marchesination for it also. These margins all told coincide brain the major issue, cannabis. Most people think that smoking marijuana is not as bad for you as smoking a cig bette. This is not exactly true. Marijuana has many yen term and short term set up. Marijuana has many effects on the outlook. In marijuana the substance that gets you ?high? is THC or Tetrahydocannibol or as said before THC. This substance suppresses the neurons in the information-processing organisation of the hippocampus or the part of the brain that is of import for learning, memory, senses, and emotions (Hyde 1986). chronic abuse of marijuana and THC is also associated with damage circumspection and memory in school. THC damages and destroys s pirit cells and causes other changes in the hippocampus. Marijuana in the brain causes users contract collect to mood swings and lack of interest (Hurwitz/Shnideman 1992). Users t erase to drop kayoed of sports, school, and other activities. THC in the drug messes up the nous train of thought in meter and distance, which consequently becomes falsify (Friedland 1988). Users also may realize slap-up panic, paranoia, and unpleasant perceptual distortions (escape from anxiety or stress). Chronic long term use of marijuana of the most serious is in all likelihood acute brain syndrome. This is a condition marked by mind distortions, residual and memory problems, regard to time and place and the ability to concentre or sustain attention on something. This then leads to or requires hospital treatment (Brecher 1972). Marijuana has effects on the respiratory ashes as well. Users who smoke marijuana on a regular basis usually end up wit the same respiratory system problems as to bacco smokers have (! si/drugfx/NIDAsummary-effectsofmarijuana NIDA). if you eatpot, or sop up it as tea, then you negate its cancer causing effects, and are left with a drug that is hardly worse thean anything freely available-cigarettes and cafine will sharpen your heart rate considerably, and even if you are under the drink drive limit, alchol comprimises your balance , memory and coordination. Also, you have to remember that cannabis is not phsyologically addictive, unlike nicotine, which is the thrid more potently addictive drug in exsistance, and with certinly kill 50% of its users. ithink somtimes people are in danger of hypocrisy- either ban all these socially delicious drugs of treat them all the same and legalise is what i say. If you involve to get a full essay, army it on our website:

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